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We have another mystery in William Robert Patterson, born around 1818 in South Carolina.  In fact, we actually have scant evidence of William Robert Patterson even existing.  We know that he married Nancy Rutherford on January, 1838 in Madison County.  The Boatright Family Tree on Ancestry tells us that he was murdered, possibly around 1846, this is supported as we don’t find him on the 1850 census and his youngest child is born in 1845.  In 1848, we find a record that his widow, Nancy Patterson, married Armstead Hingston.  When looking at the 1850, we find the following children living in Armistead Hingston’s household: 
1. Caroline Patterson, born 1839; 
2.  Enoch Patterson, born 1842;  and 
3. William Patterson, born 1844.  

The 1860 census also lists another Patterson child: 
4. Elizabeth Patterson, born 1840 in the Hingston household. 

The Boatright Family Tree on Ancestry tells us that these are the children of William Robert and Nancy Rutherford Patterson. 

Second Generation

We don’t find Enoch or Caroline Patterson again in our research.  We do see a William R. who married Edy Ann Morris in Madison County in 1866.  The family lived in Norton Creek, Madison County, and had the following children:  
1. Fannie, born 1870; 
2. Ida, born 1872; 
3. Ella, born 1874; 
4. Willie, a daughter, born 1876; 
5. Robert P, born 1878; 
6.  Franklin R,  born 1879;  
7. Pearl, born 1884; 
8. Josephene, born 1886; 
9. Hardy, born 1888; 
10. Richard, born 1890; and 
11. Susie, born 1892.

Third Generation

Fannie Lou Patterson married John Randell Gaston on Oct 9, 1918; we are not sure if this Fannie is the daughter of William R and Edy Ann.  We don’t find Fanny any more after this date.  We also lose track of Ida, as well as Ella.  

Willie S. Patterson married S.Y. Arthur in 1897; Willie Patterson married Arona Frazier in 1914. We find no record of either of these couples anymore, and aren’t sure if the Willie Patterson who married two times is William R and Edy Ann’s daughter, Willie.  We can’t locate Robert P, nor Franklin P.  An F. P. Patterson married Sarah Sauls on Oct 9, 1918 in Madison.  Possible he is William R. and Edy Ann’s son, Franklin.   Hardy and Pearl, brother and sister, children of William R. and Edy Ann Morris Patterson are living in Lafayette County in 1910, with two small Patterson children, possibly Hardy’s. We believe that Josephine, “Josie”, married Morris Sullivan, from Lafayette County and the couple raised their family there.   She died in 1954.  We find a Hardy Patterson in Taylor County, and then in Suwannee County; we are not sure if these two Hardys are William R and Edy Ann’s Hardy, as there are other Hardy Pattersons in Florida at this time.  We have the same problem locating Richard as there are many Richard Pattersons living in Florida.  Susie Patterson married Robert Rogers on Feb 8, 1908, in Madison, but we lose track of Susie and Robert Rogers also.

If any descendants of William R. and Edy Ann Morris Patterson are around, we would appreciate your clearing up any errors we made, and clarifying some of the mysteries surrounding this couple.  Who were William Robert Patterson's parents and siblings?  What was the cause of death of William Robert Patterson?  William R. Patterson, Jr. also leaves with a trail of questions.  Where was his final resting place?  And when and where did his wife, Edy Ann Morris Patterson die? And where did their eleven children end up.  We found little information on this branch of the Patterson family and welcome any information on William R. and Edy Ann Patterson.

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