Madison County Probate Records/Index

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A-1     Will of Edward ADAMS, dated 6 Mar 1924, filed and admitted to Probate in Madison County, FL on 29 Feb 1928.  Recorded in Record No. 3, pgs. 65-72.

A-2     Will of Elizabeth E. ADAMS, deceased.  William C. ADAMS, Executor, dated 1 Aug 1946; left 120 acres, ½ of interest in hogs (abt. $190), one horse ($150), half interest in cattle ($345), Survivors:  her widower, Curtis William DUGGER (adopted) and Lois DUGGER (adopted).

A-3     Will of Maggie AGNER, dated 31 May 1924; filed Book 350, pg. 253; sister:  Mattie MAY.

A-4     Estate of James AIKINS, Jr., Incompetent.  Recorded in Guardianship Record Book 2, pgs 129-131.  Guardian:  R. E. COWART.

A-5     Estate of J. B. ALBRITTON.  Administrator:  W. B. ALBRITTON.  Filed 27 May 1927.  Recorded in Administration Record, Book 2, pgs. 437-440. Petitioners:  Irene FAIRCLOTH, Bessie FAIRCLOTH, W. D. ALBRITTON.   J. B. ALBRITTON died intestate on 29 Nov 1926.  Survived by: Mrs. Irene FAIRCLOTH, Mrs. Bessie FAIRCLOTH, Mrs. Lydia HILL, W. D. ALBRITTON, andAline ALBRITTON.  Estate included personal property (bank deposit, mortgage on W. M. PICKLES and some live stock).  W. B. ALBRITTON was brother of J. B. ALBRITTON.

A-6     Estate of Singleton Bondurant ALGEO.  Executrix:  Virginia Andrews ALGEO.  Recorded on 24 Aug 1954 in Will Record Book 4, pgs. 354-358.  Recorded 24 Aug 1954 in Orders and Decrees Book C., pgs. 269-270.  S. B. ALGEO died 8 Aug 1954 in Archbold Hosp., Thomasville, GA.  Virginia was his 45 year old wife of Greenville, FL.  At the time of death, S. B. was the owner of an interest in a businesslocated in Greenville, Andrews Department Store.

A-7     Will of Mrs. F. E. ALVIS.  Executrix:  Mrs. Theodosia NORRIS.  Recorded in Will Record Book 2, pgs. 226-234.  Recorded in Annual Returns Book, pgs. 569-573.  Bondsmen:  W. D. GRAY and L. A. FRALEIGH.  Witness to Will:  Ola SANDERS, Agnes BURNETT, D. F. BURNETT, Jr.  Mrs. Alvis died 4 Nov 1922 in Hanson, FL.  Survivors:  brother, W. F. HUGHEY; nephews:  J. F. D. HUGHEY, I. Z. HUGHEY, J. B. HUGHEY, T. F. HUGHEY, Martin HUGHEY, T. F. CALHOUN, Gus CALHOUN; her nieces:  Bell GRAMLING, Mattie DAVENPORT; her great niece:  Marian GUNN; her great nephew:  M. P. MATHENY.  In will she left her land, Lot Number 4, in Block 17 in Hanson, FL to her good friend and companion Mrs. Theodosia NORRIS (Deed Book R, pgs. 442-443).  Deed was filed 7 Nov 1922.

A-8     Estate of W. H. ALVIS.  Administratrix:  F. E. ALVIS (wife).  Recorded in Administrative Record No. 2; wife was only heir.  He died 21 Jun 1915.

A-9     Estate of Alex ALLEN.  Administrator:  Sheriff A. D. STANTON.  Recorded in Book of Inventory of Appraisements, pgs. 274-275 and Administration Record A, pgs. 16-19. Died intestate.  Survived by: Blannie FLOYD, Lula RICHARD, and ??? ALLEN (his children).  Appointed appraisers of the estate:  J. S. PICKLES and J. Q. LESLIE.

A-10   Guardianship of Ben Charles ALLEN, a minor.  Guardian:  Mrs. D. F. BURNETT, Jr.  Recorded in Guardian Record I, pgs. 126-129.  Ben Charles was a child of Mrs. Mamie Lovett ALLEN, deceased, and nephew of Mrs. Eunice Lovett BURNETT.  Ben Charles had been previously living in Multnomah County, Oregon.

A-11   Guardianship of Donald Miller ALLEN, a minor.  Guardian:  Bessie Mary ALLEN.  Recorded 31 Mar 1956 in Sale of Real and Personal Property, Property of Minors, Book 5, pgs. 499-502. Father:  M. F. ALLEN; Grand Father:  W. F. ALLEN.

A-12   Annual Report of L. L. ALLEN, Guardian.  Estate of William Harrison OAKS, minor, as of 31 Dec 1927.

A-13   Will of Mamie Caroline Lovett ALLEN.  Recorded in Will Book I, pgs. 202-225.  Late of Multnomah County, Oregon.  Will dated 2 May 1919.  Died 7 May 1919 in Portland, Multnomah, Oregon; Administrator:  Dozier Smith LOVETT (her brother) of Lovett, FL.  Heirs:  Mamie Lovett FLETCHER  (daughter about 12 years old living in Portland); Charles Benjamin ALLEN (son of deceased about 5 years old resident of Portland).  Per the will, she gave her estate (abt. $900) to her children.  She appointed her brother as executor.

A-14   Letter of Guardianship of Minnie, Jeanett, Berry, Della and Lillie ALLEN (minor children ofJames ALLEN, deceased and grandchildren of Needham RYE, deceased).  Henry F. RYE was appointed Guardian in Dec 1895.  Recorded in Book G, pgs. 137-139.

A-15   O. F. ALLEN, deceased.  Recorded in Administration Book 4, pgs. 198-200. He died in Madison County, Florida on 29 May 1939.  Survivors:  Lula F. ALLEN (widow), Herbert G. ALLEN(son), EdithAllen WHITTY (dau), Lois Allen WELCH(dau), Merriam B. TOOLE(dau), Ruth Allen WHITNEY(dau), and W. O. ALLEN (son).

A-16   Sale of Real Estate and Assignment of Leases to J. L. SULLIVAN by M. F. ALLEN as Administrator of Estate of R. M. ALLEN, deceased.  Also, sale of Real Estate belonging to said estate ofJane F. ARNOLD by said Administrator.  Recorded:  Book One of Sales of Real and Personal Property by Administrators and Executors.  Final discharge of M. F. ALLEN, Administrator of the Estate of R. M. ALLEN, deceased 1946.

A-17   Petition of Administrator M. F. ALLEN to pay certain lien claims before the statutory period to creditors runs out.  Against the estate of Rufus ALLEN, deceased.  Recorded in Book of Order and Decrees on pgs. 76-78. Filed 15 January 1943, J. R. KELLY.  In the matter of the appraisement of the estate of Rufus M. ALLEN, deceased, filed 9 Nov 1942.  Martha S. PATTERSON, clerk.  Filed in Appraisement Book J., Pgs. 10-13.

A-18   Estate of W. F. ALLEN.  Died intestate 22 Jun 1925.  Widow:  Mattie J. ALLEN.  Daughters: Wasser Allen COODY and Hilda Allen KING.  Sons:  Rufus M. ALLEN. G. Mitchell ALLEN, J. Hampton ALLEN.

A-19   Sale of Real Estate of Jane A. AMBROSE, an insane person, by Peter C. AMBROSE, guardian, 1918.  Recorded Book G, pgs. 869-1874.  Suffered from dementia.  Jane was adjudged by the County Judge’s Court of Madison County on 26 Nov 1917 to be insane.

A-20   Margaret Lee Dukes AMON, deceased.  Administratrix:  Henrietta DEAS, Feb 1953.  Recorded 9 Mar 1953 in Annual and Final Returns of Executors, Administrators and Guardians, Book E., pgs. 189-190. Administration Record Book 5, pg. 113, 16 Apr 1952.  Sisters:  Bessie WILDER, age 55, living in Orlando, FL and Henrietta DEAS, age 48, living in Greenville, FL.  Statutory Notice Record Book 2, pgs. 109-110, 31 May 1952.

A-21   Last Will and Testament of Anita W. ANDERSON.  Executor:  Marion H. ANDERSON.  Filed and recorded on 18 Nov 1932 in Will Book 3, pgs. 245-249. On 19 Feb 1934 he sold, at the door of the Court House, for $50 that certain real estate mortgage given by W. Alston BROWN to E. L. ANDERSON, dated 20 Feb 1924, recorded in Mortgage Book 37, pg. 288.

A-22   Guardianship of Barbara ANDERSON, minor.  Guardian:  Edith M. BROWNING,  filed 4 Oct 1948 in Guardian Record Book 2, pgs. 181-183.  Edith was the mother of Barbara ANDERSON, 7 years old.  Barbara was an heir of Robert D. ANDERSON, deceased.

A-23   Estate of Cleveland A. ANDERSON, deceased.  Petition and order that no administration was needed.  Recorded 4 Feb 1955 in Administration Record Book No. 5, pgs. 309-311. Survivors:  Irene MACH, 40, daughter, Bonita Springs, FL; Emma Mae TUTEN, 39, daughter, Live Oak, FL; Bruce H. ANDERSON, 29, son, Orlo Vista, FL.  Cleveland died intestate in Madison on 1 Feb 1955 at the age of 62 years.

A-24   Non-Administration of James Henry ANDERSON, deceased.  Recorded in Administration Record Book 4, pgs. 430-432. Dated 6 Jun 1947.  Children:  Rosa W. ANDERSON, Luke G. ANDERSON,James B. ANDERSON, Alice E. BISHOP, Georgia Caroline HORNE.  James died in Madison County, 6 Jun 1945.


A-441    Emily HADDEN, et al minors.  S. H. HADDEN, Administrator and Guardian.  Minors:  Emma HADDEN.  Yates HADDEN.  Foster HADDEN, Mildred HADDEN.  Doris HADDEN. 
Estate; Annual Return of Guardians Book H, pgs. 672-272, 8 Jul 1929. 
Guardian.  Guardianship of Property; Order & Decree Book B, Pgs. 346-347, 17 Aug 1937.

A-442    J. M. HADDEN. Pearle F. HADDEN, Administratrix. 
Estate; Administration Records 3, pgs. 454-458. Jul 21 1939. 
Estate; Final Discharge Record “C,” pgs. 343-345; 6 May 1940.

A-443    Margie HADDEN.  S. H. HADDEN, Administrator. 
Estate; Annual & Final Returns of Administration & Executors Book B, pgs. 271-274, May 10 1928. 
Estate; Administration Record Book 2, pgs. 443-436.

A-444    Randell H. HADDEN.  Minors: Ethel HADDEN, Eustace HADDEN, Genevieve HADDEN,Louneal HADDEN, Laura Mae HADDEN.  Allee Hadden LAW. 
Letters of Guardianship; Book 2, pg. 129, 13 Nov 1936.
Estate; Bk #5, pgs 139-142, Feb 12, 1937.
Estate; Order & Decree Book B, pgs. 346-347, 17 Aug 1937.
Estate; Appraisement Record I, pgs. 597-598.
Guardian of Estate; Order & Decree Book B, pgs. 381-382. 26 Jan 1939.

A-445    Thomas Jefferson HADDEN. 
Estate-No Administration Necessary; Book 4, pgs. 568-659; 15 Nov 1949.

A-446    S. F. HADLEY.  Samuel HADLEY.  Ruby HADLEY, Administratrix. 
Estate; Book 3, p. 6-9, 11 Sep 1925.
Estate; Administration Record 2, pgs. 401-404, 20 Oct 1925.

A-447    John A HALE, incompetent.  Waller WHITLOCK, Administrator & Guardian. 
Estate; Final & Annual Returns Book D, pgs. 397-401, 2 Aug 1949. 
Estate; Orders and Decrees Book C, pg. 128, 2 Feb 1948. 
Estate; Administration Record Book 4, pgs. 515-518.
Estate-Annual Return 29 Aug 1946 to 28 Aug 1947; Final & Annual Returns Book D, pgs. 238-239.
Estate - Inventory and Appraisal; Book J, pgs. 51-52.
Estate - Final Discharge of Guardian; Book D, pgs. 307-311, 8 Oct 1948. 
Estate - Annual Returns Aug 29, 1944-Aug 28, 1945; Book of Annual & Final Returns of Executors, Administrators & Guardians Book D, pgs. 165-166. 
Estate - Annual Returns; Book of Annual & Final Returns of Executors, Administrators & Guardians Book D, pgs. 52-53. 
Estate - Annual Return 1940-1941; Book of Annual & Final Returns of Executors, Administrators & Guardians Book C, pgs. 394-395. 
Estate - Additional Bond; Guardianship Record No. 2, pgs. 97-98.
Estate – Annual Returns 1936-1937, 1938-1939; Book of Annual & Final Returns of Executors, Administrators & Guardians Bk C, pgs. 327-328. 
Guardianship; Annual & Final Returns of Guardianship & Administration Book D, pgs. 140-141. Guardianship Annual Return; Sep. 1946.  Guardianship Annual Return; Book of Annual & Final Returns of Executors, Administrators & Guardians Book D, pgs. 27-29.

A-448    Sadie WHITLOCK, incompetent and then deceased.  Sadie Whitlock HALE.  Waller WHITLOCK, Guardian and then administrator. 
Guardianship; Guardianship Record Book 2, pgs. 173-175.
Guardianship Annual Accounting 4 Aug 1954-2 Aug 1955; Annual & Final Return Book E, pgs. 507-510, 6 Aug 1955. 
Guardianship Final Discharge; Annual & Final Return Book E, 13 Jan 1956. 
Estate-Administration Papers & Notice to Creditors; Administration Book 5, pgs. 347-351, 21 Nov 1955 & Statutory Notice Record Book 2, pg. 204. 
Estate-Final Discharge & Statutory Notice; Annual & Final Returns Book F, 20 Aug 1956.
Estate-Annual Return 2 Aug 1948-1 Aug 1949; Final & Annual Returns Book D, pgs. 401-402, 5 Aug 1959. 
Estate-Annual Returns (2 yrs); Annual & Final Returns of Executors, Administrators & Guardians, Book E, pgs. 251-252, 8 Aug 1953, Book E, pgs. 395-396, 9 Aug 1954.  Additional Bond; Guardianship Book 2, pg. 337, 5 Dec 1953. 
Estate-Annual Return 2 Aug 1949-1 Aug 1950; Annual & Final Returns of Executors, Administrators & Guardians, Book D, pgs. 509-510. 
Estate-Annual Return 1950-51, 1951-52; Annual & Final Returns of Executors, Administrators & Guardians, Book E, pgs. 11-13, 22 Aug 1951, Docket E, pgs. 118,119.

A-449    William HALL. 
Will; Will Record Book 4, pgs. 80-85.

A-450    Bennie L. HAMILTON.  J. G. HAMILTON, Sr., Guardian.
Guardianship; Guardians Book 2, pgs. 60-63, 19 May 1945.

A-451    Clara & Beatrice HODGE.  Lonie HODGE, Guardian. 
Guardianship; Guardianship Record, Book 2, pgs. 85-88.

A452-A-678 being worked.

A-679    Mattie Lou KNOWLES. W C. KNOWLES, Guardian.  
Guardianship Case; Recorded in Guardian Record Book 2, pgs. 24-27.
Sales of Real & Personal Property of Minors, Book 5, pgs. 379-382.

A-680    W. C. KNOWLES.
Estate; Book 4, pgs. 89-93.

A-681    A. D. LAMB. 
Will; Will Book 3, pgs. 5-12.

A-682    Brinston D. LAMB.  
Administration Petition to Sell; Administration and Executors Book 1, pgs. 401-405.

A-683    Burton LAMB etal minors.  Steve NEWBERN, Guardian. 
Order to purchase home, Order Book A, pgs. 212-216. 
Sales of Real & personal Property of Minors; Recorded Sales of Real & Personal Property of Minors in Book IV, pgs. 346-353. 
Real Estate; Order Book A, pgs. 217-219.

A-684    Joseph A. LAMB. 
Will; Book of Wills and Letters Testamentary, pgs. 573-379. 
Final Return of Estate; Annual and Final Returns of Administration & Executors, pgs. 15-19. 
Real Estate; Sales of Real & personal Property of Minors, pgs. 9-18. 
Appraisement of Estate; Book of Inventory and Appraisements 1, pgs. 259-261. 
Inventory of Estate; Orders and Decrees Book A, pgs. 178-187.

A-685    J. E. LAMB.

A-686    Ruth LAMB.  Stephen NEWBERN.
Final discharge of, Guardian.

A-687    Myrtice G. LAMB. Zeb V. LAMB. Administrator. 
Estate; Administration Docket 5, pgs. 117-120.

A-688    Virgie Inez and S. LAMBRECHT, Jr., minors. 
Guardianship; Letters of Guardianship, p. 21, pg. 52. 
Final Discharge; Final Discharge Book C, pgs. 57-63. 
Administration of Estate; Administration Record 3, pgs. 70-75.

A-689    Thos. G. LANGFORD. 
Estate Petition to Sell Land.

A-690    Archie B. LANIER. 
Estate; Sale of Real Estate Book 1, pgs. 180-182.
Administration Book 4, pgs. 282-285. 
Appraisement of Estate; Inventory of Appraisement Book J, pgs. 32-34.

A-691    D. Pat LANIER. 
Appraisement of Estate; Inventory of Appraisement, pg. 336. 
Guardianship; Letters of Guardianship 2, pg. 33.

A-692    Katie L. LANIER, minor. T. G. PERRY, Guardian. 
Guardianship; Guardian Record Book G, Pages 549-554; Guardian Book H. pgs. 491-494. 

A-693    Mary F. LANIER.  David LANIER. Administrator.  
Estate; Administration Book 4, pgs. 351-355.

A-694    Pat LANIER, minor.  S. J. T. LANIER, Guardian. 
Guardianship; Guardianship Book I, pgs. 21-24.

A-695    Pinkney K. LANIER. 
Will; Will Book 4, pgs. 27-35; Will Book 4, pgs. 111 -114.

A-696    Rosa V. LANIER, minor.  E. LONG, Guardian.  
1st Annual Return; Blank Book H, p. 436.

A-697    Russell E. LANIER, Jr., Minor.  Lucy LANIER, Guardian. 
Guardianship; Guardianship Record 2, pgs. 5-8.
Sales of Real & personal Property of Minors, Sale of Real and Personal Property of Minors,  Book 5, pgs. 281-282.

A-698    N. L. LONG. 
Estate; Order and Decree Book B, pgs. 236-237.

A-699    Belle Jane LATHAM. 
Estate; Docket 4, pgs. 261-266; Docket E, pgs. 63-67.

A-700    Edward BROWN, minor, R H LATHAM, Guardian.  Robert Hugh LATHAM. Guion Latham SIMS, Guardian. 
Guardianship Final Discharge; Guardian Book C, pgs. 387-390.
Guardianship, Final Discharge; Guardian Book D, pgs. 475-480. 
Will; Will Record 4, pgs. 209-213.

A-701    Whitty LATNER, minor, J. M. SIMMONS, Guardian. 
Guardianship; Guardianship Record I, pgs. 159-160.

A-702    Betty Lou Moore LAWING.  R. R. MOORE, Administrator. 
Appraisement of Estate; Appraisement Book 5, pg. 36. 
Estate; Administration Book 4, p. 278-281; Book 4, pgs. 313-318. 
Final Discharge of Estate; Book D, pgs. 273-279. 
Estate; Sales of Real & Personal Property of Administrators and Executors Book I, pgs. 195-197.

A-703    A. P. LEE. 
Administration; Administration Record 3, pgs. 304-305.

A-704    Lee Children.  Annabelle etal,  Ola SANDERS, Guardian. 
Sale of Real Estate; Real & Personal Property of Minors Book 2, pgs. 283-286.

A-705    Annie B. LEE. 
Estate; Administration Book 5, pgs. 309-310.

A-706    S. E. LEE. 
Estate; Administration Book 1, pgs. 259-261.

A-707    Charles L. LEGGETT, III, et al. 
Guardianship; Guardianship Record Book 2, pg. 171. 
Estate; Annual and Final Returns Book E, pgs. 389-392. 
Will; Will Book 4, pgs. 249-254. 
Sale of Property; Sales of Real and Personal Property of Minors Book 5, pgs. 11-17.

A-708    Jimmy Eugene LEGGETT, age 2.  Estelle C. LEGGETT (Bailey), Guardian. 
 Guardianship; Sales of Real and Personal Property of Minors Book 5, pgs. 503-505.

A-709    Andrew Leland LESLIE.  A. J. LESLIE.  Myrtle Lee SWEAT, Administratrix.  R. M. ALLEN, Guardian. 
Land; Order and Decree Book C, pgs. 48-50. 
Estate; Record 3, pgs. 345-349. 
Estate; Annual Returns of Administrations Guardian and Executors Book C, pgs. 440-443. 
Guardianship; Guardianship Record Book 2, p. 2, pg. 134.


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