Madison County


Genealogical Society

Person/Spouse/Marriage Date/Book/Page/County, State

Cabana, Ronald R./Taylor, Elizabeth E./28 Nov 1954/15/290/Madison, FL 
Cable, Jacob/Singleton, Easter/21 Sep 1866/A1/88/Madison, FL 
Cadava, Marlon Faelner/Cooper, Rebecca Leigh/1 Jan 2003/29/351/Madison, FL 
Caehonn, Caroline/Hamm, Hanner/25 Sep 1866/A1/135/Madison, FL  
Caison, Chandler/Tice, Georgia Ann/2 Aug 1919/4/273/Madison, FL 
Caison, Cleve/Ayres, Sallie/21 Mar 1915/3/585/Madison, FL 
Caison, Emma/Elaxander, Tood/20 Nov 1914/3/555/Madison, FL 
Caison, Lee/Tillman, Lottie/25 Dec 1915/4/37/Madison, FL 
Caison, Willie/Anderson, Serena/16 Oct 1917/4/156/Madison, FL 
Calder, Stanford/Seay, Mabelle/15 May 1926/5/101/Madison, FL 
Caldswell, William H./Strickland, Laminda T./11 Dec 1845/A/3/Madison, FL 
Caldwell, Haywood/Foster, Elizabeth/15 Jul 1933/9/5/Madison, FL 
Caldwell, John/Martin, Mattie/19 Mar 1927/5/182/Madison, FL 
Caldwell, M. C./White, Rosa/3 Aug 1901/2/192/Madison, FL  
Caldwell, Ollie/Gray, Alberta/1 May 1926/5/96/Madison, FL 
Caldwell, Ruth/Vann, John T., Jr./26 Jan 1935/9/429/Madison, FL 
Calhoon, Joseph/Young, Cynthia Sue Kauffman/1 Aug 1988/23/2/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, Anna/Peterson, Will/13 Dec 1908/3/120/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, Belle/Gramling, John R./27 Feb 1896/1/436/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, C. B./Walker, Pink Ruth/29 Jul 1933/9/22/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, C. H/McCall, M. P./20 Oct 1880/B/367/Madison, FL
Calhoun, Charles W./Stephans, Cecialia/21 Sep 1858/A/192/Madison, FL
Calhoun, Emery/Cowart, Loettis/15 Nov 1936/10/392/Madison, FL
Calhoun, Eva/Mathison, M. C./13 Mar 1926/5/85/Madison, FL
Calhoun, Jeffery Levon/Jones, Eula Lee/25 Jun 2007/31/210/Madison, FL  
Calhoun, Levy H./Butler, Lydian/12 Nov 1853/A/200/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, Mary A. E./Matheny, Thomas P./24 Jan 1883/B/505/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, Matthew Curtis/King, Carrie Jean/30 May 2003/30/39/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, Mattie J./Davenport, Wilbur H./29 Dec 1881/B/427/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, Millie/Herring, Booker T./20 May 1926/5/103/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, Powell/White, Esther/6 Sep 1933/9/41/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, S. R.   /Turner, Dann /29 Feb 1888 /1/50/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, Sarah C./Matheney, Thomas P./09 Dec 1891/1/221/Madison, FL 
Calhoun, T. M./Cottingham, Clarisa/17 Oct 1888/1/65/Madison, FL  
Calhoun, Thomas F./Stephens, Kate J./08 Jun 1887/1/1/Madison, FL  
Calhoun, Timothy Jerome/Morrison, Peggy Sue Davis/26 Nov 2006/31/122/Madison, FL  
Califf, Stephen Feldon/Califf, Katherine Mary Mcoy/29 May 1986/22/80/Madison, FL 
Callahan, A. J./McDaniel, Jessie/21 Feb 1930/7/203/Madison, FL 
Callahan, A. J./McDaniel, Jessie/21 Feb 1930/5/460/Madison, FL 
Callahan, Dolly H./Norris, Redding A./17 Nov 1891/1/212/Madison, FL  
Callahan, Gillie/Montgomery, Wiley/05 Jan 1897/1/486/Madison, FL  
Callahan, Hill/Norris, Mary E./18 May 1892/1/243/Madison, FL 
Callahan, James/Williams, Martha Ann/12 May 1861/A/293/Madison, FL 
Callahan, Laura/Rodgers, Edwin/26 Dec 1887/1/25/Madison, FL 
Callahan, Lula/Anderson, Charlie/10 Jun 1927/5/206/Madison, FL 
Callahan, Raymon L./Sanders, Florida R./8 Mar 1906/2/522/Madison, FL  
Callaway, David A./Walker, Matilda/15 Jan 1838/A-/33/Madison, FL 
Callihan, C. L./Cone, Belle/04 Sep 1872/1/250/Madison, FL 
Callis, Julia Earline/Snow, O. H./12 Apr 1933/8/454/Madison, FL/ 
Calloway, Anne Bell/Freeman, Willie/23 Jul 1922/4/428/Madison, FL 
Calloway, Calvin Lee/Nodes, Mary Sue Williams/23 Feb 1990/23/249/Madison, FL 
Calloway, Jennie/Latimore, George/24 Dec 1926/5/160/Madison, FL 
Calvin, Fannie/Daniel, Lawton/12 Dec 1903/2/356/Madison, FL 
Calvin, Henry/Shaw, Bettye/1 Aug 1925/5/26/Madison, FL 
Calvin, Rebell/Buggs, Bill/3 Jan 1925/4/568/Madison, FL 
Calvin, Robert/Stand, Ruth/30 May 1912/3/386/Madison, FL 
Calwell, Rosa/Simmons, John/21 Nov 1913/4/23/Madison, FL 
Caly, Moses/Caly, C. Bryan/25 Sep 1866/A1/39/Madison, FL 
Cambell, Guss/Gadenson, Hattie/10 Aug 1905/2/464/Madison, FL 
Cambria, Lewis/Adams, Lilla/12 Apr 1897/1/501/Madison, FL 
Cambric, Alex/Tarrant, Ethel Lee/27 Jan 1926/5/74/Madison, FL 
Cambric, Essie/Moore, T. B./29 Sep 1923/ 4/495/Madison, FL 
Cambric, Jasper/Lipscomb, Lizzie/15 Feb 1926/5/80/Madison, FL 
Cambric, Laura/Williams, Moses/03 Dec 1887/1/22/Madison, FL 
Cambric, Lizzie/Major, Walter/23 Feb 1908/3/75/Madison, FL 
Cambric, Viola/Singleton, Oliver/1 Nov 1914/3/547/Madison, FL 
Cambrick, Emma/Tyson, Samuel/15 Jan 1898/1/552/Madison, FL 
Cambrick, George/Bookey, Susie/12 Oct 1927/5/237/Madison, FL 
Cambrick, George/McRay, Ethel Mae/15 Feb 1937/10/477/Madison, FL 
Cambrick, Lena/Barron, Augustus/19 Apr 1936/10/229/Madison, FL 
Cambrick, Mary/Gallon, Percie/15 Dec 1927/5/252/Madison, FL 
Cambrick, Octivey/Williams, Andrew/25 Jan 1904/2/377/Madison, FL 
Cambrick, Richman/Wilson, Wadyan/20 Dec 1903/2/360/Madison, FL 
Cambrick, Right/Cambrick, Antnis//A/290/Madison, FL 
Cambrick, T. C./Bookey, Rosa/9 Aug 1927/5/220/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Charles/Cambridge, Emily/29 Sep 1866/A1/44/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Eliza/Jackson, Andrew/23 Feb 1891/1/190/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Eliza/Orner, James/28 Mar 1895/1/382/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Feraby/Selmer, Lewis/30 Aug 1884/B/607/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Haddie/Robertson, James/07 Dec 1893/1/308/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Ivory/Wilson, Sallie/28 Jan 1895/1/375/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, James/Henry, Pearl/4 Apr 1936/10/218/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Jno. Leo/Alexander, Jane/16 Oct 1884/B/617/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, John/McQuay, Mary Ann/2 Oct 1870/A2/137/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, John/Robert, Amelia/25 Feb 1872/A2/234/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Johnnie/Kemp, Kizzie/3 Dec 1900/2/141/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Lewis/Cambridge, Milley/29 Sep 1866/A1/14/Madison, FL  
Cambridge, Maggie/Bailey, George/28 May 1929/5/387/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Margaret/Wilson, Fred 9 Aug 1884/B/607/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Peter/Cambridge, Jamie/4 Oct 1866/A1/118/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Peter/Peterson, Lethia/28 May 1872/A2/246/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Peter/Stokes, Maggie/15 Jan 1917/4/122/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Queen/Bostick, Wesley/30 Dec 1897/1/546/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Richmond/Paul, Mary/25 Nov 1891/1/213/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Tom C./Hill, Lizzie/21 Sep 1935/10/73/Madison, FL 
Cambridge, Willie B./McQuay, Louise/22 Dec 1945/14/796/Madison, FL  
Camebric, Mary/Staton, Joshua/28 Jul1901/2/191/Madison, FL 
Camebrick, Luvinia/Davis, Ed/15 Dec 1898/2/3/Madison, FL 
Camebrick, Maggie/Johnson, Benjamin/24 Dec 1908/3/128/Madison, FL 
Camebridge, Mark/Earl, Dallas/24 Dec 1900/2/153/Madison, FL 
Camel, Ben/Jackson, Hester/19 May 1901/2/181/Madison, FL 
Cameron, Andrew E./Fulford, Olive V./25 Jan 1900/2/90/Madison, FL

     (Believe may have been divorced on 18 Apr 1903; shown as A. E. and Ollie Cameron/C-482)/
Cameron, Dan/Jones, Daisy/28 Sep 1907/3/33/Madison, FL 
Cameron, E. D./Coffee, Jane/31 Mar 1907/3/3/Madison, FL 
Cameron, Jeanette Marie/Thomason, William Joe/21 Nov 1977/19/198/Madison, FL 
Cameron, John D./Henderson, Nancy W./28 Nov 1874/A2/391/Madison, FL 
Cameron, L. F./Lee, Julia Mae/23 Feb 1905/2/446/Madison, FL 
Cameron, L. F./Patterson, Sallie E./9 May 1875/A2/443/Madison, FL 
Cameron, Lizzie/Vann, Darling O./11 Jan 1880/B/302/Madison, FL 
Cameron, Mandie A./Cruse, W. L./2 May 1901/2/178/Madison, FL 
Cameron, Samuel/Simmons, Lizzie/5 May 1873/A2/310/Madison, FL 
Cameron, Samuel Batie/Patterson, Mollie/6 Sep 1885/B/682/Madison, FL 
Cameron, William J./Mashborn, Sarah H./27 Nov 1849/A/58/Madison, FL 
Cammeron, Adam/Shephno, Eve/????/A/190/Madison, FL 
Cammeron, Belle/Boyd, W. R./1 Sep 1878/B/182/Madison, FL 
Cammeron, R. H./Stephen, Matilda/????/A/191/Madison, FL 
Cammeron, Sallie E./Sessions, L. M./07 Mar 1888/1/42/Madison, FL  
Cammy, Martha M./Townsend, Benjamin F./4 Sep 1844/A-/121/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Alexander N./Lee, Margarett Ann/4 Jan 1847/A/17/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Alice/Starling, E. J./5 Jan 1902/2/228/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Alice M./Mathew, Robert J./11 Sep 1890/1/170/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Annie Belle/Barker, Eustis/20 Aug 1936/10/327/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Bell/Lewis, W. H./17 Nov 1907/3/43/Madison, FL 
Campbell, C. S./Perry, D. L./26 Feb 1928/5/279/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Carrie/Townsend, Johnnie/09 Dec 1894/1/367/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Charles Ranson/Hadden, Annie Juanita/27 Jun 1946/14/833/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Clyde/Haynes, Rosa/22 Apr 1928/5/291/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Cornelious/Waller, Nancy/26 Jan 1877/B/62/Madison, FL 
Campbell, D. R./Kelly, Pearly/8 Nov 1925/5/49/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Daisy/Ball, W. J./20 May 1905/2/457/Madison, FL 
Campbell, David/Holmes, Katie/4 Feb 1943/13/295/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Denit C./Cruse, Mamie L./12 Apr 1903/2/316/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Dennett A./Spradley, Winnie J./23 Dec 1875/A2/491/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Easter O./Williams, Ephraim/2 Oct 1899/2/51/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Emma/Jones, Emanuel/7 Sep 1913/3/471/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Ernest R./Reid, Sallie/29 Dec 1924/4/567/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Flauid S./Andrews, S. H./26 Aug 1914/3/537/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Frank/Brown, Sue/20 Jun 1926/5/114/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Frank/Lee, Anna/2 Feb/1878/B/150/Madison, FL
Campbell, Frank/Williams, Carrie/20 Dec 1926/5/158/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Honey/Chism, Wallace/3 Jun 1933/8/482/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Inez L./Andrews, Julius W./03 Apr 1898/1/561/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Irones/Webb, Louise/2 Feb 1935/9/427/Madison, FL 
Campbell, J. R./Lanier, Jane E./29 Feb 1876/B/17/Madison, FL 
Campbell, J. W./Horne, L. F./25 Jul1901/2/190/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Janie/Lewis, Bee/10 Aug 1902/2/262/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Jesse/Cobb, Hagah Beatrice/13 Dec 1976/19/117/Madison, FL 
Campbell, John R./Thomas, Sarah T./24 May 1884/B/583/Madison, FL  
Campbell, Johnie Malcom/Vann, Pearl/5 Sep 1915/4/6/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Lessie/Lee, Washington/21 Oct 1922/4/437/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Lorace/Land, Ottis/17 Mar 1935/9/459/Madison, FL 
Campbell, M. Anne E./Spradley, Rich'd W./11 Dec 1878/B/225/Madison, FL  
Campbell, Maggie/Brown, John/13 Nov 1884/B/621/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Maggie/Mathis, Thomas J. /06 Nov 1892 /1/258/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Margaret/Mandeville, L. C. Jr./6 Jul 1926/5/119/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Mary/Hills, Bailey/20 Oct 1918/ 4/221/Campbell, Mary/Whidden, Ferdinand F./26 Jun 1839/Madison, FL 
Campbell, May/Stephens, T. B./10 Feb 1889/1/88/Madison, FL 
Campbell, N. W./Lanier, J. Belle/02 Feb 1893/1/279/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Neil/Tedder, Susan L. E./28 Dec 1882/B/491/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Neil/Williams, Julia/1 Jan 1874/A2/350/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Nellie/Denmark, Bartow/14 Oct 1920/4/326/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Oja/Lewis, Dorothy Jean/1 Jun 1968/17/12/Madison, FL 
Campbell, P. L./Andrews, G. P./21 Jun 1903/2/324/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Paulette/Miller, Herbert/11 Jan 1931/7/478/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Pearle/Pickles, T. P./22 Jan 1928/5/267/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Roger Lee/James, Rona Lynn/9 Jul 1988/22/380/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Rufus/Jones, Cora/12 Jan 1884/B/571/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Shepard, Jr./Smith, Marie/14 Sep 1945/14/769/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Shepard, Jr./Smith, Marie/14 Sep 1945/14/771/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Thomas A./Mathers, Amanda E./20 Dec 1876/B/77/Madison, FL  
Campbell, Thomas A./Mathers, Amanda E./21 Dec 1876/B/76/Madison, FL  
Campbell, Virginia/Hudson, Lonnie George/3 Nov 1935/10/102/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Wesley C./Carroll, Alma Ruth/23 Dec 1917/4/166/Madison, FL 
Campbell, William W./Reams, Mary J./19 Dec 1872/A2/274/Madison, FL 
Campbell, Winnie Jane/Aman, Ebby D./20 Apr 1935/9/493/Madison, FL 
Canada, Foster Douglas/Hester, Janet Gail/28 Jan 2004/30/118/Madison, FL 
Canady, Catherine/Stephens, Abraham/26 Nov 1894/1/358/Madison, FL 
Canady, H. N./Draffin, Mildred/11 Mar 1935/9/451/Madison, FL 
Canady, Oneal/Baker, Maggie/5 Mar 1905/2/447/Madison, FL  
Candela, Eric Warren/DeGreif, Ginger Jane Hennessey/4 Feb 1994/25/252/Madison, FL 
Candill, Stewart/Cone, Farby E./20 Sep 1908/3/105/Madison, FL 
Candurelis, S. G./Pryor, Marcelle/7 May 1945/14/725/Madison, FL 
Cane, Ida/Flowers, Vachel/9 Aug 1884/ B/606/Madison, FL 
Caneggie, Lula May/Bess, Wig/9 Jan 1927/5/168/Madison, FL 
Cannon, Annie Mae/Pridgeon, Albert/25 Jan 1928/5/270/Madison, FL 
Cannon, Charles/Thomas, Ella/04 Jun 1896 /1/445/Madison, FL 
Cannon, Clorine/Bishop, Clarence Lee/14 Jul 1926/5/120/Madison, FL 
Cannon, Jesse/Leggett, Eva/15 Feb 1937/10/493/Madison, FL 
Cannon, John/Bass, Ethel/22 Apr 1936/10/230/Madison, FL 
Cannon, Raeburn Wade/Russell, Rhonda Jayne/22 Jul 1983/21/122/Madison, FL  
Cannon, Sara Margaret/Beaver, W. F./11 May 1935/9/496/Madison, FL 
Cannon, W. P./Bohannan, Nina/16 Oct 1929/7/192/Madison, FL 
Cannon, W. P./Bohannan, Nina/16 Oct 1929/5/456/ Madison, FL 
Canny, Emmagene/Ryles, William/07 Oct 1897/1/523/Madison, FL 
Canova, William Fokes/Winch, RuthG../3 Sep 1954/15/270/Madison, FL 
Cantey, Francis Fleming/Newman, Audrey Elizabeth/10 Mar 1961/16/167/Madison, FL 
Cantey, Leila/Bryan, B. M./26 Jun 1929/7/1/Madison, FL 
Cantey, Leila/Bryan, B. M./26 Jun 1929/5/394/Madison, FL 
Cantey, Patrick Speight, Jr./Diettel, Elmire Elizabeth/11 Jun 1966/16/433/Madison, FL 
Cantey, Samuel Blake/Bibb, Kathryn Elizabeth/5 May 1994/25/305/Madison, FL 
Cantley, S. A./Blanton, Ona V./27 Nov 1930/7/429/Madison, FL 
Cantrell, Christopher Steven/Jones, Kristin Michelle/3 Mar 2003/29/383/Madison, FL 
Cantrell, Douglas Wade/Parker, Debrah Lynn/18 Jul 1981/20/242/Madison, FL  
Cantu, Jose L./Cathi, Isidora/6 Mar 2001/29/28/Madison, FL 
Canty, Alice Mae/Williams, R. S. Jr/9 May 1926/5/98/Madison, FL 
Capan, Charlsie MaLinda/Gaston, Stephen Allen/12/20/1975/19/30/Madison, FL
Capers, Darrell Troy/Williams, Brenda Lee/9 Mar 2002/29/182/Madison, FL 
Capil, Maxie Lee/Simmons, Will/12 Oct 1927/5/236/Madison, FL 
Capps, Fred Maxwell/Lewis, Hattie Ann/20 Nov 1954/15/289/Madison, FL 
Capps, G. C./Timmons, Mamie/9 Jun 1935/10/14/Madison, FL 
Capps, Leon/Barrett, John E./4 Oct 1930/7/391/Madison, FL 
Caraway, Archie/Benton, Cora/22 Mar 1910/3/224/Madison, FL 
Caraway, Bessie/Lammons, Mallie/18 Jun 1916/4/70/Madison, FL 
Caraway, Ellen/Hicks, J. C./6 Jan 1876/B/1/Madison, FL 
Caraway, Laura (Mrs)/Burnett, Daniel B./29 Sep 1912/ 3/402/Madison, FL 
Caraway, Leila/Bond, John/5 Apr 1914/3/549/Madison, FL 
Caraway, Lula/Wright, J./28 Jan 1892/1/228/Madison, FL 
Caraway, Lura/King, John/25 Oct 1908/3/112/Madison, FL 
Caraway, Mamie/Johnson, William/27 Oct 1895/1/403/Madison, FL 
Caraway, Nettie/Lewis, Early Green/28 Jan 1917/4/119/Madison, FL 
Caraway, Ola/Quick, Robert L./9 Aug 1919/4/271/Madison, FL 
Caraway, Rufus C./Pridgeon, Shellia Lee/4 Jun 1914/3/526/Madison, FL 
Caraway, W. P./Hutto, Laura/21 Feb 1904/2/381/Madison, FL 
Caraway. Wm. H./Davis , Mary R./17 Aug 1891  /1/204/Madison, FL 
Carden, Annie Mavis/Hester, Walter Lee/19 Aug 1929/7/47/Madison, FL 
Carden, Annie Mavis/Hester, Walter Lee/19 Aug 1929/5/409/Madison, FL 
Cardin, Gold Medal/Wood, Leonard D./23 Apr 1930/7/253/Madison, FL 
Cardin, Gold Medal/Wood, Leonard D./23 Apr 1930/5/476/Madison, FL 
Care, John W./Lamb, Martha A./23 Jul 1856/A/177/Madison, FL 
Carlo, Mamie/Barker, B. F./25 Feb 1932/8/247/Madison, FL 
Carlson, Herman E./Wilson, Eunice B./20 Mar 1959/15/539/Madison, FL 
Carlton, Ely/McDaniel, Missouri/28 Jan 1870/A2/95/Madison, FL 
Carlton, John L./Cason, Martha A./4 Dec 1851/A/87/Madison, FL 
Carlton, John N./Cason, Susan L./15 Nov/A/175/Madison, FL 
Carlton, John Thomas/Wadsworth, Marie Kathleen/10 Nov 1915/4/20/Madison, FL 
Carlton, John W./Cason, Susan L./15 Nov 1855/A/172/Madison, FL 
Carlton, Quillie/Hall, Rufus/21 Sep 1921/4/378/Madison, FL 
Carlton, Thomas A./Simmons, Elizabeth/11 Apr 1860/A/258/Madison, FL 
Carmical, Abe/Jones, Hazel/22 Aug 1930/7/354/Madison, FL 
Carmichael, Charlie/Tompkins, Ada/27 Feb 1929/5/365/Madison, FL 
Carmichael, Ely/Christopher, Henrietta/15 Sep 1866/A1/55/Madison, FL 
Carmichael, Emma/Parson, Soloman/16 Sep 1893/1/297/Madison, FL 
Carmichael, Henry/Howard, Lavinia/20 Jan 1887/B/791/Madison, FL 
Carmichael, Leroy/Thomas, Prudence/13 Mar 1911/3/297/Madison, FL 
Carmichal, Relia/Jenkins, Elias/28 May 1897/1/504/Madison, FL 
Carmichale, Ealie/Richard, Ola/23 Dec 1897/1/543/Madison, FL 
Carmicheal, Eliza/Norman, Ples, Jr.,/25 Jan 1913/3/434/Madison, FL 
Carmichel, Lizza/Brown, Alonzo/15 Dec 1892/1/264/Madison, FL 
Carnegie, Anderson/Moseley, Louella/4 May 1930/7/263/Madison, FL 
Carnegie, Anderson/Mosely, Louella/4 May 1930/5/480/Madison, FL 
Carnegie, Mattie/Hicks, Herman/8 Aug 1931/8/94/Madison, FL 
Carnegie, Robert Simon/Akridge, Susan Emily/5 Apr 1989/23/80/Madison, FL 
Carnegie, Ruth/Ealy, James/1 Mar 1932/8/262/Madison, FL 
Carnegie, Ruth/Parker, Tobe/25 Dec 1927/5/257/Madison, FL 
Carnell, Minnie/Tuten, Roy/26 Dec 1936/10/434/Madison, FL 
Caro, Paul W. Jr./Davis, Mary Elizabeth/8 Aug 1955/15/340/Madison, FL 
Carow, G. A./Murphy, Eliazabeth M./????/A/189/Madison, FL 
Caroway, Wesley P./Witt, Martha A./20 Oct 1866/A1/103/Madison, FL 
Carpenter, Arthur Emery/Boyd, Ruby Karen/21 Jan 1984/21/180/Madison, FL 
Carpenter, Elbert/Read, Mary/8 Feb 1861/A/277/Madison, FL 
Carpenter, Janie/Clark, H. H./7 Dec 1935/10/127Madison, FL 
Carr, Alf/Johnson, Liza/18 May 1913/3/453/Madison, FL (same as couple below?) 
Carr, Alford/Johnson, Eliza/8 Sep 1902/2/265/Madison, FL

--Believe might have been divorced on 17 Oct 1906/C-559
Carr, Alfred/Jones, Cinda/21 Oct 1906/2/538/Madison, FL 
Carr, Alfred/Tompkins, Sallie/23 Dec 1898/1/590/Madison, FL 
Carr, Ethel R./Garbett, Albert Vander/3 Aug 1925/5/24/Madison, FL 
Carr, Jessie/Brooks, Mose/28 Oct 1897/1/525/Madison, FL 
Carr, Lucille/Wilson, John Henry/1 Aug 1925/5/23/Madison, FL 
Carr, Robert/Straughter, Sarah 1/1 Mar 1887/B/804/Madison, FL 
Carr, Willie/Thomas, Ollie/24 Dec 1909/3/200/Madison, FL 
Carr, Willis/Simmons, Cora/4 Apr 1906/2/584/Madison, FL 
Carr, Wm./Butler, Mary/4 Nov 1900/2/133/Madison, FL 
Carraway, A. E./Hutto, Minnie/23 Dec 1900/2/150/Madison, FL 
Carraway, Arthur/Powers, Fanny/27 Nov 1884/B/626/Madison, FL  
Carraway, B. M./Alvis, Sallie/31 Mar 1886/B/713/Madison, FL  
Carraway, Elizabeth/ Terry, Tandy F./20 Dec 1885/B/705/Madison, FL  
Carraway, Eva/Dempsey, G. W./20 Dec 1908/3/124/Madison, FL 
Carraway, Ila/Blair, James T./ 28 Jul 1914/3/530/Madison, FL 
Carraway, Janie/Bennett, Robert/27 Nov 1898/1/588/Madison, FL 
Carraway, M. A./Bond, James/17 Jul 1887/1/9/Madison, FL 
Carraway, N. C./Johnson, G. W./25 Dec 1898/2/11/Madison, FL 
Carraway, Obe/Moore, Minnie/9 Jan 1914/3/525/Madison, FL 
Carraway, Ollie/Williams, Ples/14 Dec 1913/3/490/Madison, FL 
Carraway, Theodore/Jernigan, Lala E./13 Nov 1912/3/411/Madison, FL 
Carraway, W. D./Bennett, Jennie/02 Jan 1895/1/370/Madison, FL 
Carraway, W. D./Frier, Leona/20 Jul 1913/3/464/Madison, FL 
Carraway, W. P./Loper, L. A./13 Nov 1898/1/586/Madison, FL 
Carraway, Webb/Power, Effie/1 Dec 1886/B/763/Madison, FL 
Carraway, William H./Cobb, Jane/29 Dec 1861/A/306/Madison, FL 
Carreon, Francisco/Salinas, Martha Alicia/2 May 1986/22/68/Madison, FL 
Carrier, Bertha/McDonald, Jeff/15 Dec 1924/ 4/571/Madison, FL 
Carrin, C. C./Blanton, Ruth/26 Nov 1925/5/53/Madison, FL 
Carrington, Loe/Guy, Mamie Mae Day/3 Oct 1986/22/114/Madison, FL  
Carroll, Alma Ruth/Campbell, Wesley C./23 Dec 1917/ 4/166/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Charles C./McCall, Antonette/13 Jun 1904/2/397/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Dianne Marie/Thigpen, John Wallace/20 Aug 1977/19/179/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Eddie L./Bunting, Robert F./31 Aug 1901/2/196/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Garrett/Sullivan, Alice/25 Feb 1931/8/8/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Jackie Wayne/Ward, Dixie Pauline/15 Aug 1957/15/442/Madison, FL 
Carroll, James William/Elaine, Patricia Cook/2 Jul 2001/29/93/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Jamie Lamar/Bass, Aimee Aliene/5 Nov 1988/23/31/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Jeremy Lee/Adams, Stephanie Lynn/29 Mar 2003/29/384/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Johnny/Cone, Eddie Jean/3 Jun 1967/16/496/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Rhonda Jean/Tolar, Donnie Franklin/5 Jun 1976/19/66/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Roland J./Walker, Ada R./19 Jan 1896/1/425/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Roland, J./Logan, Derrye/8 Aug 1930/7/340/Madison, FL 
Carroll, Roy Michael/Haser, Katherine Jean/23 Jun 1984/21/250/Madison, FL 
Carroll, W. H./Hurst, Edna/23 Nov 1925/5/52/Madison, FL 
Carroll, W. H. Gamble, Ada 17 Oct 1878 B 188/Madison, FL
Carroll, W. J./Walker, Jane E./5 May 1869/A2/34/Madison, FL 
Carroll, William S./Chesnut, Susie/10 Mar 1930/5/466/Madison, FL 
Carroll, William S./Chesnutt, Susie/10 Mar 1930/7/222/Madison, FL 
Carroway, Hannah/Williams, Charles/28 Mar 1890/1/154/Madison, FL 
Carroway, Rollie/Bird, Winny/12 Dec 1887/1/27/Madison, FL 
Carruth, Cotesworth L./Livingston, Caroline W./26 Mar 1833/A-/10/Madison, FL 
Carruthers, Wilson/Jackson, Victoria/4 Jun 1945/14/740/Madison, FL  
Carruthurs, Wilson/Jackson, Victoria/11 Jul 1932/8/321/Madison, FL 
Carry, Mary/Fraser, Moses/11 Dec 1886/B/770/Madison, FL 
Carryl, Ehrick Rossiter/Tibbals, Marion Brown/13 May 1950/14/933/Madison, FL  
Carson, Sola/Williams, Sallie/22 Sep 1894/1/347/Madison, FL 
Carter, A. A./Stamper, Annie/16 Nov 1899/2/62/Madison, FL 
Carter, A. C./Jackson, Maggie/10 Aug 1924/4/540/Madison, FL 
Carter, A. D./Washington, Rosetta/27 Dec 1906/2/563/Madison, FL 
Carter, Alice/Kendrick, Henry Grant/4 Apr 1931/8/29/Madison, FL 
Carter, Alice/Tuten, Stave/25 Dec 1892/1/266/Madison, FL 
Carter, Andrew David/Ellison, Willie Mae/1 Oct 1960/16/66/Madison, FL 
Carter, Andrew  David/Ellison, Willie Mae/1 Oct 1960/16/Madison, FL 
Carter, Arveta/Pitts, James A./12 Jul 1936/10/297/Madison, FL 
Carter, Asa/Jelks, Chloe/4 Jan 1877/B/63/Madison, FL 
Carter, Baby/Dukes, Lessie/2 Mar 1904/2/382/Madison, FL 
Carter, Ben/May, Andorine/27 Dec 1930/7/466/Madison, FL 
Carter, Bonnie Bell/Brinson, J. Y./19 Feb 1936/10/185/Madison, FL 
Carter, Carrie L./Madison, George M./25 Apr 1895/1/387/Madison, FL 
Carter, Charles Nathanial, Jr./Wright, Mary Jane/3 Jan 1994/25/233/Madison, FL 
Carter, Charles William/Holton, Mary Elizabeth/3 May 1952/15/122/Madison, FL 
Carter, Charlie/Conway, Christina Lafay/22 Jun 2003/30/50/Madison, FL 
Carter, Charlie Deward/Richardson, Shearon Lynn/21 Aug 1992/24/336/Madison, FL 
Carter, Chas. E. H./Vincen, Sallie/16 Apr 1906/2/586/Madison, FL 
Carter, Clifford W./Parker, Paulia/4 Jan 1909/3/136/Madison, FL 
Carter, Cora/Ventry, Willis/31 Jan 1928/5/272/Madison, FL 
Carter, Coreane/Barclay, John C./16 Mar 1935/9/455/Madison, FL 
Carter, Creesy/Bentley, Irvin/10 Feb 1887/B/796/Madison, FL 
Carter, Daniel/McDaniel, Laura/17 Dec 1896  /1/476/Madison, FL 
Carter, David Milton/Odom, Mary Jean/21 Feb 1986/22/48/Madison, FL 
Carter, Dwayne Lamar/Aikens, Shorea Danyell/16 Mar 1998/27/213/Madison, FL 
Carter, Effie/Bridges, Charlie/17 Dec 1911/3/346/Madison, FL 
Carter, Elbert B./Millinor, Josie/12 Jun 1923/4/479/Madison, FL 
Carter, Elbertie/Smith, Lewis/23 Feb 1899/2/26/Madison, FL 
Carter, Elizabeth/Wiggins, Michael/7 Aug 1834/A-/18/Madison, FL 
Carter, Ella Fair/Barker, William/05 Jul 1896/1/452/Madison, FL 
Carter, Ellen/Odom, Randall Y./8 Feb 1925/4/578/Madison, FL 
Carter, Emma/Williams, Walter/17 Jan 1937/10/461/Madison, FL 
Carter, Essie/Tuten, H. Cris/8 Nov 1908/3/116/Madison, FL 
Carter, Ethel/McClamma, Tom/20 Aug 1928/5/319/Madison, FL 
Carter, Eva/Pickles, Clarence/26 Sep 1936/10/355/Madison, FL 
Carter, F. C./Kemp, Mary/28 Nov 1915/4/24/Madison, FL 
Carter, Frances Albert/Hiers, Bessie Novella/28 Jul 1936/10/309/Madison, FL 
Carter, Frank/Gaines, Willie Mae/31 Jan 1925/4/575/Madison, FL 
Carter, Fred/Purvis, Pearl/9 Mar 1919/4/255/Madison, FL 
Carter, G. S./Odom, Johnie/29 Jan 1893/1/276/Madison, FL 
Carter, George/Williams, Martha/15 Sep 1866/A1/152/Madison, FL 
Carter, Georgia/Cochran, Arthur/30 Jan 1921/4/349/Madison, FL 
Carter, Gladys/Bass, Titus/9 Sep 1928/5/323/Madison, FL 
Carter, Guy/Beck, Mary Katherine/26 Dec 1944/14/668/Madison, FL 
Carter, Hampton/Popell, Minnie/13 Oct 1907/3/37/Madison, FL 
Carter, Harrison/Jackson, Caroline/2 Nov 1878/B/ 235/Madison, FL 
Carter, Harry Allen/Cowart, Edna Louise McCullough/15 Oct 1982/21/34/Madison, FL 
Carter, Henry/Hardie, Viola/13 Sep 1925/5/35/Madison, FL 
Carter, Henry/McCray, Charity/1 Feb 1930/7/189/Madison, FL 
Carter, Henry/McCray, Charity/1 Feb 1930/5/455/Madison, FL 
Carter, Henry/Tuten, Laura/23 Mar 1890/1/152/Madison, FL 
Carter, Hepsyann/Mathews, William M./2 Jan 1921/4/342/Madison, FL 
Carter, Homer Winston, Jr./Keeling, Karen Sue/11 Mar 1987/22/171/Madison, FL 
Carter, Hubert Junior/Montague, Marion Marie Thomas/5 Sep 1998/27/306/Madison, FL 
Carter, Hubert Junior/Sevor, Minnie Jeanette/11 Apr 1980/20/89/Madison, FL 
Carter, Ida/Davis, Clemin/23 Dec 1893/1/315/Madison, FL 
Carter, Ida/Kelly, Archie/30 Sep 1900/2/128/Madison, FL 
Carter, Idella/Young, James/23 Sep 1933/9/51/Madison, FL 
Carter, Isaac Jr./McCray, Clemmie/30 Jan 1928/5/273/Madison, FL 
Carter, J. E./Geiger, C. B./3 Sep 1911/3/320/Madison, FL 
Carter, J. W./King, Mary Jane/29 Dec 1892/1/271/Madison, FL 
Carter, Jackson/Madison, Lula/15 Mar 1914/3/515/Madison, FL 
Carter, Jeremy Mack/Harris, Christina Marie/12 Jan 2003/29/357/Madison, FL 
Carter, Jesse/Ayotte, Sadie/18 Mar 1927/5/182/Madison, FL 
Carter, Jesse/Milton, Clemmar/18 Jun 1932/8/299/Madison, FL 
Carter, Joe/Johnson, Thelma/28 Aug 1939/12/69/Madison, FL 
Carter, John/Kelly, Lula/4 Oct 1899/2/52/Madison, FL 
Carter, John/Rolling, Cilley/8 Jan 1870/A2/85/Madison, FL 
Carter, John/T akeall, Mary/12 Feb 1903/2/308/Madison, FL 
Carter, John E./Rowland, Belle/21 Nov 1930/7/423/Madison, FL 
Carter, John Ellis/Collis, Melissa Ann/15 Apr 1993/25/96/Madison, FL 
Carter, John Ellis/Richardson, Shearon Lynn/16 Mar 1991/24/45/Madison, FL 
Carter, John W/Kelley, Katie L. Selph/18 Dec 1976/19/113/Madison, FL 
Carter, Jones/Drew, Ferribie/5 Feb 1871/A2/168/Madison, FL 
Carter, Joseph/Gaven, Mollie/08 Jun 1890/1/162/Madison, FL 
Carter, Joseph Jarmon/McCallum, Eunice Mattie Colson/8 Dec 1984/21/312/Madison, FL 
Carter, Joseph Leonard/Lasseter, Kandice Reneé/8 Dec 1994/26/22/Madison, FL 
Carter, Joseph Leonard/Mixer, Kimberly Ann Kalley/8 Sep 2001/29/115/Madison, FL 
Carter, Kansas/Ware, Virgie/18 Sep 1892/1/252/Madison, FL 
Carter, Katie B./Gibson, W. J./7 Nov 1904/2/416/Madison, FL 
Carter, Katie K./Devane, J. G./6 Dec 1914/3/558/Madison, FL 
Carter, Knox/Bass, Corinne/19 Dec 1920/4/336/Madison, FL 
Carter, L. N./Joyner, Louella/22 Oct 1928/5/329/Madison, FL 
Carter, Leonard Jerome/Smith, Suzanne May/23 Oct 1987/22/270/Madison, FL 
Carter, Lessie/Soloman, J. J./24 Mar 1923/4/468/Madison, FL 
Carter, Lila L./Bond, William L/15 Feb 1892/1/228/Madison, FL 
Carter, Lillian P./Grant, Arthur J./19 Jul 1930/7/325/Madison, FL 
Carter, Lillian P./Grant, Arthur J./19 Jul 1930/5/500/Madison, FL 
Carter, Louise/Ashmore, R. S./2 Apr 1927/5/188/Madison, FL 
Carter, Lula A./Jones, Gillie A./31 Jan 1900/2/94/Madison, FL 
Carter, Mable/Cox, J. A./17 Mar 1913/3/442/Madison, FL 
Carter, Madison/Bagnell, Otta/7 Feb 1886/B/736/Madison, FL  
Carter, Madison/Keys, Queen/12 Apr 1881/B/382/Madison, FL  
Carter, Maggie/Deans, Will/18 Apr 1927/5/193/Madison, FL 
Carter, Mamie/Pickels, J. C./25 Dec 1930/7/461/Madison, FL 
Carter, Mary Frances/Broderick, Howard A./24 Jan 1932/8/232/Madison, FL 
Carter, Mattie Mae/Rudd, Roosevelt/25 Mar 1923/4/470/Madison, FL 
Carter, Maude/Stewart, William Edgar/18 Apr 1926/5/94/Madison, FL 
Carter, May/Head, Seabron/28 Jan 1923/4/460/Madison, FL 
Carter, Mediann/Bass, Tucker/6 May 1900/2/111/Madison, FL 
Carter, Menerva/Shepherd, George/14 Jan 1915/3/576/Madison, FL 
Carter, Milton/Allen, May/04 Jul 1889/1/101/Madison, FL 
Carter, Minerva/Young, Daniel/16 Dec 1880/B/340/Madison, FL  
Carter, Morris/Wright, Millie/20 Oct 1877/B/110/Madison, FL  
Carter, Nancy/Lewis, J. H.  /10 Nov 1889/1/115/Madison, FL 
Carter, Nelson/Wilson, Vina/17 Mar 1887/B/805/Madison, FL 
Carter, O. C./Bass, Effie/10 Mar 1907/2/579/Madison, FL 
Carter, Olar/Holton, Carrie Mae/16 Jul 1914/3/531/Madison, FL 
Carter, Pennie J./Simmons, Alfred/21 Apr 1909/3/150/Madison, FL 
Carter, Peter/Smith, Jane/1 Nov 1874/A2/393/Madison, FL 
Carter, Rauls/Fautner, Latie/9 Jul1899/2/43/Madison, FL 
Carter, Raymond/Lyons, Pearlie Mae/25 Aug 1939/12/65/Madison, FL 
Carter, Richard/Brooks, Matilda/6 Jan 1871/A2/159/Madison, FL 
Carter, Rosa/Wasdin, Joseph H./4 Feb 1912/3/366/Madison, FL 
Carter, S. B./Beggs, Anna Hoyt/17 Apr 1938/11/301/Madison, FL 
Carter, S. L./Hodge, Nancy/31 Dec 1902/2/295/Madison, FL 
Carter, Samuel/Kelly, Flora/27 Oct 1888/1/64/Madison, FL 
Carter, Sindy/McIntire, Budd/3 Jan 1915/3/570/Madison, FL 
Carter, Steve Ronald/Williams, Gladys Ruth /26 Feb 1960/16/9/Madison, FL 
Carter, Sully/Mason, Isabelle/3 Feb 1927/5/172/Madison, FL 
Carter, Thomas Barton/Votava, Nola Marie/22 May 2004/30/184/Madison, FL 
Carter, Thomas Crawford/Cook, Roberta Mae/15 Jul 1928/5/309/Madison, FL 
Carter, Thomas Frederick  /Shirling, Emily Vivian/23 Feb 1936/15/342/Madison, FL 
Carter, Thomas W./Haines, Mary J./01 Jan 1898 /1/548/Madison, FL 
Carter, Tillman/Davis, Dorothy/27 Jul 1933/9/20/Madison, FL 
Carter, Timothy Lamar/Williams, Carnell Michelle/5 Apr 2002/29/204/Madison, FL 
Carter, W. H./Walker, Josephine/ 22 Dec 1877/B/126/Madison, FL 
Carter, W. O./Whitehurst, Agnes/5 Feb 1906/2/517/Madison, FL 
Carter, Walter/Mosely, Lucy/25 Dec 1902/2/292/Madison, FL 
Carter, Wilbert/Jones, Jessie Mae/11 Oct 1979/20/30/Madison, FL 
Carter, Willard/Pickles, Bessie/15 Feb 1931/8/2/Madison, FL 
Carter, William/Lane, Myrtie/30 Jul 1940/12/259/Madison, FL 
Carter, William/Smith, Catherine/31 Mar 1866/A/388/Madison, FL 
Carter, William Walter/Blue, Julia Ann/4 Mar 1977/19/137/Madison, FL 
Carter, Willie/Cole, Susie/18 Mar 1918/4/220/Madison, FL 
Carter, Willie/Harrell, Audry/27 Jun 1928/5/305/Madison, FL 
Carter, Willie C./Anderson, Ruth Mae/14 Nov 1985/22/14/Madison, FL 
Carter, Willie E./Kirkpatrick, John/24 Apr 1901/2/177/Madison, FL 
Carter, Willisse/Fry, E. Y. Jr/2 Apr 1930/5/471/Madison, FL 
Carter, Willisse/Fry, E. Y. Jr./2 Apr 1930/7/238/Madison, FL 
Carter, Wilson/DeLaughter, Della/7 Mar 1874/A2/304/Madison, FL 
Carter, Zealer/Wiggins, Moses/02 Jan 1892 /1/225/Madison, FL 
Carter, Zebedee/Devane, Maggie Lee/28 Apr 1928/5/292/Madison, FL 
Cartledge, Callie D./Barnwell, W. C./1 Jul 1930/5/495/Madison, FL 
Cartledge, Callie D. (Mrs)/Barnwell, W. C./1 Jul 1930/7/310/Madison, FL 
Carver, Almarine/Beatty, J. K., Jr.,/22 Feb 1932/8/246/Madison, FL 
Carver, Dennis/Gordie, Dora/22 Sep 1923/4/494/Madison, FL 
Carver, Marvin Victor/Haskell, Cathryn Inez McLane/26 Jun 1982/20/383/Madison, FL 
Carver, Nathan/Evers, Missouri/28 Nov 1854/A/137/Madison, FL 
Carwell, Haywood/Livingston, Amanda/27 Jan 1896/1/428/Madison, FL 
Carwise, Teresa/Cason, Eddie/31 Aug 1935/10/62/Madison, FL 
Cary, S. Eugene/Mitchell, J. M./11 Jul 1890/1/166/Madison, FL 
Caryle, Juing/Martin, Lula/6 Jul1905/2/461/Madison, FL 
Casello, Mike/George, Bessie/24 Feb 1931/8/6/Madison, FL 
Casey, Gordon Ray/Williams, Vickie Yvonne Rice/15 Jul 1992/24/325/Madison, FL 
Cash, Bettie B./Raines, Bradford L./27 Aug 1899/2/55/Madison, FL 
Cash, L. C./Smith, Florida V./25 Aug 1906/2/548/Madison, FL 
Cash, L. C./Tate, Mary/29 Dec 1901/2/265/Madison, FL

     (Believe they might have been divorced on 29 Mar 1905/C-522)/
Cash, Lillen/Woodard, Austin/03 Jan 1892  /1/223/Madison, FL 
Cash, Margaret/Ward, William/19 Jan 1887/B/791/Madison, FL 
Cash, Maud/Agnew, R. J./11 Jun 1904/2/396/Madison, FL 
Cash, Richard E./Rains, Rebecca/15 Dec 1861/A/304/Madison, FL 
Cashwell, Monte Steve/Keene, Teresa Joyce/11/22/1975/19/22/Madison, FL
Cashwell, Monte Steve/Weger, May Beth/21 Apr 1984/21/227/Madison, FL 
Cashwell, Raymond David/Jenkins, Gloria Kay Rogers/8 Dec 1990/23/399/Madison, FL  
Cason, Abram/Nickols, Peggy/9 Nov 1882/B/477/Madison, FL 
Cason, Aldonia/Smith, Ed/2 Oct 1913/3/475/Madison, FL 
Cason, Anna/Bevill, Thomas/12 Dec 1906/2/553/Madison, FL 
Cason, Annie J./Rowland, Robert S./30 Oct 1881/B/404/Madison, FL  
Cason, Beatrice/Wyche, Herman/28 Oct 1928/5/330/Madison, FL 
Cason, Bettie/Lipscomb, John B., Jr./20 Mar 1881/B/379/Madison, FL  
Cason, Charlie/Mitchell, Angeline/4 Feb 1939/11/456/Madison, FL 
Cason, Cleveland/Dickey, Reoda/16 Oct 1912/3/406/Madison, FL 
Cason, Coney/Sanders, Sam/9 Apr 1915/3/593/Madison, FL 
Cason, Cupid/Richardson, Rosina/7 Oct 1873/A2/331/Madison, FL 
Cason, Dennis M./Lee, Matilda R./14 Dec 1860/A/270/Madison, FL 
Cason, Eddie/Carwise, Teresa/31 Aug 1935/10/62/Madison, FL 
Cason, Ezekeil/Thomas, Clifford/13 Oct 1894/1/349/Madison, FL 
Cason, Ezekial/Tice, Deloris/16 May 1925/4/597/Madison, FL 
Cason, Frank/Cason, Julia/12 Aug 1866/A1/163/Madison, FL 
Cason, George E./Smith, Frances Tomlin/30 Jul 1977/19/173/Madison, FL 
Cason, Hannah/Warnick, James/14 Jan 1887/ B/788/Madison, FL 
Cason, Harry/Cason, Leah/12 Aug 1866/A1/167/Madison, FL 
Cason, Henry Edward/Jarvis, Bessie Juanita/15 Jan 1960/16/1/Madison, FL 
Cason, James Van Jr./Tolar, Vercie/20 Jun 1948/14/873/Madison, FL 
Cason, Jerome/Washington, VeEtta Lee Hagan/27 Apr 1984/21/223/Madison, FL 
Cason, Joe/Womack, Vere/25 Dec 1927/5/257/Madison, FL 
Cason, John/Giller, Mieutha/17 May 1855/A/137/Madison, FL 
Cason, Lee/Fossett, Maggie Mae/24 May 1919/4/262/Madison, FL 
Cason, Leroy/Choice, Clementine/28 May 1941/12/416/Madison, FL 
Cason, Lula/Joseph, Harris/4 Jan 1917/4/118/Madison, FL 
Cason, Marshal A./Tooke, Jane C./9 Aug 1849/A/54/Madison, FL 
Cason, Martha/Williams, Joseph/24 Nov 1884/B/625/Madison, FL 
Cason, Mary/Coffee, Henry A./5 Oct 1909/3/182/Madison, FL 
Cason, Noah/Belle, Maggie/28 Jan 1917/4/58/Madison, FL 
Cason, Orvis Levant, Jr./Anderson, Charlotte Ann Downey/21 Jun 1988/23/9/Madison, FL 
Cason, Ruth/Alexander, James/20 Jan 1934/9/155/Madison, FL 
Cason, Sallie/Hammerly, William A./15 Mar 1881/B/378/Madison, FL 
Cason, T. C./Tice, Chaney/22 Feb 1923/4/462/Madison, FL 
Cason, Tebo/Green, Gladys/19 May 1934/9/252/Madison, FL 
Cason, Thomas/Cason, Patience/24 Sep 1866/A1/62/Madison, FL 
Cason, Thomas/Hall, Ella/ 27 Jan 1887/B/794/Madison, FL 
Cason, Tom/Alexander, Lucinda/25 Dec 1909/3/204/Madison, FL 
Cason, William/Grimage, Louvinia/24 Dec 1899/2/77/Madison, FL 
Cason, William H./Rhodes, Mary Elizabeth/27 Aug 1936/10/340/Madison, FL 
Cason, William L./Fain, Martha Ann/23 Nov 1851/A/85/Madison, FL 
Cason, William L./Kun, Pilaster/12 Jun 1853/A/122/Madison, FL 
Cason, William M./Hart, Ella/14 Dec 1890/1/174/Madison, FL 
Cason, Willie/Ayer, Nettie Belle/26 Nov 1923/4/502/Madison, FL 
Casper, Benjamin/Roberts, Mary/27 Oct 1866/A1/188/Madison, FL 
Casselman, Dusty Lee/Wellman, Andrea Shannon Glover/7 Jun 1998/27/259/Madison, FL 
Casselman, Jessie James/Crawford, Elizabeth Cecilia Brackin/30 Apr 1998/27/234/Madison, FL 
Casseus, Joseph/Edwards, Barbara Jean Merricks/8 Jan 1996/26/218/Madison, FL 
Cassidy, John P./Cherry, Clara B. McMullen/26 Apr 1925/4/592/Madison, FL 
Cassill, Lewis/Smith, Estriallia/9 Feb 1905/2/445/Madison, FL 
Caster, G. H./Henderson, Emma L./9 Dec 1906/2/551/Madison, FL 
Castin, Ben/Brown, Lillie Belle/16 Jan 1910/3/210/Madison, FL 
Caswell, Blanche I./Stringfellow, Johnnie B./20 Feb 1911/3/294/Madison, FL 
Caswell, Virgil/Barnard, Helen W./21 Jun 1923/4/369/Madison, FL 
Cat, Gary Thomas/Cox, Marily Fay Usser/13 Oct 1988/23/26/Madison, FL 
Cate, Harry S./Ricard, Eleanor/19 Nov 1919/4/280/Madison, FL 
Cate, John/Rolling, Lela/24 Oct 1896 /1/464/Madison, FL 
Cate, Rosa/Barnes, H. B./28 Dec 1889/1/132/Madison, FL 
Cates, J. J./Lawson, S. E./24 Nov 1869/A2/69/Madison, FL 
Cates, J. T./Lawson, America D./22 Jul 1873/A2/321/Madison, FL 
Cates, Robert Z./Ashley, Mary Love F./9 Nov 1929/5/433/Madison, FL 
Cates, Robert Z./Ashley, Mary Love Fraleigh/9 Nov 1929/7/120/Madison, FL 
Cates, William A./Walker, Maxine/25 Mar 1933/8/441/Madison, FL 
Catledge, C. W./Roberts, Ella/19 May 1908/3/88/Madison, FL 
Catledge, Wesley Wilburn/Smith, Bernice Clara/24 Sep 1919/4/278/Madison, FL 
Catlett, Elizabeth/Stewart, John/22 Aug 1836/A-/26/Madison, FL 
Catlett, John/Smith, Patience/23 May 1835/A-/23/Madison, FL 
Catlett, Mary/Coaker, Alen/13 Nov 1834/A-/20/Madison, FL 
Cato, Betty/Johnson, Joseph/14 Aug 1906/2/546/Madison, FL 
Cato, Julious/Smith, Daisy/7 Nov 1901/2/209/Madison, FL  
Cato, Laura/McMullen, John Perter/6 Apr 1879/B/215/Madison, FL 
Cato, Mamie Lou/Davis, J. L./19 Sep 1927/5/229/Madison, FL 
Cato, Ruben/Roberson, Lizzie/1 Nov 1908/3/115/Madison, FL 
Cato, Ruben/Straughter, Maggie/29 May 1896/1/444/Madison, FL

     Believe they might have been divorced on 16 Oct 1908/C-585/
Caudill, Barna/Land, Rosa/20 Aug 1911/3/318/Madison, FL 
Caudill, Ella/Southall, John F./9 Feb 1902/2/235/Madison, FL 
Caudill, Mary J./Sirmons, W. M./15 Jun 1913/3/458/Madison, FL 
Caudill, Mary Jane/Wall, Charlie W./17 Apr 1909/3/155/Madison, FL 
Caudill, Tisbie/Fultch, Henry/23 Mar 1902/2/245/Madison, FL  
Caudle, Martha L./Stuckey, George W./11 May 1930/7/272/Madison, FL 
Caudle, Martha L./Stuckey, George W./11 May 1930/5/483/Madison, FL 
Caulk, A. H./Bass, Minnie Ola/5 Dec 1909/3/192/Madison, FL 
Caulk, Clara/Burnett, Samuel F./22 Nov 1899/2/63/Madison, FL 
Caulk, D. J./Russell, Lula/23 Dec 1888/1/75/Madison, FL 
Caulk, D. T./Burnett, C. P./22 Oct 1896/1/463/Madison, FL 
Caulk, Dessie/Williams, Leroy R./25 Nov 1900/2/137/Madison, FL 
Caulk, Emma/Gramling, E. O./16 Jan 1916/4/46/Madison, FL 
Caulk, James J./Townsend, Mary Ann/14 Feb 1850/A/63/Madison, FL 
Caulk, Jas. A./Henderson, Emily/5 Jan 1882/B/431/Madison, FL  
Caulk, Jas. A./Townsend, Mollie/ 4 Mar 1880/B/293/Madison, FL  
Caulk, John W./Hadden, Sarah F./26 Oct 1876/B/39/Madison, FL  
Caulk, L. D./Hadden, Jane/13 Jan 1874/B/84/Madison, FL  
Caulk, Robt./Burnett, Mattie/22 Dec 1888/1/74/Madison, FL 
Caulk, William C./Howard, Mamie S./19 May 1895/1/391/Madison, FL 
Cauriton, Gennie/Gildyard, Sarena/23 Jan 1917/4/120/Madison, FL 
Causey, J. R. Jr/Bonner, Delia/1 Aug 1934/9/305/Madison, FL 
Causey, William Ashley/Redding, Lillian Byrde/17 Apr 1918/4/205/Madison, FL
Cavanaugh, Douglas Gene/Bland, M'Lisa Shawn Schermerhorn/10 Jun 1983/21/109/Madison, FL 
Cave, J. S./Sevor, Mary V./15 Aug 1895/1/396/Madison, FL 
Cave, Maggie V./Harrell, Theodore J./27 Dec 1908/3/139/Madison, FL 
Cave, Susan/Cochran, James/23 Jul 1878/B/178/Madison, FL 
Cave, William Russell/Moore, Frances Monteen/26 Nov 1953/15/218/Madison, FL 
Cave, William Simmie/Cave, Dorthea Gwendolyn Lanier/14 Feb 1986/22/43/Madison, FL 
Cave, William Simmie/Lanier, Dorthea Gwendolyn/28 Mar 1981/20/211/Madison, FL 
Cawood, Dale/Jewell, Theresa Mae/14 Sep 1985/21/386/Madison, FL  
Cawthorn, Clinton Patrick/Scott, Marian Plunlee Roberts/13 Jun 1992/24/311/Madison, FL 
Cay, Raymond Jr./McCall, Nettie W./27 Jan 1874/A2/359/Madison, FL  
Cayson, Manda/Early, J. M./01 May 1890/1/160/Madison, FL 
Centerfit, Pearle/Mercer, J. C./6 Nov 1926/5/148/Madison, FL 
Centy, Abram/Robinson, Mollie/16 Dec 1878/B/199/Madison, FL 
Chacen, Bettie E./Paul, Willie M./14 Jul 1912/3/391/Madison, FL 
Chadwick, Gladys/Taylor, W. L./5 Aug 1931/8/90/Madison, FL 
Chadwick, Wilbur Lee/Heath, Betty Jo Grooms/10 Mar 1995/26/75/Madison, FL 
Chafin, Evelyn Faye Bass/Blount, Jimmy/21 Mar 1978/19/230/Madison, FL 
Chaice, Marriah/Sorrel, Rufus/21 Jan 1882/B/438/Madison, FL 
Chairis, Willie Lee/Webb, James C./23 May 1931/8/51/Madison, FL 
Chairs, R. C./Moore, Zilla Dixon/20 Jul 1915/4/1/Madison, FL 
Chambers, Alvin Duane/Smith, Patricia S./4 Mar 2005/30/289/Madison, FL 
Chambers, Cattie/Dunn, Cal/7 Aug 1904/2/404/Madison, FL 
Chambers, Eugene/Stewart, Ernestine/7 Jun 1930/7/289/Madison, FL 
Chambers, Eugene/Stewart, Ernestine/7 Jun 1930/5/488/Madison, FL 
Chambers, Floy/Hicks, R. J./20 Feb 1927/5/179/Madison, FL 
Chambers, J. B./Smith, Berta Clark/23 Feb 1919/4/253/Madison, FL 
Chambers, James Jr./Touchton, Rachel/4 Mar 1934/9/188/Madison, FL 
Chambers, James L./Kemp, Eliza/6 Nov 1884/B/619/Madison, FL  
Chambers, John S./Crawford, Emma M./11 Jan 1883/B/498/Madison, FL  
Chambers, Louise/Emerick, Jeff/13 Mar 1932/8/258/Madison, FL 
Chambers, Missouri/Mathis, B. L./27 Nov 1904/2/417/Madison, FL 
Chambers, Thomas Patrick/Sermons, Janet Denise Sims/22 Jun 2008/31/357/Madison, FL 
Chamblin, Jerry Allen/Whitaker, Lori Ann keeling/16 Feb 1985/21/326/Madison, FL 
Chambliss, Newell/Gray, Annie/1 Jul 1928/5/306/Madison, FL 
Champion, Elizabeth/Gandy, Oscar/25 Jun 1933/8/497/Madison, FL 
Champion, Irene F./Hall, Albert H./28 May 1933/8/474/Madison, FL 
Champy, Harry Doyle, Jr./Arnold, Betty June/28 May 1966/16/430/Madison, FL 
Chance, Styles T./Wyche, Mary C./26 Aug 1885/B/679/Madison, FL 
Chancey, Geo. W./Willis, Virginia/11 Jan 1877/B/66/Madison, FL 
Chancey, Samuel A./Davis, Alice C./14 Nov 1895/1/408/Madison, FL 
Chancy, A. G./Harrington, Emeline/24 Jan 1881/B/363/Madison, FL 
Chancy, Ella/Matthews, Thomas/09 Dec 1892/1/263/Madison, FL 
Chancy, Ella Farnell/Easters, John C./25 Dec 1923/4/509/Madison, FL 
Chancy, Hayt/Grubbs, W. T./1 May 1929/5/381/Madison, FL 
Chancy, James/Pinkney, Mary/26 Dec 1895/1/414/Madison, FL 
Chancy, John H./Hodge, Susanna/28 Nov 1877/B/119/Madison, FL 
Chancy, Raleigh L./Pridgeon, Rachael/30 Mar 1919/ 4/258/Madison, FL 
Chancy, Raymond/Miller, Ruby/18 Jul 1917/4/156/ Madison, FL 
Chancy, Ruby/Floyd, Willard/15 Feb 1937/10/478/Madison, FL 
Chancy, William/Williams, Martha/06 Jan 1896/1/419/Madison, FL 
Chancy, James Marion, III/Hardin, Lynette/26 Aug 1991/24/151/Madison, FL 
Chancy, James Marion, III/Wimberley, Sherri Alana/1 Apr 1996/26/274/Madison, FL 
Chandler, Alvin R./Harper, Pauline/14 Mar 1926/5/85/Madison, FL 
Chandler, Floyd/Williams, Maude E./10 Jan 1918/4/168/Madison, FL 
Chandler, Frank/Davis, Geneva/8 Feb 1936/10/174/Madison, FL 
Chandler, Henry/Johnson, Louise/8 Jun 1935/10/12/Madison, FL 
Chandler, Mittie/Pharo, Sam/22 Jul 1934/9/301/Madison, FL 
Chaney, F. C./Brown, Kathleen/7 Feb 1933/8/423/Madison, FL 
Chaney, James Larry/Guanzon, Jan Marie/10 Dec 2001/29/151/Madison, FL 
Chaney, Jerry/Wilson, Lizzie/12 Jan 1901/2/159/Madison, FL 
Chaney, Lee/Solomon, Lizzie/4 Jun 1934/9/267/Madison, FL 
Chaney, Rosa Lee/Savage, C. D./21 Aug 1927/5/224/Madison, FL 
Chaney, Steven Joe/Buckhalter, Toni Lynn Gaskins/14 Feb 1986/22/41/Madison, FL 
Chaney, Susan A./Stevens, J. J./14 Aug 1892/1/248/Madison, FL 
Chaney, W. M./Smith, Virginia Vinson/4 Oct 1924/4/548/Madison, FL 
Chaney, William/Lee, Rosa/14 Jan 1907/2/572/Madison, FL--(Believe they might have been divorced on 4 Mar 1918/C-802)
Chanie, Randolph/Williams, Aldonia/24 Sep 1923/4/495/Madison, FL 
Channell, George Everett/Wade, Anne Evelyn/6 May 1925/4/594/Madison, FL 
Chaple, Edna E./King, Thomas B./27 Jul 1930/7/330/Madison, FL 
Chapman, Fanny/Hinton, John/03 Mar 1898/1/558/Madison, FL 
Chapman, Harvey/Morgan, Kizzie/22 Mar 1925/4/585/Madison, FL 
Chapman, Joseph Deaundra/Ayers, Patricia Ann/7 Apr 1993/25/90/Madison, FL 
Chapman, Margaret/Richardson, Robert/2 Jul1904/2/401/Madison, FL 
Chapman, Robert Currier/Monson, Audrey Gretchen/19 Mar 1955/15/313/Madison, FL 
Chapman, Robt. L./Moseley, Cilvia/25 Jul1903/2/329/Madison, FL 
Chapman, William/Brown, Addie/07 Nov 1887/1/16/Madison, FL  
Chappell, Angus R./Vann, Maud G./20 Nov 1898/1/588/Madison, FL  
Chappell, Douglas Macauthur, Jr./Chappell, Sylvia Jean Jones/4 Feb 1994/25/250/Madison, FL 
Charles, Andrew J./Townsend, Delaney/8 Mar 1841/A-/58/Madison, FL 
Charmichael, Lizzie/Robinson, Shadrick/28 Jun 1883/B/537/Madison, FL 
Charmicle, John/Evins, Isabelle/09 Jan 1890/1/140/Madison, FL 
Charmicle, Samuel/Jenkins, Gussie/20 Nov 1889/1/116/Madison, FL 
Chas, Alexander/Williams, Chloe/24 Sep 1866/A1/2/Madison, FL  
Chase, Ethel/Jones, Finish/14 Nov 1936/10/390/Madison, FL 
Chase, Rebecca Jean/Betts, Gregory/16 Sep 1978/19/287/Madison, FL  
Chason, Esther/Baily, Hardy/26 Dec 1920/4/340/Madison, FL 
Chason, George/Sanders, Ella T./29 Apr 1897/1/502/Madison, FL 
Chason, Katie/Mathis, Jeff/30 Oct 1926/5/147/Madison, FL 
Chason, M. T./Edwards, Orus, K./12 Nov 1922/4/442/Madison, FL 
Chason, Mabel/Bishop, Phillip Wilson/4 Dec 1917/4/175/Madison, FL 
Chason, Nellie/Stephens, Johnie/28 May 1916/4/64/Madison, FL 
Chastain, Altha/Morgan, Perry/9 Sep 1920/4/322/Madison, FL 
Chastain, Josephine/Duren, Billy/15 Apr 1934/9/229/Madison, FL 
Chastain, Lois/Godwin, Edwin/26 Jan 1937/10/465/Madison, FL 
Chasture, Virginia/Gandy, Mack/2 Mar 1930/7/213/Madison, FL 
Chasture, Virginia/Gandy, Mack/2 Mar 1930/5/463/Madison, FL 
Chatfield, John C/offee, Anna Williams/18 Aug 1923/4/490/Madison, FL 
Chatham, Bettie/Thomas, William H./20 Feb 1887/B/799/Madison, FL  
Chatham, Prince/Warick, Eliza/22 Jan 1885/B/646/Madison, FL  
Chatham, Sarah/Williams, Cory/1 Dec 1899/2/66/Madison, FL 
Chatman, Aaron/Wilkins, Berter/9 Feb 1899/2/24/Madison, FL 
Chatman, Boda/Moseley, Roza/21 Feb 1904/2/382/Madison, FL 
Chatman, Horace/Brown, Helen/9 Sep 1944/14/611/Madison, FL 
Chatman, John/Clark, Lillie/26 Aug 1917/4/175/Madison, FL 
Chatman, Joseph/Murphy, Mattie/ 28 Dec 1876/B/53/Madison, FL  
Chatman, Missouri/Baker, Hector/13 Oct 1881/B/406/Madison, FL  
Chatman, Opper/Pompy, Arthur/21 Dec 1893/1/314/Madison, FL 
Chatman, Rosa/Edmonds, Horace/ 1 Oct 1883/B/542/Madison, FL  
Chatman, William/Warnock, Lou/24 Apr 1880/B/319/Madison, FL  
Chaucey, Ella/Burnett, Louis/10 Jan 1906/2/509/Madison, FL 
Chauncey, Glenn Carl, Jr./Buchanan, Sandra Lee Chamblin/27 Mar 2004/30/158/Madison, FL 
Chauncey, Jack Cecil/Waring, Rosa Lee/17 May 1980/20/101/Madison, FL 
Chauncey, R. A./Herring, May Belle/30 Jan 1928/5/272/Madison, FL 
Chavis, Ira/Johnson, Louisa/19 Feb 1894/1/329/Madison, FL 
Chavis, Naymond/Savage, Carey Lee/6 Mar 1944/14/513/Madison, FL  
Cheasman, Bobbie/Brown, Daniel/25 Dec 1921/4/393/Madison, FL 
Cheatam, Mattie/Heron, Shellie/26 Dec 1925/5/65/Madison, FL 
Cheatham, Smith/Dozier, Evalin/31 Dec 1866/A1/159/Madison, FL 
Cheatham, Smith/Waller, Lucinda/5 Sep 1874/A2/396/Madison, FL 
Cheek, J.B./Smith, Rosa/9 Apr 1927/5/190/Madison, FL 
Cheek, Mathew G./Morris, Eva Beatrice/26 Apr 1922/4/417/Madison, FL 
Cheesborough, Ned/McKnight, Julia/18 Apr 1869/A2/30/Madison, FL 
Cheesbourgh, Mary/Hinton, Prince/6 Jan 1887/B/785/Madison, FL 
Cheesbourgh, Mary J./Davis, Hunter/4 Aug 1901/2/193/Madison, FL 
Cheesburoh, Mary/Jordan, John/17 Mar 1892/1/234/Madison, FL 
Cheese, Charlie Lee/Jones, Carrie/10 Nov 1955/15/351/Madison, FL  
Cheeseboro, Ned/Harris, Winnie/29 Dec 1882/B/497/Madison, FL 
Cheeseborough, Daniel/Alexander, Lula/21 Apr 1903/2/318/Madison, FL 
Cheeseborough, Lizzie/Martin, Hiram/16 Dec 1880/B/340/Madison, FL 
Chencey, George R. M./Lamb, Winney/26 Oct 1874/A2/394/Madison, FL 
Cheney, Barret/Sales, Ann/29 Jan 1871/A2/163/Madison, FL 
Cheney, James Pope/Taylor, Dorothy Jeanette/2 Mar 1946/14/813/Madison, FL 
Cheney, Jerry/Beard, Sallie/17 Nov 1877/B/115/Madison, FL 
Cherrie, Johnnie/Reiford, Ola/16 Jul 1932/8/305/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Albert/Robinson, Rosalind/11 Mar 2002/29/184/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Andrew/Huggins, Carlissa Maria/19 Nov 2004/30/246/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Benjamin/Thomas, Mary Lou/24 Dec 1922/4/452/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Betty Jean/Hodge, William, Jr./9/10/1975/19/1/Madison, FL
Cherry, Carson Lee, Jr./Gamble, Julie Ann/20 Jun 1998/27/265/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Charity/Addison, Enoch/14 Aug 1904/2/405/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Charity/Butler, Johnie/28 Dec 1904/2/435/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Charlotte/Thompson, John/22 Dec 1894/1/374/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Clara B. McMullen/Cassidy, John P./26 Apr 1925/4/592/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Cornelius/Wildins, Ramona Kha/1 Aug 1987/22/229/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Darryl Bart/Blair, Melissa Elaine/6 Jun 1996/26/310/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Deanna/Scott, Sim/2 Aug 1928/5/319/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Derenza Marcel/Mitchell, Joanna Celesity/27 Mar 1998/27/218/Madison, FL 
Cherry, E. M./Brasby, Addie/23 Jan 1921/4/347/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Elva/Robinson, Leroy/4 Jan 1920/4/294/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Emily/Darling, Allen/26 Dec 1895/1/415/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Felix/Dukes, Elizabeth/31 Dec 1927/5/260/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Floyd/Spence, Hannah/8 Mar 1879/B/238/Madison, FL 
Cherry, George W./Alexander, Lena/1 Nov 1925/5/48/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Herman/Hendry, Myrtle Marie/27 Mar 1949/14/884/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Horace James/Williams, Diane Jonas/31 Aug 1985/21/377/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Indiana/Solomon, William/20 Dec 1896/1/478/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Ivey/Edwards, Sallie/26 May 1881/B/387/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Jack/Givens, Betty Gene/23 May 1987/22/207/Madison, FL 
Cherry, James/Minor, Cora Mae/21 Jan 1964/16/291/Madison, FL 
Cherry, John/Green, Carrie Lee/3 May 1924/4/526/Madison, FL 
Cherry, John/Jones, Eliza/14 Jul 1890/1/166/Madison, FL 
Cherry, John/Pinesett, Mary/16 Dec 1899/2/70/Madison, FL 
Cherry, John Cain/Montgomery, Inez/19 Sep 1931/8/120/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Josh/Woodard, Ruth/10 Mar 1918/4/146/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Keith Bernard/Agner, Pamela Ann/16 Aug 1969/17/137/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Kenneth Lee/Pinkard, Angela Renee/16 Dec 1995/26/209/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Larrie James/Boyd, Virginia Lee /3 Nov 1946/14/847/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Lola Belle/Anderson, Alfred/29 Jun 1935/10/27/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Lorinza, Jr./Craddock, Pricilla Sherrill/1 Jan 2008/31/281/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Lucy Mae Smith/Hodge, Charles Edward, Sr./10 Jun 1978/19/249/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Marcus William/Whitty, Lucile/27 Jul 1947/14/861/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Matthew James/Harn, Jamie Victoria/28 Apr 2007/31/176/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Michael/Roberts, Sylvia/7 Sep 1866/A/550/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Mike/Miller, Lucy/23 Dec 1917/4/167/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Prentiss Sidney/McMullen, Sandra Lee/13 Sep 1959/15/581/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Sallie/McQuay, Mark/14 Nov 1888/1/69/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Samuel/Tyson, O. C./29 Dec 1915/4/40/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Sidney Prentiss, Jr./Foster, Cathy Sue/31 May 1986/22/73/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Simpie/Clayton, Josephine/1 Dec 1928/5/337/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Thomas/Witherspoon, Taimmu/21 Mar 1896/1/439/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Tom/Lloyd, Fannie/6 Jan 1943/13/282/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Viola/Fugerson, Bisby/24 Dec 1903/2/361/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Wesley/Williamson, Julia/20 Feb 1878/B/152/Madison, FL 
Cherry, Willie/Roberson, Elizabeth/16 Apr 1927/5/192/Madison, FL 
Chesnut, Louis/Cochran, Rosa Lee/15 Mar 1923/4/467/Madison, FL 
Chesnut, Susie/Carroll, William S./10 Mar 1930/5/466/Madison, FL 
Chesnutt, Ira/Holcomb, Robert F./23 Dec 1935/10/141/Madison, FL 
Chesnutt, Susie/Carroll, William S./10 Mar 1930/7/222/Madison, FL 
Chester, Bennie, Jr./Hudson, Mary Lois/12 Sep 1964/16/324/Madison, FL 
Chester, Bill/Folks, Alice/24 Dec 1932/8/379/Madison, FL 
Chester, Mary/Bellamy, Jimmie/18 Mar 1933/8/438/Madison, FL 
Chester, W. M./Griner, Jewel/3 Dec 1927/5/252/Madison, FL 
Chestnut, Carrie/Cobb, Joseph/14 Jul 1928/5/308/Madison, FL 
Chestnut, Daniel/Whitfield, Mary Lucy/8 Nov 1915/4/19/Madison, FL 
Chestnut, Susie Mae/Coleman, Oliver/3 Nov 1934/9/371/Madison, FL 
Chestnut, Viola/Burns, Jeffrey/27 Jun 1925/5/14/Madison, FL 
Childers, Lewis J./Williams, Jane V. B./17 Sep 1854/A/136/Madison, FL 
Childers, Ozzie Marie/Pitts, Robert Hutson/not returned/19/58/Madison, FL 
Childers, Robert Wilton/Yates Sandra Ann Westerman/29 Jun 2007/31/204/Madison, FL 
Childre, Morris Taylor/Weldon, Catherine Rebecca Kent/18 Oct 1996/26/373/Madison, FL 
Chinn, Annie/Holmes, Will/4 Dec 1926/5/154/Madison, FL 
Chisholm, Osie/Southall, Lamar/9 Apr 1929/5/377/Madison, FL 
Chism, Wallace/Campbell, Honey/3 Jun 1933/8/482/Madison, FL 
Chitty, Jimmie/Bolen, J. G./1 Mar 1929/5/366/Madison, FL 
Chitty, Martin/Hale, Mary V./12 Sep 1861/A/297/Madison, FL 
Chivous, Sol/Smith, Lula/16 Nov 1905/2/485/Madison, FL 
Choice, Agnes/Mathis, D./16 Nov 1889/1/119/Madison, FL 
Choice, Bessie/Randall, Alton/25 Jun 1934/9/284/Madison, FL 
Choice, Dallas Raynorris/Collins, Vivian Neoma/15 Jan 1988/22/300/Madison, FL 
Choice, Daniel/Mathis, Janie/26 Mar 1891/1/193/Madison, FL 
Choice, Doctor/Fielder, Sylvia/5 Apr 1885/B/660/Madison, FL 
Choice, Doctor Randall, III/Seales, Margaret Charlene/5 Jul 1982/20/386/Madison, FL 
Choice, Doctor Sr./Gaines, Carrie/04 Feb 1897/1/495/Madison, FL 
Choice, Hannie/Miller, Henry/9 Mar 1935/9/447/Madison, FL 
Choice, Joe Vanns/Miller, Bonnie Jean/3 Jul 1965/16/376/Madison, FL 
Choice, Lille Mae/Clemon, Kirty/23 Dec 1926/5/160/Madison, FL 
Choice, Lillie Mae/McQueen, Otto/29 Mar 1935/9/468/Madison, FL 
Choice, Retha/Kirkland, Gus/9 Mar 1935/9/446/Madison, FL 
Choice, William/Lusain, Mollie/21 Jul 1898/1/576/Madison, FL 
Choice, Willie B./Starks, Ethel Lee/28 Dec 1935/10/151/Madison, FL 
Chrisp, Robert/Flowers, Mamie/12 Jan 1927/5/169/Madison, FL 
Christensen, Bruce George/Thomas, Sallie Jane/10 Jul 2005/30/340/Madison, FL 
Christian, David/Whitehurst, Martha/8 Dec 1874/A2/409/Madison, FL 
Christian, Earl/Dunbar, Gussie/23 Dec 1933/9/118/Madison, FL 
Christian, John Lee, Jr./Bright, Gloria Jean/6 Jul 1993/25/131/Madison, FL 
Christian, Marie/Gallon, Wash/19 Aug 1934/9/318/Madison, FL 
Christian, Mary/Simmons, Henry/15 Mar 1877/B/80/Madison, FL 
Christian, Rufus/Robinson, Vonnie Lee/14 Jan 1967/16/483/Madison, FL 
Christian, T. A./Horne, M. F. (Mrs)/19 Dec 1901/2/215/Madison, FL 
Christian, Tommie Lee/Buggs, Jeanette/25 Jan 1976/19/37/Madison, FL 
Christian, Tommie Lee/Sears, Gloria Dean Mosley/1 Jul 2001/29/87/Madison, FL 
Christian, Wesley/Williams, Willie Mae/17 Jun 1995/26/127/Madison, FL 
Christian, William/Walkers, Lula Mae/1 Jul 1944/14/579/Madison, FL  
Christie, Lou Ella/McFaden, J. D./28 Nov 1936/10/398/Madison, FL 
Christmas, Augusta Juanita/Benton, C. D./21 Aug 1927/5/223/Madison, FL 
Christmas, Dean Edward/Chamblin, Lesley Ann/20 Apr 2006/31/39/Madison, FL 
Christmas, Eva Frances/Richardson, C. L./18 Jun 1931/8/63/Madison, FL 
Christmas, Jesse Lee/Horton, Gwendolen/2 Sep 1916/4/82/Madison, FL 
Christmas, Thelma M./Richardson, James J./19 Sep 1919/4/276/Madison, FL 
Christon, Sneeder/Williams, Horace/30 Jan 1937/10/467/Madison, FL 
Christopher, John/Straughter, Margaret/06 Oct 1888/1/61/Madison, FL 
Christopher, Mary/Watson, Emanuel/18 Nov 1894/1/356/Madison, FL 
Christopher, Thomas/Boatwright, Sophia/1866/A1/60/Madison, FL 
Christy, Michael Anthony/Clark, Charlotte Elaine/19 Mar 1992/24/261/Madison, FL  
Chritian, John Lee/Pursley, Eual Mae/4 May 1996/26/295/Madison, FL  
Church, Charles S./Thomas, Mamie Lea/25 Oct 1885/ B/685/Madison, FL 
Church, Dianna/ Townsend, Boston/16 May 1880/B/299/Madison, FL  
Church, Emily Elenor/Coffee, Joshua B./2 Jul 1837/A-/30/Madison, FL 
Church, Jane A./Hankins, William W./10 Feb 1842/A-/70/Madison, FL 
Church, Jill Sue/Rutherford, James William/11 Sep 1976/19/96/Madison, FL 
Church, Jose/Tooke, Martha/15 Sep 1866/A1/128/Madison, FL 
Church, Lucius/Shehee, Ann G./19 Dec 1850/A/71/Madison, FL 
Church, William S/Randolph, Saura H./6 Apr 1869/A2/24/Madison, FL 
Chutz, Gerard Albert/Browning, Eloise Marlyn/28 Apr 1957/15/434/Madison, FL   
Ciler, Lila/Brown, Jim/10 Jul 1913/3/462/Madison, FL 
Cimiotta, Alan Jay/Davis, Frances Louise/1 Jul 1997/27/94/Madison, FL 
Cimiotta, Alan Jay/Ekker, Patsy Ann King/29 Feb 1992/24/251/Madison, FL 
Cimiotta, Alan Jay/Steely, Clifton Annette Brock/17 Feb 1996/26/241/Madison, FL 
Cimiotta, Stacie Ann Walsh/Cimiotta, William Joseph/1 Jun 1991/24/93/Madison, FL 
Cimiotta, William Joseph/Cimiotta, Stacie Ann Walsh/1 Jun 1991/24/93/Madison, FL 
Cimiotta, William Joseph/Langford, Catherine Marie Redd/25 May 1997/27/73/Madison, FL 
Cimiotta, William Joseph/Lockhart, Tammi Suzanne Burnette/18 May 2007/31/180/Madison, FL 
Clanton, Julia/Haddock, Wiley G./25 Mar 1930/5/470/Madison, FL 
Clanton, Julia/Haddock, Wiley G./25 Mar 1930/7/234/Madison, FL 
Clanton, S. B./Gill, Martha E./30 Jul 1873/A2/322/Madison, FL 
Clark, A. B./Henderson, Belle/18 Jan 1885/B/642/Madison, FL 
Clark, Agnes/Thigpen, Willie/29 Aug 1900/2/122/Madison, FL 
Clark, Alma/Pierce, Walter/20 Aug 1932/8/322/Madison, FL 
Clark, Annie/Driggers, Wm. B./31 May 1898/1/568/Madison, FL 
Clark, Annie/Smith, S. E./30 Jul 1924/4/539/Madison, FL 
Clark, Anthony Carl/Rossi, Kelly Ann/22 Dec 1995/26/206/Madison, FL 
Clark, Ben/Williams, Rosa/10 Feb 1910/3/215/Madison, FL 
Clark, Bissie/Butler, J. B./2 Dec 1900/2/141/Madison, FL 
Clark, Calvin/Brown, Annie Mae/5 Feb 1934/9/170/Madison, FL 
Clark, Charlie/Faircloth, Irene Albritton/22 Oct 1927/5/240/Madison, FL 
Clark, Clarence E./Johnson, Lessie Mae/13 Jun 1937/11/51/Madison, FL 
Clark, Clarice/Witherspoon, John Knox/21 Dec 1921/4/390/Madison, FL 
Clark, Clifton/Waters, Mildred/18 Dec 1958/15/525/Madison, FL 
Clark, Clifton Edward/Parrish, Roberta Graves/12 Nov 1977/19/197/Madison, FL 
Clark, Daniel D./Hampton, Eva/24 Nov 1936/10/396/Madison, FL 
Clark, David Lancaster/Pankova, Inna Vladimirovna/27 Oct 1993/25/190/Madison, FL 
Clark, Debbie Ann/Cruce, Roy Douglas/10 Jan 1978/19/216/Madison, FL 
Clark, Dewey/Shortridge, Margrit/14 Jan 1858/A/183/Madison, FL 
Clark, Dock/Thomas, Rosa/2 Aug 1913/3/465/Madison, FL 
Clark, Donald D./Oglesby, Bertha/11 May 1930/5/482/Madison, FL 
Clark, Donald D./Oglesby, Bertha/11 May 1930/7/269/Madison, FL 
Clark, Donald Kenneth, Jr./Morgan, Heather Hazen/6 Jan 1996/26/225/Madison, FL 
Clark, E. F./Stephens, Sarah/25 Apr 1878/B/163/Madison, FL 
Clark, Ed/Mays, Emma/28 Jun 1926/5/117/Madison, FL 
Clark, Ed/Simpkins, Rosetta/9 Jun 1929/5/390/Madison, FL 
Clark, Eddie/Whidden, Nora/4 Dec 1935/10/124/Madison, FL 
Clark, Elijah/Howard, Georgia Ann/29 Jan 1874/A2/358/Madison, FL 
Clark, Eliza/Gardner, Frank/6 Nov 1900/2/133/Madison, FL 
Clark, Esher Mae/Hingson, Oliver M./31 Dec 1927/5/260/Madison, FL 
Clark, Ethel/Williams, Charlie/4 Feb 1928/5/273/Madison, FL 
Clark, Fannie/Twigs, Steve/22 Apr 1922/4/417/Madison, FL 
Clark, Fannie Mae/Williams, Sylvester/12 Jul 1930/5/499/Madison, FL 
Clark, Fannie May/Williams, Sylvester/12 Jul 1930/7/322/Madison, FL 
Clark, Floyd Virgil/Wills, Patricia Ellen/4 Oct 1959/15/583/Madison, FL 
Clark, Frank/Herndon, Dursa Leola/2 Jun 1941/12/421/Madison, FL 
Clark, Fulton/Holton, Fronie/31 Jan 1924/4/518/Madison, FL 
Clark, George/Shakespeare, Ada/24 Sep 1921/4/377/Madison, FL 
Clark, George/Simpson, Lottie/11 Jun 1875/A2/460/Madison, FL 
Clark, George/Wilson, Lula/22 Aug 1898/1/579/Madison, FL 
Clark, George Ann/Hawkins, Andrew/12 Feb 1895/1/378/Madison, FL 
Clark, Georgeann/Webb, J. P./06 Dec 1896/1/474/Madison, FL 
Clark, H. E./Hart, Daisy/20 Dec 1926/5/158/Madison, FL 
Clark, H. F./Brown, Myrtis/18 Dec 1937/11/169/Madison, FL 
Clark, H. H./Carpenter, Janie/7 Dec 1935/10/127/Madison, FL 
Clark, Hattie/Williams, Arthur/10 Apr 1907/3/5/Madison, FL 
Clark, Henry/Mencey, Millie/27 Dec 1919/4/285/Madison, FL 
Clark, Hezekiah W./Gill, Mary/3 Apr 1844/A-/115/Madison, FL 
Clark, James Madison/Snipes, Mollie/1 Jan 1875/A2/426/Madison, FL 
Clark, Jeff/Miller, Rebecca/22 Dec 1903/2/351/Madison, FL 
Clark, Jennie/Mitchel, Edward/11 Mar 1883/B/516/Madison, FL 
Clark, John/Hall, Eliza/19 Nov 1927/5/246/Madison, FL 
Clark, John/Jackson, Roberta/28 Jun 1924/4/502/Madison, FL 
Clark, John/Simmons, Lizzie/20 May 1909/3/267/Madison, FL 
Clark, John/Webb, Victoria/16 Feb 1869/A2/28/Madison, FL 
Clark, John D./Jones, Mary Catherine/24 Apr 1915/3/587/Madison, FL 
Clark, Johnnie/Baker, Lucille/13 Aug 1962/16/192/Madison, FL 
Clark, Josephine/King, Thomas/19 Feb 1882/B/445/Madison, FL 
Clark, Leon/Lee, Jane/27 Dec 1877/B/120/Madison, FL 
Clark, Leona/Pert, Walter/15 Dec 1892/1/264/Madison, FL 
Clark, Lillie/Chatman, John/26 Aug 1917/4/175/Madison, FL 
Clark, Lizzie/Lownay, T. J./23 Dec 1888/1/75/Madison, FL 
Clark, Lizzie/Williams, J. N./28 Feb 1937/10/483/Madison, FL 
Clark, Louise/Pridgeon, Theodore/26 Sep 1927/5/231/Madison, FL 
Clark, Lula/Moore, Jessey/12 Dec 1904/2/422/Madison, FL 
Clark, Mamie Nee Tims/Martin, Henry/12 Jan 1924/4/515/Madison, FL 
Clark, Manly B./Harrell, Eva/28 Dec 1904/2/433/Madison, FL 
Clark, Manly B./Steele, R. F. (Mrs)/17 Nov 1907/3/45/Madison, FL 
Clark, Marie Louise/Bache, William Hyatt (Lient)/30 May 1933/8/472/Madison, FL 
Clark, Mary/Arnold, Samuel/14 Feb 1909/3/149/Madison, FL 
Clark, Mary/Williams, Melvin/12 Dec 1886/B/769/Madison, FL 
Clark, Michael Allen/Webb, Sherry Lou/12 May 2007/31/162/Madison, FL 
Clark, Nellie/Cone, Sumter R./1 Sep 1909/3/175/Madison, FL 
Clark, Nolan/Diese, Ruth/12 Sep 1942/13/211/Madison, FL 
Clark, Olen Wayne/Williams, Wanda Lucinda Webb/2 Jan 1998/27/175/Madison, FL 
Clark, Oliver/Rodgers, Melissie/15 Nov 1909/3/188/Madison, FL 
Clark, Raymond, W./Sapp, Maggie Mae/20 Jul 1935/10/38/Madison, FL 
Clark, Richard/Loucus. Lizzie/7 Feb 1900/2/95/Madison, FL 
Clark, Richard C./Fuquay, Lizzie/9 Aug 1900/2/122/Madison, FL 
Clark, Richard W./Kinsey, Gwendolyn Elizabeth/29 Aug 1954/15/268/Madison, FL 
Clark, Ricky/Cribb, Kimberly Lee Prell/25 Nov 1989/23/197/Madison, FL 
Clark, Robert/Gray, Ida/19 Sep 1927/5/230/Madison, FL 
Clark, Robert E./Phillips, Eunice Lottie/9 Jun 1962/16/180/Madison, FL 
Clark, Roosevelt/Alexander, Sarah/23 Sep 1954/15/263/Madison, FL 
Clark, Sheldon Tommy/Simmons, O. D./16 Jul 1939/12/48/Madison, FL 
Clark, T. E. Jr./Car???, Shirley Virginia/28 Aug 1954/15/265/Madison, FL 
Clark, Theo L./Ouzts, Jacob C./17 Aug 1930/7/348/Madison, FL 
Clark, Timothy Ralpheal/Smith, Regina Louise/4 May 2004/30/175/Madison, FL 
Clark, Ulray/Moon, Myrtle Ellen/8 Jun 1946/14/825/Madison, FL 
Clark, W. H./Driggers, Zillie/22 Sep 1901/2/200/Madison, FL 
Clark, Wallace Leslie/Scruggs, Jean DeLaughter/1 Feb 1937/10/473/Madison, FL 
Clark, William Brian, Jr./Miller, Judith Wenoka Blair/12 Aug 1982/21/5/Madison, FL 
Clark, William Broward/Morgan, Marilyn Ruth/25 Feb 1961/16/105/Madison, FL 
Clark, William Dale/Cox, Linda Elaine/13 Aug 1966/16/451/Madison, FL 
Clark, William Evans/Wood, Faye Edith/4 Dec 1965/16/404/Madison, FL 
Clark, William Robert/Sunday, Wilma Irene/4 Apr 1966/16/420/Madison, FL 
Clark, Willie/Johnson, Mattie Lee/7 Oct 1933/9/63/Madison, FL 
Clark, Winfred Ormwell/Blair, Jennifer Annette Jones/11 Sep 1998/27/313/Madison, FL 
Clark, Zelia/Newsome, J. A./14 Jan 1906/2/511/Madison, FL 
Clarke, Roosevelt/Ishman, Essie Mae/15 Dec 1956/15/412/Madison, FL 
Clarkson, Cora F./Oliver, William E./4 Apr 1911/3/313/Madison, FL 
Clary, Isaac/Sumpkin, Clara/????/A/251/Madison, FL 
Clary, Samuel/Rimes, Margaret/6 Jun 1840/A-/50/Madison, FL 
Clary, Shelton/Boatwright, Gertrude/9 May 1925/4/595/Madison, FL 
Claton, Frazier/Winfield, Lula/6 Apr 1887/B/808/Madison, FL 
Clawson, Brian David/Jacobs, Jeanne Kathleen Fitzgerald/28 Jul 2002/29/269/Madison, FL 
Clay, John/Williams, Gertrude/3 Oct 1925/5/40/Madison, FL 
Clay, Reginald Monroe/Plummer Juanita Nischele/12 May 1989/23/97/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Aaron/Woods, Ada Carrie Belle Hodges/29 Aug 1925/5/31/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Alexander/Roberson, Emma/16 May 1922/4/419/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Cora Ellen Hurley/Touchton, Marion Eugene/24 May 1976/19/63/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Dixie/English, C. J./26 Jan 1935/9/424/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Donald G./Hughey, Josephine/23 Apr 1944/14/548/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Edward/Lewis, Hazel/7 May 1933/8/465/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Evelyn/Sessions, Robert/3 Aug 1929/5/405/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Evelyn/Sessions, Robert/3 Aug 1929/7/35/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Fair/Driggers, E. W./15 Nov 1925/5/50/Madison, FL 
Clayton, James Dock/Taylor, Carrie/19 Oct 1935/10/91/Madison, FL 
Clayton, James Edward/Martin, Minnie/28 Jun 1936/10/291/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Josephine/Cherry, Simpie/1 Dec 1928/5/337/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Lottie/Wilson, Lewis/25 Dec 1890/1/180/Madison, FL 
Clayton, M. Alvin/Warner, Mary/29 Nov 1896/1/472/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Maggie C./Winn, J. B./02 Nov 1898/1/585/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Orlando J./Andrews, Virginia/14 Apr 1907/3/6/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Steve/Gipson, Anna/25 Dec 1888/1/76/Madison, FL 
Clayton, Thomas/Radford, Mavis/22 Jul 1945/14/755/Madison, FL 
Clayton, W. H./Burnes, Hattie/24 Jan 1880/B/312/Madison, FL 
Clayton, William J./Flinn, Sarah A./23 Dec 1851/A/88/Madison, FL 
Cleaveland, Douglas/Straughter, Fronia/16 Jan 1897/1/490/Madison, FL 
Cleaveland, Soney/Lipscomb, Harriet/16 Oct 1900/2/131/Madison, FL 
Clegg, M. L./Hawkins, Bessie/11 Jun 1899/2/53/Madison, FL 
Clemans, Susan/Ware, Robert/8 Jan 1909/3/137/Madison, FL 
Clemens, Eddy/Pearl, Easter/30 Sep 1898/1/582/Madison, FL 
Clemens, Stepney/Shacklefoot, Julia/25 Nov 1871/A2/213/Madison, FL 
Clemens, T. W./Elmore, Missourie/24 Dec 1900/2/152/Madison, FL 
Clemens, Tony/Howard, Cornelia/22 Dec 1904/2/430/Madison, FL 
Clemens, Walter/Moore, Julia/21 Sep 1902/2/268/Madison, FL 
Clements, Agnes/McCall, Charlie C./24 Jan 1904/2/376/Madison, FL 
Clements, Arthur/Davis, Mattie/24 Dec 1907/3/58/Madison, FL 
Clements, Burton/Smith, Mary L./25 Dec 1929/5/444/Madison, FL 
Clements, Burton/Smith, Mary L./25 Dec 1929/7/153/Madison, FL 
Clements, Delia/White, J. B./23 Sep 1933/9/49/Madison, FL 
Clements, E. R./Eldridge, Jacy Lou/7 Apr 1929/5/376/Madison, FL 
Clements, H. G./Wright, Ila/22 Sep 1925/5/37/Madison, FL 
Clements, J. B./Paulk, Maggie/28 Dec 1929/7/162/Madison, FL 
Clements, J.B./Paulk, Maggie/28 Dec 1929/5/447/Madison, FL 
Clements, James H./Swindell, Sarah E./3 Feb 1929/5/360/Madison, FL 
Clements, Lavertis Lavon/Cole, Dathonya Evonne McClain/16 Mar 2008/31/304/Madison, FL 
Clements, Lenah/Glover, Henry/27 Apr 1878/B/162/Madison, FL 
Clements, Lenil/McCray, Willie Mae/3 Mar 1935/9/472/Madison, FL 
Clements, Mary/Russell, George/19 Oct 1900/2/147/Madison, FL 
Clements, Simp/Greenwood, Ruby/25 Dec 1926/5/166/Madison, FL 
Clements, Stephen/Thompson, Louisa/8 Aug 1872/A2/254/Madison, FL 
Clements, William Grover/Sirmons, Lola Elaine/30 Dec 1920/4/339/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Alexander Herschel/Browning, Mary Helen/26 Jul 1951/15/75/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Annie/Bridges, Claude/28 Feb 1915/3/582/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Annie/Delaney, Edgar/30 Oct 1910/3/256/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Annie Sue/Hampton, Robert/3 Jul 1927/5/212/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Augusta/Moore, Willie/26 Nov 1903/2/352/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Cresa/Jackson, Thomas/1 Jan 1880/B/287/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Ed/Demps, Sallie/5 Mar 1930/5/465/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Ed/Demps, Sallie/5 Mar 1930/7/220/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Hosie/Garret, Mary Alice/6 Apr 1936/10/217/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Lillie/Pool, Gabe/24 Feb 1901/2/169/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Millie/Miller, Eddie/25 Dec 1905/2/499/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Minie/Pool, Bird/24 Dec 1896/1/482/Madison, FL 
Clemmons, Walter/Laverne, Sharon Norris/22 Jun 2002/29/253/Madison, FL 
Clemon, Kirty/Choice, Lille Mae/23 Dec 1926/5/160/Madison, FL 
Clemons, Chiquita Petite/Blackshear, Billie James/17 Dec 1977/19/208/Madison, FL 
Clemons, James Thomas/Ford, Essie Mae/5 Aug 1944/14/597/Madison, FL 
Clemons, John/Friar, Lilla/4 Feb 1886/B/738/Madison, FL 
Clemons, John W./Roberts, Director/3 Apr 1834/A-/14/Madison, FL 
Clemons, Rosa Lee/DeLaney, J. D./3 Jan 1912/3/357/Madison, FL 
Clemons, Stella/Bishop, John M./12 Aug 1916/4/78/Madison, FL 
Clemons, Walter/Baldree, Mary/22 Nov 1910/3/263/Madison, FL 
Clemons,William/Brooks, Charity/9 Apr 1909/3/160/Madison, FL 
Clendenen, Jason Aaron/Bennett, Selena Kaye/11 Mar 1991/24/52/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Addie/Smith, Frank/20 May 1922/4/420/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Annie Mae/Thomas, Joseph/1 Sep 1929/5/412/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Annie Mae/Thomas, Joseph/1 Sep 1929/7/55/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Arranna/Warmock, Earnest/2 Jan 1907/2/566/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Beulah/Tomkins, Moses/22 Jan 1911/3/287/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Cyrus/Prince, Hester Ann/31 Dec 1870/A2/156/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Daisy/Witherspoon, Moody/23 Sep 1917/4/192/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Douglas/Straughter, Viola/16 Oct 1902/2/271/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Earle/Tompkins, Eliza/23 Dec 1899/2/79/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Eula/Griffin, Jimmie/10 Apr 1911/3/302/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Henry/Edward, Martha/14 Jul 1912/3/435/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Junius/Hill, Lula/15 Apr 1922/4/415/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Lonnie/Jones, Ruby Mae/16 Mar 1918/4/171/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Mary Catherine/Holmes, Isaac/4 Apr 1927/5/188/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Rosa/Warmack, Robert/10 Jul 1910/3/238/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Silla/Lipscomb, Fisher/2 Feb 1918/4/137/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Viola/Hardy, Robt. Allen/14 May 1910/3/241/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Williford/Lewis, Neta/27 Dec 1914/3/569/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Zeak/Witherspoon, Frances/15 Mar 1917/4/127/Madison, FL 
Cleveland, Zeek/Warnock, Charlotte/2 Jan 1907/2/565/Madison, FL 
Cleven, Lila/Grimage, Will/14 Jul 1908/3/96/Madison, FL 
Clewis, Blanche/Speer, W. O./17 Jul 1926/5/121/Madison, FL 
Clifton, Irene/Hayes, Will/19 Aug 1927/5/222/Madison, FL 
Clifton, Jincy/Goff, Jehu/ 20 Jun 1844/A-/116/Madison, FL 
Clifton, Marie/Maine, Henry/16 May 1936/10/252/Madison, FL 
Clifton, Richard Leon/Paiano, Misty Michelle Johnson/3 Jul 1991/24/126/Madison, FL 
Clifton, Richard Leon/Parham, Debra Lynn Barwick/8 Jan 1998/27/180/Madison, FL 
Clime, Rufus/Franklin, Kathleen/1 Aug 1927/5/219/Madison, FL 
Cline, A. P. (Dr.)/Smith, Virginia/25 Dec 1925/5/62/Madison, FL 
Cline, Timothy Wayne/Phillipas Emily Mae/26 Feb 1993/25/55/Madison, FL 
Clinkscalas, W. N./Robitzch, Olithia/5 Oct 1926/5/140/Madison, FL 
Clinkscales, Maylon Baxter/Brinson, Vans Randell/5 Oct 1949/14/901/Madison, FL 
Clinkscales, Milton Brinson/Price, Andrea Louise/7 Oct 2006/31/96/Madison, FL 
Clinton, Steven Lee/Chastain, Jennifer Dianne Elmore/10 Jun 2006/31/62/Madison, FL 
Clock, Pearlie Mae/Prescott, J. G./3 Jun 1927/5/204/Madison, FL 
Cloud, Henry Mance/Brooks, Eleanor Anne/17 Jun 1978/19/259/Madison, FL 
Cloyd, E. A./Heminger, Josie/26 Dec 1929/7/155/Madison, FL 
Cloyd, E. A./Heninger, Josie/26 Dec 1929/5/445/Madison, FL 
Cluxton, C. F./Bodiford, Estelle/26 Dec 1928/5/348/Madison, FL 
Clyatt, D. F./Gornto, Kate/6 Aug 1903/2/329/Madison, FL 
Clyatt, David Twiggs/Lastinger, Louise Augusta/28 Dec 1926/5/164/Madison, FL 
Clyatt, Theresa/Harrell, James C./11 Sep 1895/1/399/Madison, FL 
Clyatt, Theresa J./Ford, Edward P./16 Jan 1898/1/553/Madison, FL 
Clyatt, Thomas J./Townsend, Sarah E./15 Feb 1877/ B/74/Madison, FL
Coach, Needham/Brown, Josephine/27 Jan 1897/1/493/Madison, FL
Coach, Needom/Davis, Lizzie/16 Jan 1889/1/84/Madison, FL
Coaker, Alen/Catlett, Mary/13 Nov 1834/A-/20/Madison, FL
Coaker, Martha/Patterson, Jacob/9 Jan 1834/ A-/16/Madison, FL
Coalston, Gefs/Nilstot, Francis/????/A/217/Madison, FL
Coatis, Lewis/Coatis, Amy/16 Sep 1866/A1/67/Madison, FL
Coats, Lumis/Pierce, Helen/18 Jun 1928/5/303/Madison, FL
Coats, Robert Dean/Adams, Grace Elaine/16 Mar 1968/16/576/Madison, FL
Cobb, Amanda/Jenkins, Alphred/04 Oct 1888/1/61/Madison, FL
Cobb, Carl Robert, IV/Fletcher, Stephanie Ann/23 Jun 2001/29/70/Madison, FL
Cobb, Carrie/Thompson, Pasco/22 Dec 1928/5/343/Madison, FL
Cobb, Carry/Kelley, Thomas/4 Sep 1920/4/321/Madison, FL
Cobb, Charlotte/Parker, Edward/1 Feb 1877/B/64/Madison, FL
Cobb, David/Green, Willie Mae/25 Dec 1928/5/348/Madison, FL
Cobb, David Anthony/Maurer, Erica Kay/25 Feb 2006/31/15/Madison, FL
Cobb, Dorier/Hughs, Richard/4 Jan 1906/2/508/Madison, FL
Cobb, Emma/Thompson, Shellie/2 Apr 1927/5/187/Madison, FL
Cobb, Epsey/Williams, H. W./28 Dec 1905/2/504/Madison, FL
Cobb, Ernestine/Snipes, Wm A./9 Jul 1931/8/80/Madison, FL
Cobb, Eugene/Fennoy, Jr., Vershion Evette/7 Mar 1988/22/314/Madison, FL
Cobb, General/Roberson, Virginia/29 Dec 1923/4/513/Madison, FL
Cobb, George/Grant, Cellestine/17 Mar 1926/5/87/Madison, FL
Cobb, Hagah Beatrice/Campbell, Jesse/13 Dec 1976/19/117/Madison, FL
Cobb, Isom/Hollaway, Nora/12 Feb 1903/2/307/Madison, FL
Cobb, J. G./Dyches, Elizabeth/22 Oct 1929/7/92/Madison, FL
Cobb, J. G./Dyches, Elizabeth/22 Oct 1929/5/424/Madison, FL
Cobb, James W./ Hadden, Alice A./22 Dec 1880/B/345/Madison, FL
Cobb, Jane/McCray, Johnnie/28 Sep 1935/10/82/Madison, FL
Cobb, Joseph/Chestnut, Carrie/14 Jul 1928/5/308/Madison, FL
Cobb, Katie/Brown, Isaac/25 Jun 1932/8/302/Madison, FL
Cobb, Lee/Martin, Rosa/10 Nov 1918/4/210/Madison, FL
Cobb, Lewis E./Morris, Alma/18 Sep 1910/3/253/Madison, FL
Cobb, Lou/Williams, J. W./4 Jan 1902/2/228/Madison, FL
Cobb, Maggie/Fielding, J. T./28 Dec 1887/1/27/Madison, FL
Cobb, Major/Bellamy, Susan/17 Nov 1919/4/281/Madison, FL
Cobb, Marcus Lavell/Johnson, Nicole Franklin/11 Oct 2003/30/88/Madison, FL
Cobb, Margaret/Young, David/28 Nov 1884/B/627/Madison, FL
Cobb, Mary F./Warren, Craft/13 Nov 1898/1/585/Madison, FL
Cobb, Ramon Lamar/Hampton, Mijanvo, Monese/14 Apr 2002/29/208/Madison, FL
Cobb, Rebitha/Grimm, J. D./28 Jul 1934/9/302/Madison, FL
Cobb, Richard/Evans, Cora/12 May 1934/9/249/Madison, FL
Cobb, Rochelle/Davis, Geo. O./7 Jan 1904/2/371/Madison, FL
Cobb, Ruth/Milton, Thomas/20 Feb 1932/8/245/Madison, FL
Cobb, S. A./Stone, Georgiana/14 Jul 1870/A2/122/Madison, FL
Cobb, Samuel E./Fraleigh, Alline/18 Nov 1896/1/469/Madison, FL
Cobb, Stacy Shane/Praytor, Sandra Dee/1 Mar 1993/25/62/Madison, FL
Cobb, Stella N. Read/McLeod, Warren/24 Dec 1924/4/572/Madison, FL
Cobb, Thos. J., Jr./Wright, L. D./17 Feb 1887/B/798/Madison, FL
Cobb, Timon/Paige, Regina/4 Sep 1992/24/356/Madison, FL
Cobb, Viola/Butler, Frank, Jr./12 Sep 1915/4/13/Madison, FL
Cobb, Willie/Simmons, Janie/20 Jun 1925/5/12/Madison, FL
Cober, Minnie/Jones, Charlie/8 Feb 1909/3/148/Madison, FL
Cobian, Frank S./Moore, Martha Ida/30 May 1929/5/388/Madison, FL
Cocheron, C.C./Rodgers, Mary E./12 Sep 1860/A/266/Madison, FL
Cochiarm, Jefferson B./McCall, E. J./26 Oct 1853/A/167/Madison, FL
Cochran, Arthur/Carter, Georgia/30 Jan 1921/4/349/Madison, FL
Cochran, Dorothy Ann Rogers/Keeling, Robert Charles/8 Jul 1976/19/79/Madison, FL
Cochran, Dozier/Thomas, Bessie/13 Nov 1911/3/335/Madison, FL
Cochran, Herman/Hatcher, Alleen/14 Sep 1926/5/135/Madison, FL
Cochran, Izetta/Griffin, Clarence/15 Feb 1936/10/179/Madison, FL
Cochran, J. A./Rykard, Elizabeth/15 Jun 1866/A1/138/Madison, FL
Cochran, James/Cave, Susan/23 Jul 1878/B/178/Madison, FL
Cochran, James Ronald/Peters, Martha Susan/20 Dec 1967/16/556/Madison, FL
Cochran, Jennie F./Jones, J. Hampton/25 Apr 1893/1/285/Madison, FL
Cochran, John E./Horne, M. E./23 Jul 1896/1/451/Madison, FL
Cochran, Louise/Alexander, Alfonso/23 Dec 1922/4/448/Madison, FL
Cochran, Norman Allen, Jr./Yensan, Julia Danielle/29 Apr 1995/26/104/Madison, FL
Cochran, O. W./Bass, Ella Mae/8 Feb 1927/5/176/Madison, FL
Cochran, O. W./Stokely, Polly/19 Mar 1936/10/206/Madison, FL
Cochran, Ralph/Jordan, Nettie/7 Jan 1929/5/352/Madison, FL
Cochran, Rosa Lee/Chesnut, Louis/15 Mar 1923/4/467/Madison, FL
Cochron, Perry Monroe/Clark, Dorothy Mae/12 Jun 1954/15/244/Madison, FL
Cockran, Willie/Bently, B./21 Nov 1888/1/70/Madison, FL
Codett, B. A./Bird, Maggie (Mrs)/27 Oct 1912/3/408/Madison, FL
Codie, Samuel/Lee, Shady/15 Feb 1890/1/150/Madison, FL
Cody M. C./Davis, Mattie/11 Sep 1927/5/228/Madison, FL
Cody, A. C./Hall, Frances/27 Dec 1916/4/110/Madison, FL
Cody, Abram C./Epkins, Bertha/12 Feb 1916/4/48/Madison, FL
Cody, Annie B./Epkins, J. M./22 Feb 1912/3/371/Madison, FL
Cody, Cora Lee Savage/Jordan, Rich/7 Jul 1923/4/484/Madison, FL
Cody, Leola/Robinson, Levi/1 Apr 1930/7/237/Madison, FL
Cody, Leola/Robinson, Levi/1 Apr 1930/5/471/Madison, FL
Cody, Leroy/Dukes, Mamie Lou/8 Sep 1952/15/148/Madison, FL
Cody, Mamie/Epkins, Hilliard/22 Apr 1915/3/587/Madison, FL
Cody, Mary Alice/Edwards, Robert/8 Mar 1906/2/523/Madison, FL
Cody, Odis/Russell, Crecia/16 Dec 1931/8/187/Madison, FL
Cody, Willie/Tice, Willie Mae/21 May 1933/8/471/Madison, FL
Cody, Willie D/Hudson, Doris/5 Jan 1963/16/224/Madison, FL
Cody, Willie Dozier/Thomas, Melanie/23 Dec 1964/16/339/Madison, FL
Coffee, A. R./Whitlock, Sallie/29 Apr 1897/1/502/Madison, FL
Coffee, Abner/Washington, Gracy/12 Dec 1869/A2/76/Madison, FL
Coffee, Ada/Baker,John/4 Mar 1899/2/28/Madison, FL
Coffee, Alfred/Dobson, Eliza/30 Jan 1874/A2/360/Madison, FL
Coffee, Alice/Murphey, Douglas/30 Mar 1886/B/712/Madison, FL
Coffee, Amos/Coffee, Fanny/30 Sep 1866/A1/29/Madison, FL
Coffee, Andrew/Brinson, Kitty/20 Jul 1878/B/177/Madison, FL
Coffee, Andrew J./Church, Susan R./22 Apr 1852/A/100/Madison, FL
Coffee, Anna Williams/Chatfield, John/18 Aug 1923/4/490/Madison, FL
Coffee, Annie/Twiggs, Stephen/8 Jun 1878/B/172/Madison, FL
Coffee, Annie/Waller, Hamp/6 Jan 1901/2/158/Madison, FL
Coffee, Blanche/Pearce, Basil L./18 May 1910/3/233/Madison, FL
Coffee, Bryan H./Church, Mary E. S./9 Apr 1846/A/8/Madison, FL
Coffee, Charity/Bass, Bennie/29 Jan 1903/2/302/Madison, FL
Coffee, Christopher C./Davis, Manzanita/20 Jun 1920/4/312/Madison, FL
Coffee, Clare/Bookey, Thomas/8 Feb 1902/2/236/Madison, FL
Coffee, Clarissa/Howell, Doctor/10 Dec 1881/B/419/Madison, FL
Coffee, Cora/Singelton, Wesley/12 Oct 1908/3/109/Madison, FL
Coffee, Eliga/Johnson, Ella/18 Feb 1900/2/98/Madison, FL
Coffee, Eliza/Berry, Alex/15 Dec 1904/2/424/Madison, FL
Coffee, Eliza/Thomas, Dan/28 Oct 1887/1/13/Madison, FL
Coffee, Elizabeth/Miller, Albert/10 Jan 1880/B/311/Madison, FL 
Coffee, Elizabeth D./Stroup, Grant/26 Dec 1912/3/426/Madison, FL
Coffee, Ella/Williams, Aleick/22 Apr 1933/8/461/Madison, FL
Coffee, Ethel/Cross, Dantry/31 Mar 1907/3/4/Madison, FL
Coffee, Eulalia/Ley, Edward F./24 Feb 1885/B/653/Madison, FL 
Coffee, Fannie Lee/Watts, Fred A./14 Apr 1925/4/593/Madison, FL
Coffee, Gertrude/Wright, John/10 Feb 1923/4/462/Madison, FL
Coffee, Gwendolyn/Lanier, P. K. Jr./30 Aug 1930/7/362/Madison, FL
Coffee, Hattie/Moore, Richard/4 Dec 1886/B/765/Madison, FL 
Coffee, Henry/Coley, Dolly Ann/16 Dec 1869/A2/78/Madison, FL
Coffee, Henry A./Cason, Mary/5 Oct 1909/3/182/Madison, FL
Coffee, Henry Amos/Thomas, Sallie/8 Jan 1916/4/44/Madison, FL
Coffee, Ida/Jones, William Hunter/4 Feb 1922/4/406/Madison, FL
Coffee, Ida/Lynch, Richard/26 Nov 1910/3/265/Madison, FL
Coffee, Imogene/Hawkins, Carl T./16 Jun 1918/4/196/Madison, FL
Coffee, Isaac/Johnson, Adeline/23 Sep 1903/2/338/Madison, FL
Coffee, J. C./Brinson, Lizzie/3 Nov 1873/A2/337/Madison, FL
Coffee, James/Moray, Fanny/29 Mar 1881/B/381/Madison, FL
Coffee, James L./Mickel, Maud/18 Dec 1901/2/216/Madison, FL
Coffee, Jane/Cameron, E. D./31 Mar 1907/3/3/Madison, FL
Coffee, Jerry/Matthews, Florida/4 Jan 1872/A2/223/Madison, FL
Coffee, Jerry/Robinson, Hannah/8 Sep 1874/A2/397/Madison, FL

     --(Believe they might have been divorced on 9 Apr 1886/C-74)
Coffee, Jerry/Thomas, Flora/15 Apr 1887/B/817/Madison, FL 
Coffee, John/Stephens, Emma/19 Dec 1877/B/131/Madison, FL 
Coffee, John/Wade, Easter/25 Nov 1875/A2/478/Madison, FL
Coffee, John L./Mathis, Mrs. A./????/A/199/Madison, FL
Coffee, John P./West, O. J./23 Nov 1881/B/412/Madison, FL
Coffee, Jordan/Coffee, Edy/30 Sep 1866/A1/38/Madison, FL
Coffee, Joshua B./Church, Emily Elenor/2 Jul 1837/ A-/ 30/Madison, FL
Coffee, Julia/Green, Westley/23 Dec 1911/3/351/Madison, FL
Coffee, Kathaline/Davis, John/4 Jan 1901/2/156/Madison, FL
Coffee, Lancaster/Abram, Eliza/1 Nov 1873/A2/333/Madison, FL
Coffee, Lancaster/Ghent, Louisa/12 Feb 1876/B/14/Madison, FL
Coffee, Leola/Mitchell, B. J./28 Dec 1911/3/349/Madison, FL
Coffee, Lettie/Townsend, Gabriel/26 Dec 1895/1/417/Madison, FL
Coffee, Lillian/Hall, M. M./15 Jan 1913/3/430/Madison, FL
Coffee, Lillie Belle/Butler, Abraham/20 Aug 1908/3/102/Madison, FL
Coffee, Lizzie R./Dickinson, Elijah G./31 Mar 1887/B/807/Madison, FL
Coffee, Louisa/Hamilton, James/16 Apr 1887/B/810/Madison, FL
Coffee, Louisa/Sampson, Thomas/23 Dec 1897/1/544/Madison, FL
Coffee, Lucius G./Rowe, Estelle/1 Oct 1921/4/378/Madison, FL
Coffee, Lucy/Morgan, Peter/4 Dec 1879/B/274/Madison, FL
Coffee, Lucy B./Torrant, D. S./28 Oct 1888/1/67/Madison, FL
Coffee, M. B./Pollard, B. C./20 Dec 1877/B/123/Madison, FL 
Coffee, M. C./Harrell, Marcus A./22 Dec 1880/B/345/Madison, FL 
Coffee, Malvenia/Conoly, A. J./16 Sep 1909/3/178/Madison, FL
Coffee, Maria/Allen, Ambrose/ 4 Aug 1877/B/99/Madison, FL 
Coffee, Mary/Sanders, Theo/22 Feb 1894/1/328/Madison, FL
Coffee, Mary Anna/Balding, Wesley/16 Oct 1896/1/462/Madison, FL
Coffee, Mary Lois/Williams, Peter G./9 Nov 1913/3/481/Madison, FL
Coffee, Mary O./Mickle, Harris H./1 Jun 1908/3/91/Madison, FL
Coffee, Maurice B./Willis, Edith/29 Nov 1931/8/170/Madison, FL
Coffee, Miles/Treadwell, Mary/25 Sep 1866/A1/14/Madison, FL
Coffee, Ned/Coffee, Eliza/28 Sep 1866/A1/55/Madison, FL
Coffee, Patsey/Lumpkin, Green/30 Apr 1881/B/384/Madison, FL
Coffee, Pauline W./Mann, A. T./18 Nov 1901/2/211/Madison, FL
Coffee, Penolope A./Kirkpatrick, James L./ 20 Dec 1882/B/492/Madison, FL
Coffee, Reid/Young, Sallie/8 Apr 1882/B/454/Madison, FL
Coffee, Robert/Coffee, Mary/10 Oct 1866/A1/7/Madison, FL
Coffee, Ruben/Watson, Annie/09 Feb 1889/1/88/Madison, FL
Coffee, Ruby Cathrine/Williams, John Henry/29 Jun 1918/4/209/Madison, FL
Coffee, Sallie/Cummings, Charlie/27 Dec 1886/B/780/Madison, FL
Coffee, Silas/Morrison, Sarah/02 May 1892/1/242/Madison, FL
Coffee, Thadius/Manning, Carrie/25 Aug 1907/3/25/Madison, FL
Coffee, Wiley/Coffee, Isabella/23 Sep 1866/A1/55/Madison, FL
Coffee, Will/McCall, Lillie/23 Jul 1906/3/1/Madison, FL
Coffee, William/Brown, Rebecca M./21 Jan 1883/B/501/Madison, FL
Coffee, William S./Lanair, Fanie A./09 Feb 1888/1/38/Madison, FL
Coffee, Willie/Williams, Anna/18 Aug 1919/4/274/Madison, FL
Coffee, Willie Eugene/Darling, Gwendolyn Denise Davis/6 Jul 1998/27/280/Madison, FL
Coffee, Winnifred C./Leslie, L. M./24 Aug 1910/3/249/Madison, FL
Cogdill, Orville Glen, Jr./Jenkins, Alice Marie/1 Jul 1967/16/513/Madison, FL
Cogen, Ellis/Wigins, Emmie/4 May 1881/B/385/Madison, FL
Coggins, Bernice/High, R. H./26 Dec 1936/10/436/Madison, FL
Coggins, Elizabeth/Godwin, Carl/10 Jun 1933/8/486/Madison, FL
Coggins, Mary Love/Walker, John Randall/24 Apr 1907/3/8/Madison, FL
Coggins, P. S./Fraleigh, Lilla/8 Jun 1881/B/391/Madison, FL
Coggins, Stacy Norman/Latham, Virginia Guion/10 Feb 1951/15/41/Madison, FL
Cogins, Clara J./Paramore, Philip Jones/29 Apr 1914/3/522/Madison, FL
Cogswell, Dwayne Clair/Simpson, Betty Jean Lehman/7 Oct 1989/23/177/Madison, FL
Cohen, Buster/Hampton, Bessie Lee/19 Dec 1936/10/413/Madison, FL
Cohen, Keith Eliot/Priche, Kery Michelle/14 Feb 1998/27/186/Madison, FL
Cohen, Louious/Renfro, Marvin/08 Nov 1889/1/115/Madison, FL
Coker, Allie/Lightsey, William Willis/3 Sep 1932/8/328/Madison, FL
Coker, Arthur/Pridgeon, Patience/9 Mar 1850/A/62/Madison, FL
Coker, Charity (Mrs)/Morris, Asa J./13 Apr 1912/3/381/Madison, FL
Coker, Daniel/Dykes, Nice/3 Feb 1853/A/114/Madison, FL
Coker, Daniel/Taylor, Nicy/ 22 May 1833/ A-/ 11/Madison, FL
Coker, Daniel J./Hampton, Martha L./13 Apr 1862/A/312/Madison, FL
Coker, Gerald Clifford/Worley, Lilly Mae/6 Nov 1965/16/399/Madison, FL
Coker, Hector/Livingston, Ollie/30 Dec 1915/4/38/Madison, FL
Coker, I. T./Allen, Sarah E./25 Feb 1869/A2/20/Madison, FL
Coker, J. D./King, Rebecca/24 Dec 1908/3/126/Madison, FL
Coker, Jackson/Strickland, Lilla/08 Jan 1888/1/32/Madison, FL
Coker, Jeff/Johns, Eugenia/20 May 1885/B/668/Madison, FL
Coker, John/Hankins, Elvia Elizabeth Betsy Ann/License 9 Feb 1836/A-/24/Madison, FL
Coker, Jonathan/Hicks, Mary Sirina/13 Sep 1847/A/23/Madison, FL
Coker, Lonnie/Hill, Mary/17 Jan 1938/11/195/Madison, FL
Coker, Lonnie/Smith, Shellie/2 Mar 1933/8/427/Madison, FL
Coker, Loyd/Barclay, Annie Mae/17 Feb 1934/9/174/Madison, FL
Coker, Maggie/Albritton, J. B./15 Jan 1899/2/17/Madison, FL
Coker, Maggie/Knowbles, Lucius/10 Jan 1904/2/372/Madison, FL
Coker, Maggie/McCoye, Simcon/6 Mar 1885/B/655/Madison, FL
Coker, Matthew C./Kirkland, Winnie/26 Aug 1875/A2/467/Madison, FL
Coker, Nathaniel/Easters, Margaret/15 Mar 1847/A/16/Madison, FL
Coker, Rebecca/Everett, Morris R./23 Sep 1842/A-/ 76/Madison, FL
Coker, Rufus Washington/Jones, Pearl/11 Oct 1959/15/584/Madison, FL
Coker, Susan/McGill, A./28 Jun 1896/1/449/Madison, FL
Coker, Thedo/Bass, Susie/9 Aug 1912/3/396/Madison, FL
Coker, Thomas/Triplet, Susan A./30 Sep 1883/B/533/Madison, FL
Coker, W. J./Andrews, Mary N. A. E./24 Apr 1892/1/240/Madison, FL
Coker, William T./Lee, Martha/26 Jan 1920/4/294/Madison, FL
Colbert, Earnest Jackson/Baker, Mary Ida/14 Feb 1944/14/502/Madison, FL
Colburn, Lawrence/Pinson, Ranna Mae/2 Jun 1927/5/203/Madison, FL
Colcroft, C. C./Crosby, Kate/12 Jan 1936/10/203/Madison, FL
Coldman, Samuel/Coldman, Lucy/17 Sep 1866/A1/5/Madison, FL
Coldwell, Thomas M./Wadkins, Missourie/26 Dec 1909/3/199/Madison, FL
Cole, Anna/Neal, Ed/4 Nov 1931/8/160/Madison, FL
Cole, Archibald H./Mays, Annie L./15 May 1848/A/33/Madison, FL
Cole, Brian Lyle/Pineda, Ana Maria De Santos/12 Oct 1996/26/369/Madison, FL
Cole, Caroline/Bird, Soloman/2 Feb 1881/B/372/Madison, FL
Cole, Eli Matthew/Lewis, Deborah Jean/23 Oct 1981/20/284/Madison, FL
Cole, Mary/Williams, Archie/2 Mar 1886/B/709/Madison, FL
Cole, Pinkney B./Tillman, Sarah Ann/1 Jun 1852/A/103/Madison, FL
Cole, Susie/Carter, Willie/18 Mar 1918/4/220/Madison, FL
Cole, Willie Cathario, Jr./Yulee, Regina Unice/6 Aug 2005/30/344/Madison, FL
Coleman, Adam/Williams, Henrietta/15 Nov 1894/1/356/Madison, FL
Coleman, Allis/Mitchell, Lewis/6 Dec 1900/2/143/Madison, FL
Coleman, Alma/Kent, W. A./7 Jul 1934/9/293/Madison, FL
Coleman, C. J./Jenkins, Gussie/22 Jan 1900/2/88/Madison, FL
Coleman, Catherine/Smith, Henry/20 Feb 1876/B/15/Madison, FL
Coleman, Charles/McCray, Maggie/4 Oct 1942/13/220/Madison, FL
Coleman, Clarence/Bellamy, Agnes/23 Dec 1939/12/156/Madison, FL
Coleman, Clifford/Brazzle, James/11 Apr 1921/4/359/Madison, FL
Coleman, Connel B./Wilson, Virginia/16 Nov 1898/1/587/Madison, FL
Coleman, D. C./Anderson, Tennie/24 May 1926/5/105/Madison, FL
Coleman, Dennis/Twiggs, Ethel/23 Dec 1933/9/119/Madison, FL
Coleman, E. C./Fugerson, Lula/15 Sep 1905/2/471/Madison, FL
Coleman, Eagan/Braggs, Lillie/9 Jul 1938/11/308/Madison, FL
Coleman, Egan/Dukes, Minnie/13 Apr 1898/1/564/Madison, FL

     (Believe they might have been divorced on 28 Mar 1902/C-457)
Coleman, Eliza/Davis, Ed./25 Oct 1899/2/56/Madison, FL
Coleman, Elizabeth/Johnson, Frank/4 May 1929/5/382/Madison, FL
Coleman, Emma/Robertson, Andrew/07 Jan 1897/1/486/Madison, FL
Coleman, Esther Belle/Fudge, Isaac/12 Apr 1936/10/224/Madison, FL
Coleman, Frank Charles, Jr./Haynes, Patricia Elaine/10 Mar 1979/19/339/Madison, FL
Coleman, G. M./Reid, Rosa/17 Apr 1937/11/16/Madison, FL
Coleman, Hattie/Bailey, C. M./3 Apr 1933/8/448/Madison, FL
Coleman, Helen/Dasher, Charles R./12 Jul 1936/10/296/Madison, FL
Coleman, J. M./Griffon, Flora M./13 Apr 1928/5/289/Madison, FL
Coleman, James/Hammond, Charlsey/23 Dec 1876/B/52/Madison, FL
Coleman, James Alex/Seago, Mary Myrtice/18 Jun 1960/16/32/Madison, FL
Coleman, Jane/Williams, John/07 Mar 1892/1/232/Madison, FL
Coleman, John/Bacon, Caroline/13 Dec 1841/ A-/ 68/Madison, FL
Coleman, John/McKinnan, Elma/17 Mar 1883/B/595/Madison, FL 
Coleman, Johnnie/Ashley, Mary/21 Dec 1901/2/221/Madison, FL
Coleman, Josephine/Luckey,John/30 Nov 1905/2/489/Madison, FL
Coleman, Laura/ Rainey, Henry/16 Dec 1877/B/128/Madison, FL
Coleman, Leona Blair/Gay, A. J./23 Jul 1977/19/171/Madison, FL
Coleman, Lizzie/Edwards, Thomas/19 Dec 1903/2/360/Madison, FL
Coleman, Mac/Jones, Carrie/13 Apr 1902/2/248/Madison, FL
Coleman, Maggie/Fuqerson.Richord/21 Jul1899/2/44/Madison, FL
Coleman, Mamie/Jackson, Loney/01 Jan 1894/1/318/Madison, FL
Coleman, Moses/Brinson, Fannie/19 Jul 1878/B/178/Madison, FL
Coleman, N. Coe/Bullen, Linda Nell/9 Nov 1989/23/191/Madison, FL
Coleman, O. J./Deadwilder, Maria/21 Mar 1875/A2/435/Madison, FL
Coleman, O. J./Walker, Sallie/6 Feb 1913/3/435/Madison, FL
Coleman, Oliver/Chestnut, Susie Mae/3 Nov 1934/9/371/Madison, FL
Coleman, Oliver/Font, J./27 Dec 1866/A1/184/Madison, FL
Coleman, Osburn/Harris, Sophia/20 Oct 1908/3/112/Madison, FL
Coleman, Perman/Pittman, Sarah/28 Apr 1928/5/293/Madison, FL
Coleman, Pink/Sutton, Rosa/3 Apr 1901/2/173/Madison, FL
Coleman, Ranier/Savage, Esther Mae/14 Jun 1930/7/294/Madison, FL
Coleman, Ranier/Savage, Esther Mae/14 Jun 1930/5/490/Madison, FL
Coleman, Robert/Glover, Viola/27 Mar 1920/4/302/Madison, FL
Coleman, Sam/Brown, Alberta/9 Feb 1913/3/436/Madison, FL
Coleman, Sherman/Major, Alice/04 Nov 1889/1/114/Madison, FL
Coleman, T. C./Hill, Sarah/22 Feb 1930/7/205/Madison, FL
Coleman, T. C./Hill, Sarah/22 Feb 1930/5/460/Madison, FL
Coleman, W. L./Bright, Alice/24 Dec 1916/4/103/Madison, FL
Coleman, W. L./Parker, Ethel/20 Nov 1910/3/261/Madison, FL
Coleman, Walter/Braggs, Emma Joe/11 Feb 1935/9/432/Madison, FL
Coleman, William/Coleman, Charlotte/24 Sep 1866/A1/26/Madison, FL
Colery, William/Jackson, Mary M./02 Jan 1895/1/370/Madison, FL
Coles, Gallie/Wade, Sanders/17 Nov 1908/3/117/Madison, FL
Colesom, Griffin/Taylor, Rosa/30 Dec 1909/3/202/Madison, FL
Coley, Cilvia/Harris, Green/13 Sep 1902/2/267/Madison, FL
Coley, Mary/Taylor, Thad/9 Jul 1914/3/534/Madison, FL
Coley, William/Major, Fannie/9 Jan 1880/B/289/Madison, FL
Colie, Annie/Jackson, William/10 Nov 1910/3/259/Madison, FL
Colier, Charles/Weir, Anna/18 Apr 1890/1/157/Madison, FL
Colkmire, A. G./Wilder, Eunice/29 Apr 1923/4/472/Madison, FL
Collett, John F./Kinsey, Clyde/23 Dec 1928/5/345/Madison, FL
Collier, Allen Pierre/Evans Desiree Daniel Parker/15 Apr 2002/29/205/Madison, FL
Collier, Charlie/Smith, Minnie/22 Feb 1906/2/521/Madison, FL
Collier, Ella/Pinesett, Burten/25 Jul1901/2/190/Madison, FL
Collier, Evander/Miller, Rosetta/13 Dec 1917/4/162/Madison, FL
Collier, G. W./Dunlap, Ella/18 Aug 1881/1/8/Madison, FL
Collier, James/Night, Jane/28 Mar 1875/A2/437/Madison, FL
Collier, Jane/Harris, Samuel/11 Jan 1881/B/ 355/Madison, FL 
Collier, Jane/Humphrey, Moses H./2 Dec 1886/B/764/Madison, FL 
Collier, Janie/Mitchell, Arthur/12 Aug 1906/2/546/Madison, FL
Collier, Lewis/Hill, Julia/30 Sep 1866/A1/43/Madison, FL
Collier, Lucy/Thomas, John/12 Oct 1896/1/460/Madison, FL
Collier, Milley/Terry, Jessee/13 Dec 1879/B/276/Madison, FL
Collier, Millie/Thomas, Jacob/9 Jul1903/2/327/Madison, FL
Collier, Mingo/Maxter, Eddie/3 Dec 1882/B/481/Madison, FL 
Collier, Ruth/Howland, William Beverly/20 Sep 1924/4/545/Madison, FL
Collier, Sam/Sampson, Cora/17 Aug 1923/4/489/Madison, FL
Collier, Saphronia/Bevan, David/5 Jan 1886/B/721/Madison, FL 
Collier, Stella/Drayton, Manuel/14 Feb 1897/1/496/Madison, FL
Collier, Willie Mae/Williams, Willie/25 Sep 1919/4/276/Madison, FL
Collins, A. J./James, Viola/1 Dec 1910/3/266/Madison, FL
Collins, Alice/Dice, J. C./14 May 1899/2/38/Madison, FL
Collins, Amanda/Richard, Derry/02 Jan 1888/1/31/Madison, FL
Collins, Andre Demarrio/Burke, Amy Theresa/18 Jul 2009/32/25/Madison, FL
Collins, Andrew/Joseph, Eliza/20 Dec 1902/2/304/Madison, FL
Collins, Andrew/Reddick, Leola/16 Mar 1885/B/657/Madison, FL
Collins, Andrew/Williams, Leah/28 Feb 1880/B/291/Madison, FL
Collins, Andrew, Sr./Terry, Miller/11 Oct 1896/1/460/Madison, FL
Collins, Annie B./Barrs, Isaac/17 Dec 1893/1/311/Madison, FL
Collins, Benjamin/King, Clara/26 Mar 1871/A2/179/Madison, FL
Collins, C. C./Peacock, Martha/27 Oct 1870/A2/139/Madison, FL
Collins, Calvin Wayne/Roundtree, Audrey Dianne/28 Mar 1980/20/84/Madison, FL
Collins, Catherine/Driggers, Simeon/8 Nov 1838/A-/38/Madison, FL
Collins, Charles Luther/Duval, Edna Josephine/8 Aug 1921/4/375/Madison, FL
Collins, Charles R./Fox, Edna R. U./14 Dec 1924/4/570/Madison, FL
Collins, Charles Wayne/Odom, Martha Jean Allen/20 Jul 1991/24/131/Madison, FL
Collins, Dale Mitchell/Penna, Lisa Marie/16 Aug 1989/23/151/Madison, FL
Collins, Dean/Bass, Nettie/22 Oct 1939/12/108/Madison, FL
Collins, Dennis/Haynes, Emily/17 Jul 1898/1/576/Madison, FL
Collins, Dennis/Shingleton, Sarah/3 Dec 1833/ A-/12/Madison, FL
Collins, Duke/Sanders, Sarah/19 Jan 1885/B/641/Madison, FL
Collins, Eddie/Wright, Emma/12 Sep 1897/1/519/Madison, FL
Collins, Elbert Newton/Speer, Betty/29 Nov 1952/15/158/Madison, FL
Collins, Elbert Wade/Pilgrim, Brenda Marie Lewis/18 Aug 1978/19/283/Madison, FL
Collins, Elijah/Franklin, Lizzie/15 Nov 1886/B/762/Madison, FL 
Collins, Elijah/Marshall, Elvey/ 25 Dec 1878/B/223/Madison, FL

     (Believe they might have been divorced on 13 Nov 1886/C-70-71)
Collins, Eliza/Washington, G. W./17 Dec 1905/2/490/Madison, FL
Collins, Ella/Wilson, Charlie/8 Jan 1899/2/15/Madison, FL
Collins, Elmo/Howze, Frank/12 Oct 1927/5/237/Madison, FL
Collins, Emma/Kelley, James T./18 Nov 1885/B/692/Madison, FL
Collins, Emma/Smith, George/24 Sep 1904/2/410/Madison, FL
Collins, Emma M./Rambo, John M./18 May 1893/1/286/Madison, FL
Collins, Emmett/Krotz, Mary/11 Oct 1932/8/347/Madison, FL
Collins, Eva May/Murvin, John/23 Apr 1911/3/303/Madison, FL
Collins, Frank/Williams, Delia Mae/2 Aug 1937/11/77/Madison, FL
Collins, Freddie Love/Smith, C. H./16 Dec 1935/10/143/Madison, FL
Collins, G. W./Crawford, Josephine/06 Dec 1896/1/474/Madison, FL
Collins, Gerutha/Miller, Thomas/15 Feb 1936/10/180/Madison, FL
Collins, Harry Lee/Golden, Lisa Latrell/30 Aug 1997/27/121/Madison, FL
Collins, Harvell Glen/Fletcher, Frances Diane/1 Sep 1967/16/529/Madison, FL
Collins, Henry/Cheny, Mitchell/18 Mar 1866/A/387/Madison, FL
Collins, Horace/Wright, Willie Mae/29 Jan 1944/14/494/Madison, FL
Collins, Ida/Smith, W. M./27 Mar 1894/1/358/Madison, FL
Collins, Irene/Murray, E. D./15 Jul 1933/9/17/Madison, FL
Collins, J. R./Prince, Leila/17 Aug 1921/4/374/Madison, FL
Collins, James/Bevans, Lilla/5 Nov 1912/3/373/Madison, FL
Collins, James/Jones, Rosa/12 Jan 1898/1/551/Madison, FL
Collins, James/Walter, Palme Lee/12 May 1945/14/731/Madison, FL
Collins, James S./McNair, M. J./6 Jun 1878/B/171/Madison, FL
Collins, Jarid J./Collins, Martha/8 Feb 1849/A/46/Madison, FL
Collins, Joel Wayne/Adams, Kimberly Ann/7 Nov 1998/27/334/Madison, FL
Collins, Joel Wayne/Jane, Kimberly Cooper/17 Mar 1995/26/73/Madison, FL
Collins, John/Johnson, Ellen/23 Sep 1866/A1/53/Madison, FL
Collins, John/Small, Mattie E./22 Jan 1891/1/188/Madison, FL
Collins, Johnnie A, Jr./Jackson, Evangeline/22 Nov 1958/15/521/Madison, FL
Collins, Johns/Hayes, Esther/5 Jan 1878/ B/139/Madison, FL
Collins, Joseph Lorenza/Span, Dawn Regina/20 Dec 1986/22/147/Madison, FL
Collins, Juan Ricardo/Williams, Valnecia Elaine/10 Aug 1996/26/344/Madison, FL
Collins, Lalla/Davis, Richard M./23 Dec 1883/B/559/Madison, FL
Collins, Leander/Alexander, Annabell/24 Dec 1912/3/425/Madison, FL
Collins, Leonard B./Hunter, Mamie/5 Jan 1908/3/63/Madison, FL
Collins, Levi/McMoore, Lucille/28 May 1925/5/3/Madison, FL
Collins, Lizzie/Evans, George/26 Feb 1888/1/40/Madison, FL
Collins, Mack C./Wethington, Mamie Lou/7 Dec 1919/4/290/Madison, FL
Collins, Maggie/Stephens, James/19 Jan 1915/3/573/Madison, FL
Collins, Mary/Wlson, David/7 Feb 1912/3/369/Madison, FL
Collins, Mattie/Ranew, G.A./20 Dec 1896/1/479/Madison, FL
Collins, Maurise/Swindle, O. G., Jr./17 Mar 1935/9/461/Madison, FL
Collins, Maybelle/Smith, Arthur/23 Oct 1913/3/493/Madison, FL
Collins, Monroe/Price, Mildred Louise Hood/9 Oct 1982/21/29/Madison, FL
Collins, Nancy/Jones, Bob/22 Jun 1913/3/460/Madison, FL
Collins, Nesie Lee/Mitchell, Charlie/13 Mar 1937/10/492/Madison, FL
Collins, Noble/Hampton, Annie/9 Dec 1914/3/559/Madison, FL
Collins, Ola/Brown, Harrison/31 May 1903/2/321/Madison, FL
Collins, Osbay/Howard, Maddie Buggs/16 Oct 1986/22/120/Madison, FL
Collins, Oslay/Buggs, Maddie/8 Aug 1942/13/194/Madison, FL
Collins, Pearle/James, Samuel/5 Feb 1927/5/174/Madison, FL
Collins, Peter/Davis, Peggy/20 Aug 1879/B/252/Madison, FL
Collins, Richard Alan/Hill, Leona Jean/12 Jan 1990/23/231/Madison, FL
Collins, Robt./Wright, Mary/04 Jun 1891/1/199/Madison, FL
Collins, Ronald Keith/Dobson, Joann Felicia/4 Jul 1981/20/244/Madison, FL
Collins, Ruby/Sampson, Columbus/22 Dec 1935/10/138/Madison, FL
Collins, Ruby Lucille/Arnold, Wm. L./16 Nov 1930/7/418/Madison, FL
Collins, Sam/Baker, Laura/26 Mar 1931/8/28/Madison, FL
Collins, Samuel/McCoggle, Eunice/12 Jun 1913/3/457/Madison, FL
Collins, Seallyan/Harrison, Walter/17 Mar 1903/2/313/Madison, FL
Collins, Silas/Adams, Texanna/20 Feb 1876/B/15/Madison, FL
Collins, Stella/Wade, Willie/27 Dec 1916/4/111/Madison, FL
Collins, T. J./Moss, Julia/20 Jan 1934/9/156/Madison, FL
Collins, Thomas/Davis, Lula Mae/6 Jul 1946/14/834/Madison, FL
Collins, Thomas/Joseph, Queen/26 Feb 1908/3/75/Madison, FL
Collins, Tom/Scott, Jennie/28 May 1901/2/182/Madison, FL
Collins, Virginia/Washington, Willie H./23 Dec 1928/5/343/Madison, FL
Collins, William J./Rye, Pauline H. Hancock/17 Mar 1992/24/258/Madison, FL
Collins, William Luther, Jr./Odom, Bobbie Sue/19 Mar 1957/15/429/Madison, FL
Collins, William S./Wimberly, Caroline/7 Jan 1877/B/60/Madison, FL
Collins, William Scott/Sauer, Theresa Harriett Rueff/27 May 2001/29/44/Madison, FL
Collins, Williams S./Bugg, Savannah/14 Oct 1858/A/193/Madison, FL
Collins, Williams S./Mathews, Ann/7 Sep 1856/A/175/Madison, FL
Collinsworth, Dallas Ivan/Johnson, Connie Marie/23 Jul 1993/25/144/Madison, FL
Colman, Silva/Hicks, Robert/21 Dec 1878/B/224/Madison, FL
Colson, Arthur Claude, Jr./Brothers, Deborah Lynn/20 Sep 1980/20/143/Madison, FL
Colson, Charles Alonzo/Bennett, Tannis Conchita Askew/30 Nov 1998/27/348/Madison, FL
Colson, D./Taylor, Eliza/19 Feb 1905/2/445/Madison, FL
Colson, Davis/Thomas, Betsey/13 Dec 1869/A2/11/Madison, FL
Colson, George Charles/Richie, Loret Ermaline Piche/21 Nov 1987/22/280/Madison, FL
Colson, George E./Fuquay, Mary 2/6 Feb 1843/A-/ 91/Madison, FL
Colson, Jessie/Miller, Ben/26 Mar 1902/2/244/Madison, FL
Colson, Jesson/Rollin, Carolina/10 Mar 1909/3/155/Madison, FL
Colson, Lewis/Brinson, Ariana/8 Aug 1878/B/180/Madison, FL
Colson, S. W./Bryan, Milisia/11 Oct 1869/A2/57/Madison, FL
Colson, Sallie/Butler, Jim/2 Sep 1911/3/321/Madison, FL
Colson, Sallie/Mays, John/ 23 Aug 1886/B/779/Madison, FL
Colson, Sallie/Warren, J. W./20 Jun 1913/3/459/Madison, FL
Colson, Tony/Powell, Nancy/19 Mar 1874/A2/369/Madison, FL
Colson, Viola/Pinkney, Prince/25 Nov 1905/2/486/Madison, FL
Colson, William A./Washington, Ella/27 Jun 1896/1/448/Madison, FL
Colson, Willie Lee/Thompson, Arthur/2 Nov 1919/4/281/Madison, FL
Colston, Jennie/Jenkins, Bee/29 Jul 1917/4/188/Madison, FL
Colston, Joe/Morgan, Annie/2 Mar 1908/3/76/Madison, FL
Colston, John/Anderson, Mary/29 Nov 1902/2/278/Madison, FL
Colston, Queen/Jackson, Aaron/26 Dec 1895/1/416/Madison, FL
Colvin, Berry G./Pickette, Florence G./17 Dec 1924/4/557/Madison, FL
Colvin, Darrel Lee/Welsh, Laurie Annette/21 Jun 1991/24/110/Madison, FL
Colvin, Dorman Lee/Hill, Barbara Ann/26 Mar 1966/16/419/Madison, FL
Colvin, Ethel/Willis, Reuben/7 May 1930/7/264/Madison, FL
Colvin, Ethel/Willis, Reuben/7 May 1930/5/480/Madison, FL
Colvin, Harvey/Cowart, Lela/11 Oct 1924/4/550/Madison, FL
Colvin, Henry/Thomas, Sue/28 Aug 1910/3/249/Madison, FL
Colvin, Henry S./Leverett, Janie/6 Jun 1885/B/671/Madison, FL
Colvin, Irena/Jenkins, C. L./2 Oct 1910/3/247/Madison, FL
Colvin, J. D./Williams, Ila/16 Nov 1921/4/383/Madison, FL
Colvin, James Leroy/Cruce, Rhonda Lea Richardson/31 Jan 1995/26/47/Madison, FL
Colvin, James, Leroy/Morgan, Sueszhanna Ladale/19 Jun 1992/24/314/Madison, FL
Colvin, John/Kent, M. C./01 Nov 1893/1/302/Madison, FL
Colvin, Lloyd/Webb, Drucilla/7 May 1932/8/281/Madison, FL
Colvin, Minnie/Horten, Butler/20 Dec 1893/1/313/Madison, FL
Colvin, Minnie/Webb, Howell/2 Dec 1936/10/401/Madison, FL
Colvin, Sharon Leschziner/Mathis, James Lee, Jr./14 May 1977/19/152/Madison, FL
Colvin, Stafford/Lashley, Sarah Janie/20 Dec 1934/9/395/Madison, FL
Colvin, Tom/Lammond, Rachell/21 Oct 1903/2/342/Madison, FL
Colwell, Lena/Lott, Joe/16 Feb 1911/3/293/Madison, FL
Colzie, James/Woodson, Maggie lee/27 Nar 1958/15/475/Madison, FL
Coman, Benjamin/White, Lila/23 Sep 1866/A1/25/Madison, FL
Combass, Anthony Allen/Hufseer, Angela Kaye/20 Dec 1986/22/141/Madison, FL
Combass, Eunice/Harris, Raiford/2 May 1936/10/239/Madison, FL
Combass, Garley/Crawford, Ella/4 Nov 1944/14/638/Madison, FL
Combass, J. C./Davis, Myrtice Anita/26 May 1945/14/738/Madison, FL
Combass, Lewis/Allen, Lizzie/29 Dec 1901/2/224/Madison, FL
Combass, Opal/Tidwell, Edward/6 Apr 1936/10/216/Madison, FL
Combass, Ronnie Lamar/Myers, Sharon Lynne/5 Sep 1982/21/12/Madison, FL
Combass, Ronnie Leroy/Dunlap, Gwendolyn Louise/17 Jun 1962/16/181/Madison, FL
Combast, Lennie Mae/Stafford, Irvine/10 Nov 1936/10/389/Madison, FL
Combes, Matthew Henry/Gamble, Diane Anderson/21 Aug 1982/21/3/Madison, FL
Comer, David Murray/Hollie, Kimberly Lynn/21 Jun 1986/22/89/Madison, FL
Comicheal, Thomas/Dukes, Josie/30 Jun 1913/3/460/Madison, FL
Conbow, Thomas/Vipper, Margaret/21 Sep 1854/A/153/Madison, FL
Cone, A. M./Letchworth, Gussie/18 Nov 1906/2/541/Madison, FL
Cone, A. T./Buck, T. J./6 Dec 1876/ B/47/Madison, FL
Cone, Alfred/Lundy, Cornelia Ann/17 Nov 1861/A/302/Madison, FL
Cone, Alfred Morris, Jr./Scott, Inez Andrews/24 Dec 1947/14/866/Madison, FL
Cone, Amanda/Gill, Henry/28 Sep 1902/2/269/Madison, FL
Cone, Amanda/McLeod, Daniel/15 Nov 1892/1/259/Madison, FL
Cone, Annie/O'Neal, Jackie/17 Apr 1892/1/239/Madison, FL
Cone, Annie/Zipperer, Joe/17 Jan 1924/4/516/Madison, FL
Cone, Anthony Edward/Gleason, Bonnie Jean/27 Mar 1991/24/55/Madison, FL
Cone, Archie/Moody, Eva/14 Dec 1911/3/343/Madison, FL
Cone, Asiah/Vickory, Mary/12 July 1834/A-/ 17/Madison, FL
Cone, Belle/Callihan, C. L./04 Sep 1872/1/250/Madison, FL
Cone, Blanche/Drawdy, Newton/1 Dec 1917/4/174/Madison, FL
Cone, Daniel William/Cone, Bessie Elizabeth/27 Apr 1939/12/7/Madison, FL
Cone, E. C./Gill, Jemimy/11 Jan 1870/A2/91/Madison, FL
Cone, E. E./Roath, Mary/7 Jul 1907/3/17/Madison, FL
Cone, Elizabeth/Triplett, Eli/26 Jan 1832/A-/3/Madison, FL
Cone, Ella/Porter, Edward L./20 Feb 1910/3/217/Madison, FL
Cone, Emily/Wilson, Lewis C./19 Jan 1896/1/426/Madison, FL
Cone, Emily E./Cooksey, John P./28 Dec 1922/4/455/Madison, FL
Cone, Emma/English, Andrew/28 Dec 1904/2/430/Madison, FL
Cone, Essie May/Fowler, Jacob M./12 Jul 1924/4/536/Madison, FL
Cone, Ethel/Knowles, Clanton/6 Sep 1941/12/467/Madison, FL
Cone, Eva Mae/Day, John M./16 Nov 1935/10/107/Madison, FL
Cone, F. C./Hamilton, Lena/2 Oct 1901/2/202/Madison, FL
Cone, F. H./Willis, Lidia/04 Sep 1889/1/103/Madison, FL
Cone, Faraba A./Arnold, Richard/12 Jul 1908/3/94/Madison, FL
Cone, Farby E./Candill, Stewart/20 Sep 1908/3/105/Madison, FL
Cone, Farley McKee/Williamson, Doris Evelyn/28 Mar 1964/16/302/Madison, FL
Cone, Francis/Dugger, Dan'l/08 Jan 1888/1/32/Madison, FL
Cone, Frank/Delaughter, Julia Ann/19 Aug 1903/2/333/Madison, FL
Cone, Henry/Hudson, Quincy/26 Jan 1919/4/241/Madison, FL
Cone, Henry/O'Quinn, Lottie/1 Feb 1900/2/94/Madison, FL
Cone, Irma/Powell, Addie Lee/7 Mar 1930/7/215/Madison, FL
Cone, Irma/Powell, Addie Lee/7 Mar 1930/5/464/Madison, FL
Cone, J. C./Bishop, Myrtle/14 Dec 1930/7/443/Madison, FL
Cone, James/Nappier, Emma/16 Aug 1889/1/104/Madison, FL
Cone, James Henry/Sheppard, Mary Myrtice Suggs/10 Feb 1992/24/240/Madison, FL
Cone, Jay Alan/Sever, Karla Alicia/27 Jun 1981/20/240/Madison, FL
Cone, Jeffery William/Hamrick, Alacia Ellen/18 Jul 1986/22/98/Madison, FL
Cone, Jennie B./Letchworth, Oliver/31 Jan 1909/3/145/Madison, FL
Cone, Jesse/Zanders, Mattie/25 Aug 1907/3/25/Madison, FL
Cone, Jimmie/Rhoden, Leta June/1 Mar 1969/17/82/Madison, FL
Cone, Jimmie Sherwood/Carroll, Jimmie Nell/14 Mar 1963/16/231/Madison, FL
Cone, Johnnie Edgar/Knowles, Willie Dora/28 Oct 1963/16/280/Madison, FL
Cone, Josephine/Tender, J. H./28 May 1893/1/287/Madison, FL
Cone, L. A./Parker, L. L./16 May 1900/2/112/Madison, FL
Cone, Lilla V./Cornett, A. J./19 Dec 1889/1/128/Madison, FL
Cone, Lillie/Myers, Johnnie/31 Jan 1909/3/146/Madison, FL
Cone, Louis/Davis, Daisy Mae/15 Jun 1930/7/295/Madison, FL
Cone, Louis/Davis, Daisy Mae/15 Jun 1930/5/490/Madison, FL
Cone, Mary Agnes/Blount, Ralph Nelson/14 Jan 1933/9/57/Madison, FL
Cone, Nancy/Moody, James E./2 May 1886/B/716/Madison, FL
Cone, Nellie (Mrs)/McCormick, H. B./13 Sep 1930/7/377/Madison, FL
Cone, Nellie Corine/Kinsey, Joseph W./19 Aug 1921/4/374/Madison, FL
Cone, Nellie Mae/O'Quinn, Ulysis/15 Oct 1933/9/67/Madison, FL
Cone, Ollie May/Horne, Peen Ivey/20 Mar 1910/3/223/Madison, FL
Cone, Queen/Brown, A. L./26 Dec 1905/2/502/Madison, FL
Cone, Richard Maurice/Lee, Lindy Susan/11 Mar 1982/20/334/Madison, FL
Cone, S. R./Scarborough, Eunice/27 Jun 1931/8/70/Madison, FL
Cone, Sumter R./Clark, Nellie/1 Sep 1909/3/175/Madison, FL
Cone, Tammy Carroll/Harrell, George Washington/12 Aug 1977/19/177/Madison, FL
Cone, Thetis/Bishop, Arthur H./31 Dec 1936/10/445/Madison, FL
Cone, Thomas J./Stokes, Josie W./1 Nov 1957/15/453/Madison, FL
Cone, Thomas J., Jr./Pickels, Ida Jane/23 Dec 1958/15/526/Madison, FL
Cone, Tom/Davis, Vivian/8 Dec 1929/7/127/Madison, FL
Cone, Tom/Davis, Vivian/8 Dec 1929/5/436/Madison, FL
Cone, Virginia Sue/Foskey, Timothy Wayne/10 Jan 1978/19/218/Madison, FL
Cone, W. S./Horton, Gemina/18 Sep 1892/1/251/Madison, FL
Cone, William Chester/O'Brien, Michelle Susan/20 Apr 1996/26/282/Madison, FL
Cone, William Dewey/Wells, Sarah Belle/27 May 1916/16/98A/Madison, FL
Cone, William Henry/Cone, Virginia Alberta/15 Jan 1963/16/225/Madison, FL
Cone, William R./Whitfield, Nancy Jane/3 Nov 1874/A2/395/Madison, FL
Cone, Woodrow W./Bishop, Beatrice/22 Mar 1936/10/208/Madison, FL
Cone, Zella Jane/Thigpen, William Riley/04 Feb 1894/1/325/Madison, FL
Cone, Zellpa/Gill, William/01 Mar 1892/1/231/Madison, FL
Congress, J. W./Pinkney, Martha/23 Mar 1899/2/31/Madison, FL
Congress, W. J./Bradshaw, Rosa/31 Jan 1907/2/574/Madison, FL
Conica, William/Thomas, Mattie/22 Aug 1896/1/454/Madison, FL
Conine, Arthur E./Mathis, Alice M./22 Feb 1925/4/580/Madison, FL
Conley, Julia F./Rodgers, Allan/18 Jan 1892/1/225/Madison, FL
Conley, Lucile/O'Quinn, Ben/19 Mar 1927/5/183/Madison, FL
Conly, L. C./Grant, Minnie L./5 Oct 1906/2/534/Madison, FL
Connell, Cleveland Lindsey/Harrell, Ola/20 Nov 1933/9/86/Madison, FL
Connell, J. S./Brown, Carrie/06 May 1898/1/566/Madison, FL
Connell, James Wade/Baker, Annie Lucile/21 Apr 1951/15/56/Madison, FL
Connell, Leila/Jones, William Walker/16 Sep 1934/9/335/Madison, FL
Connell, Reuben/Lightsey, Ruby/9 Oct 1925/5/42/Madison, FL
Connell, Ruben R./Edwards, Mary/12 Feb 1902/2/237/Madison, FL
Connell, Stephen Alan/Olive, Connie Sue Odom/10 Nov 2007/31/261/Madison, FL
Connell, Trudie Wilson/Wilson, Luther/29 Aug 1977/19/151/Madison, FL
Connell, William/Blanton, Avey/8 Oct 1922/4/437/Madison, FL
Conner, A. A./Burnsides, Sarah/01 Aug 1892/1/247/Madison, FL
Conner, Elizabeth/Burrus, J. E./8 Aug 1903/2/330/Madison, FL
Conner, Eveline A./Williams, James A./29 Sep 1892/1/254/Madison, FL
Conner, Grego Earl/Davis, Peggy Suzanne/21 Dec 1989/23/219/Madison, FL
Conner, Gregory Earl/Peacock, Fonda Susie Goodman/26 Jul 1990/23/338/Madison, FL
Conner, Josephine/Norris, Willie/1 Feb 1937/10/471/Madison, FL
Conner, Ophelia/McCall, Charles F./26 Dec 1932/8/376/Madison, FL
Conners, Michael Dennis/Sipalay, Rosalyn Mayor/14 Jul 2006/31/65/Madison, FL
Conners, Michael John/Graves, Shirley Ann/2 Oct 1989/23/160/Madison, FL
Connolly, Anthony Brett/Nation, Heather Rebecca/8 Aug 1994/25/355/Madison, FL
Conoley, William N./Hamerly, Lucy/7 Oct 1880/B/366/Madison, FL
Conoly, A. J./Coffee, Malvenia/16 Sep 1909/3/178/Madison, FL
Conoly, Bias/Haines, Bessie/5 May 1910/3/231/Madison, FL
Contner, Florence/Harman, Reid/6 Feb 1937/10/469/Madison, FL
Contreras, Rodolfo Venegas/Castro, Diana Romero/21 Nov 2008/31/413/Madison, FL
Conway, Charles Wesley/Lane, Rosa Mae/26 Jul 1994/25/336/Madison, FL
Conway, Eddie/Gallon, Bessie Lee/2 Jun 1981/20/222/Madison, FL
Conway, Joseph J./Phillips, Minnie A./4 Mar 1903/2/312/Madison, FL
Conway, Pearlina/Brown, Melton/10 Sep 1917/4/182/Madison, FL
Conwell, Louise/Smith, Ira/12 Jan 1930/7/180/Madison, FL
Conwell, Louise/Smith, Ira/12 Jan 1930/5/452/Madison, FL
Conyers, Alma/Adams, L. W./3 May 1925/4/593/Madison, FL
Coodey, James Edward/McKimmis, Nancy Jane/23 Jun 1856/A/142/Madison, FL
Coodie, Mattie/Newbern, Enoch/07 Nov 1897/1/527/Madison, FL
Coodie, R. L./Hinton, Jennie/10 Aug 1902/2/269/Madison, FL
Coodie, R. L./Morris, Florida/03 Nov 1897/1/526/Madison, FL
Coody, Ada/Wood, Hugh A./8 Nov 1900/2/134/Madison, FL
Coody, Agnes/Redish, Rossie/8 Apr 1934/9/222/Madison, FL
Coody, Alice/Hinton, James Paul/15 Jul 1915/4/14/Madison, FL
Coody, Alverlee/Purvis, George O./10 Jan 1909/3/142/Madison, FL
Coody, Archie Jimm/Ragans, Carolyn Rosette/11 Jun 1965/16/367/Madison, FL
Coody, Arthur Allen/Lee, Tonya Marie/7 Nov 1992/25/12/Madison, FL
Coody, Billy/Sowell, Sallie/3 Sep 1937/11/100/Madison, FL
Coody, C. E./Crawford, Sallie/21 Dec 1899/2/71/Madison, FL
Coody, Charles Albert/Crandell, Martha Ann/17 Aug 1947/14/863/Madison, FL
Coody, Charles Manton/Ross, Ginger Lynette/21 Nov 1970/17/236/Madison, FL
Coody, Darron Ted/Harris, Rene Marie Walthall/10 Jun 1988/22/364/Madison, FL
Coody, E./Roan, Martha/04 Dec 1889/1/123/Madison, FL
Coody, Elbert/Fraser, Patsy/3 Sep 1869/A2/51/Madison, FL
Coody, Ellis B./Bass, Relma/13 Feb 1955/15/306/Madison, FL
Coody, Ernest/Page, Esther Mae/18 Jun 1932/8/293/Madison, FL
Coody, Frank Crandell/Malone, Sheryl Louise Hartley/2 Sep 1988/23/13/Madison, FL
Coody, Frank Crandell/Richardson, Betty Jo/28 Jan 1984/21/183/Madison, FL
Coody, Gussie Mae/Mills, Daniel B./2 Nov 1919/4/281/Madison, FL
Coody, Howard/Newbern, Jeanette/8 Jun 1940/12/235/Madison, FL
Coody, Hunter C./Johnson, Alice/8 Nov 1916/4/91/Madison, FL
Coody, Irene/Williams, Fred/25 Jan 1928/5/270/Madison, FL
Coody, Ivy Joy Robinson/Kelley, Raymond Michael/2 Jun 1979/19/366/Madison, FL
Coody, J. A./Harrell, Theo/14 Aug 1937/11/85/Madison, FL
Coody, J. C./Townsend, Ranna P./22 Dec 1907/3/54/Madison, FL
Coody, John/Hardy, Patience/28 Oct 1869/A2/62/Madison, FL
Coody, John/Lawson, Sarah J./24 Mar 1872/A2/238/Madison, FL
Coody, John Alton/Bass, Vivian Lucile/26 May 1968/17/9/Madison, FL
Coody, Johnnie Mae/Brannen, Donald/26 May 1934/9/264/Madison, FL
Coody, Katherine/Lewis, John Henry/15 Jun 1935/10/20/Madison, FL
Coody, L. C./Jordan, Lorena/25 Dec 1910/3/279/Madison, FL
Coody, L. Theodore/Hollingsworth, Lura/3 Oct 1918/4/226/Madison, FL
Coody, Leila Mae/Taylor, Burton/6 Mar 1932/8/255/Madison, FL
Coody, Lewis T./Allen, Vassar Leona/28 Oct 1922/4/440/Madison, FL
Coody, Lois/Rains, Chandler/4 Sep 1918/4/211/Madison, FL
Coody, Louis Theodore/Betts, Brenda Sue/17 Mar 1984/21/203/Madison, FL
Coody, Louis Theodore/Robinson, Ivy Joy/7 Jan 1967/16/481/Madison, FL
Coody, Louis Theodore/Simmons, Cynthia Ann Kelley/14 Jan 1983/21/65/Madison, FL
Coody, Mamie/Wigleworth, J. H./25 Jun 1902/2/256/Madison, FL
Coody, Mamie Lou/Speer. Emory/13 Sep 1928/5/324/Madison, FL
Coody, Margaret Lampleaugher Masob/Brown, James William/28 Oct 1978/19/303/Madison, FL
Coody, Oscar/Newsom, Mary E./23 Jan 1910/3/212/Madison, FL
Coody, Patrick Cantey/Walker, Cynthia Ellen/25 Feb 1984/21/198/Madison, FL
Coody, R. L./Vick, M. P./27 Feb 1928/5/275/Madison, FL
Coody, Rufus/Savage, Cora Lee/24 Nov 1917/4/172/Madison, FL
Coody, Susie/Southall, Willie/23 Aug 1893/1/294/Madison, FL
Coody, Thomas Camilla, II/Mason, Margaret Lampleaugher/3 Sep 1967/16/532/Madison, FL
Coody, William/Lawson, Julia F./30 Nov 1876/B/48/Madison, FL
Cooey, Barbray/O'Neal, James/10 May 1891/1/198/Madison, FL
Cooey, H. Burma/De Lena, Farmer/22 Jan 1931/7/484/Madison, FL
Cooey, Lamar/McLeod, Stella Pearl/5 Jan 1929/5/351/Madison, FL
Cooey, Mayoni E./McClellan, W. W./28 Jan 1931/7/492/Madison, FL
Cooeys, Jennie/Smith, C. D./2 Mar 1904/2/384/Madison, FL
Cook, Abraham/Haines, Della/25 Apr 1910/3/230/Madison, FL
Cook, Ada/Marshall, Melvin/24 Jan 1910/3/213/Madison, FL
Cook, Ada/Witherspoon, George/22 May 1893/1/286/Madison, FL
Cook, Alvie Bobby/Carman, Frances Olivia/1 May 1955/15/319/Madison, FL
Cook, Chas/Williams, Rebecka/25 Oct 1913/3/477/Madison, FL
Cook, Derwent Sidney/Millnior, Florence/18 Sep 1939/12/90/Madison, FL
Cook, Edd/Green, Flora/9 Jul 1914/3/529/Madison, FL
Cook, Edd/Green, Flora/9 Jul 1914/4/1/Madison, FL
Cook, Edward/Brown, Rebecca/15 Jun 1911/3/310/Madison, FL
Cook, Eliza/Richardson, Preston/11 Dec 1878/B/219/Madison, FL
Cook, Elwood/Sloan, Gladys/6 Aug 1938/11/323/Madison, FL
Cook, Ethel Lee/Milam, O. L./13 Sep 1928/5/324/Madison, FL
Cook, F. E./Lineberger, Erma/24 Jul 1927/5/217/Madison, FL
Cook, G. C./Cray, Hannah/2 Aug 1901/2/192/Madison, FL
Cook, George/Webb, Carman/11 May 1943/13/357/Madison, FL
Cook, Gregg/Rambart, Catherine/27 Aug 1884/B/609/Madison, FL
Cook, Gregory/Allen, Susan/28 Sep 1866/A1/47/Madison, FL
Cook, Hattie/Lee, Andrew/18 Feb 1906/2/520/Madison, FL
Cook, Hazel/Williams, Annie B./24 Dec 1938/11/438/Madison, FL
Cook, Henry/Shaw, Leola/23 Nov 1913/3/485/Madison, FL
Cook, Henry/Wesley, Lula/14 Dec 1909/3/194/Madison, FL
Cook, Idella/Brinson, Charlie/24 Oct 1925/5/46/Madison, FL
Cook, J. J. C./Hankerson, Saphronia/16 Oct 1878/B/194/Madison, FL 
Cook, Jack/Blair, Betsy/13 Apr 1878/B/163/Madison, FL
Cook, Jack/Cook, Caroline/12 Aug 1866/A1/186/Madison, FL
Cook, Jack/Pearl, Hattie/29 Dec 1884/ B/630/Madison, FL
Cook, John/Williams, Anna/15 Jan 1899/2/17/Madison, FL
Cook, Julius Anthony/Hall, Marion Mae/20 Feb 2009/31/442/Madison, FL
Cook, Junius/Brown, Florida/22 Apr 1919/4/307/Madison, FL
Cook, Leona/Smith, J. W./14 Oct 1936/10/369/Madison, FL
Cook, Lewis Edward/Powell, Patricia Dian Jolley/25 Dec 1994/26/25/Madison, FL
Cook, Lizzie Pearl/Rayon, David/26 Aug 1925/5/31/Madison, FL
Cook, Lonnie/Porter, Alice/5 Sep 1920/4/322/Madison, FL
Cook, Lottie/Lee, Jesse/2 Feb 1907/2/575/Madison, FL
Cook, Lula/Denson, Levi/23 May 1918/4/193/Madison, FL
Cook, Lula/Roberson, Zack/14 Jan 1917/4/122/Madison, FL
Cook, Lula/Small, Guss/26 Mar 1910/3/226/Madison, FL
Cook, Maggie Terrell/Alderman, Burdette/22 Mar 1926/5/89/Madison, FL
Cook, Mamie/Bess, Henry/17 Nov 1912/3/412/Madison, FL
Cook, Mamie/Stephens, Joe/15 Jul 1928/5/309/Madison, FL
Cook, Mary/Green, Herman/31 Jan 1931/7/493/Madison, FL
Cook, Perry/Stansel, Lois/12 Jun 1929/5/391/Madison, FL
Cook, Phebe/White, Andrew/31 Dec 1881/B/429/Madison, FL
Cook, Raymond Allen/Mays, Elisabeth/4 May 1995/26/100/Madison, FL
Cook, Roberta Mae/Carter, Thomas Crawford/15 Jul 1928/5/309/Madison, FL
Cook, Samuel/Marchall, Ada/26 Mar 1890/1/153/Madison, FL
Cook, Sandy/Long, Lucy/14 Oct 1902/2/272/Madison, FL
Cook, Sandy/Ross, Shellie/13 Dec 1908/3/120/Madison, FL
Cook, Tamer/Gamble, Abram/27 Mar 1902/2/106/Madison, FL
Cook, Will/Haines, Mary/19 Dec 1931/8/192/Madison, FL
Cook, Will/Joseph, Maggie/23 Jan 1917/4/120/Madison, FL
Cook, Will/Morgan, Meeter/11 Nov 1907/3/42/Madison, FL
Cook, Willie/Franklin, Martha/1 Dec 1923/4/504/Madison, FL
Cook, Willie Lee/Denson, Eula K./1 Jun 1930/7/286/Madison, FL
Cook, Willie Lee/Denson, Eula K./1 Jun 1930/5/487/Madison, FL
Cooke, Gilbert/Weever, Lucy/9 Mar 1912/3/374/Madison, FL
Cooke, James Oliver III/Waring, Rosa Mable/3 Feb 1963/16/228/Madison, FL
Cooke, Larry Eugene/McCarter, Alice Jean/15 Sep 1962/16/200/Madison, FL
Cooks, Ardist/Johnson, Henrietta/20 Jun 1953/15/187/Madison, FL
Cooks, Christopher Eugene/Aikens, Mary Katherine Haynes/22 Apr 1995/26/103/Madison, FL
Cooks, Gerry James/Ross, Angela Maria/13 Sep 1994/25/372/Madison, FL
Cooks, Jewel Lee Fiffia/Straughter, Henry/2 Jan 1979/19/331/Madison, FL
Cooks, John/High, Carrie/13 Jun 1915/3/592/Madison, FL
Cooks, Michael Elbert/Proctor, Donna Marie/27 Jun 1987/22/219/Madison, FL
Cooks, Willie B./Wooten, Joyce Marie/17 Jun 1982/20/378/Madison, FL
Cooks, Wilton/Bonds, Gertrude/12 Jun 1921/4/368/Madison, FL
Cooksey, Daniel Jonathan/Cooksey, Gloria Lila Lowe/23 May 1986/22/76/Madison, FL
Cooksey, Florrie Sattilla/Freeman, William H./2 Nov 1911/3/333/Madison, FL
Cooksey, Frances/Dutton, Wm. Bellamy/12 Jul 1914/3/533/Madison, FL
Cooksey, John P./Cone, Emily E./28 Dec 1922/4/455/Madison, FL
Cooksey, Kate L./Jernigan, William/2 Oct 1900/2/129/Madison, FL
Cooksey, Lula A./Roach, U. B./26 Nov 1884/B/626/Madison, FL
Cooksey, Mary/Proctor, James B./03 Mar 1898/1/558/Madison, FL
Coon, T. M./Lipscomb, Pearl/3 Mar 1911/3/295/Madison, FL
Cooper, Charles Allen/Singletary, Oralee Tuten/2 Mar 1986/22/49/Madison, FL
Cooper, Corinne/Williams, Willie/15 Jul 1934/9/300/Madison, FL
Cooper, Eldridge/Richardson, Recie/2 Sep 1933/9/38/Madison, FL
Cooper, Eliza/Nixon, George/06 Apr 1891/1/193/Madison, FL
Cooper, Evelyn J./Holton, Harry Crovatt/16 Feb 1933/8/418/Madison, FL
Cooper, Ezell/Thompson, Mamie/29 Apr 1935/9/489/Madison, FL
Cooper, Fara Ann/Hall, William Thomas/21 Aug 1976/19/86/Madison, FL
Cooper, Frizell/Rhodes, Annie/29 Apr 1918/4/199/Madison, FL
Cooper, George Y./Moody, Cheryl Lynn Jones/8 Apr 1993/25/81/Madison, FL
Cooper, Harry/Stephens, Willie/6 Oct 1934/9/347/Madison, FL
Cooper, Harry/Williams, Ada Belle/26 Sep 1931/8/129/Madison, FL
Cooper, Hazel Doris/Lacy, T. B./3 Jun 1934/9/266/Madison, FL
Cooper, Hetty A./Bond, James/01 Nov 1895/1/404/Madison, FL
Cooper, James/Horne, Lilly/8 Mar 1930/7/217/Madison, FL
Cooper, James/Horne, Lilly/8 Mar 1930/5/464/Madison, FL
Cooper, James T./Stripling, M. J./24 Jan 1889/1/85/Madison, FL
Cooper, Jefferson/Cooper, W./11 Sep 1866/A1/54/Madison, FL
Cooper, Jerry Lee, II/Reach, Leanne Pearsall/3 Jan 2009/31/428/Madison, FL
Cooper, John David/Brown, Courtney Elizabeth/11 Aug 2001/29/107/Madison, FL
Cooper, John F./Carraway, Mary/18 Apr 1875/A2/441/Madison, FL
Cooper, Julia/Sircy, Carl F./16 May 1934/9/248/Madison, FL
Cooper, Lena Mae/Cowart, Edwin E./2 Nov 1924/4/553/Madison, FL
Cooper, Levewell Ruter/Peach, Eva May/28 Dec 1913/3/491/Madison, FL
Cooper, Levy Madison/Day, Marjorie Jeanette/15 Oct 1950/15/17/Madison, FL
Cooper, Lewell M./Whidden, Shellie B./14 Oct 1934/9/353/Madison, FL
Cooper, Lizzie/Laws, Wash/7 Aug 1916/4/78/Madison, FL
Cooper, Lonnie/Evans, Sadie/4 Feb 1939/11/457/Madison, FL
Cooper, Lucile Irene/Rambo, Dudley Bryon/25 Apr 1925/4/590/Madison, FL
Cooper, Mary/Thomas, John/2 Jul1901/2/187/Madison, FL
Cooper, Mary J./Pettis, Andrew J./14 May 1895/1/389/Madison, FL
Cooper, Maston O./Bailey, Dorcas Laverne/7 Dec 1958/15/524/Madison, FL
Cooper, Mattie/Sasser, J. C./10 Oct 1906/2/536/Madison, FL
Cooper, Milley/Law, Genty/23 Dec 1885/B/700/Madison, FL
Cooper, Ola/Rogers, Thomas L./6 Oct 1907/3/34/Madison, FL
Cooper, Parthenia/Walker, Charlie/24 Apr 1934/9/480/Madison, FL
Cooper, Ronald Wayne/Roland, Sherry Lynn/17 Apr 1993/25/92/Madison, FL
Cooper, S./Lester, Cornelia/11 Jul 1925/5/18/Madison, FL
Cooper, Samuel/Brown, Sylvia E./18 Mar 1873/A2/299/Madison, FL
Cooper, Samuel P./Hamilton, Mattie E./24 Jun 1906/2/595/Madison, FL
Cooper, Stephen A./Thigpen, Patricia Sue/20 Apr 1980/20/88/Madison, FL
Cooper, Thomas Henry/Wood, Virginia Earl/16 Apr 1943/13/336/Madison, FL
Cooper, Timothy/Walker, Williby/26 Sep 1866/A1/130/Madison, FL
Cooper, W. L./Jackson, Rosa Belle/4 Jun 1938/11/282/Madison, FL
Cooper, W. Vander/Powell, Dollie/12 Aug 1939/12/58/Madison, FL
Cooper, Walter Scott/Cunningham, Berta/2 Aug 1917/4/188/Madison, FL
Cope, Jessie/Meeks, Matthew/18 Jan 1904/2/374/Madison, FL
Copeland, Albert/Russell, Kathern Davis/12 Jun 2001/29/80/Madison, FL
Copeland, Albert, Jr./Fountain, Princetta Michelle/21 Mar 2003/29/392/Madison, FL
Copeland, Cauley Clifton/Rowe, Myrtice Marie/10 Dec 1944/14/654/Madison, FL
Copeland, Eugenia/Davis, Luther/4 Jul 1926/5/118/Madison, FL
Copeland, Fred/Burts, Udell/28 Oct 1928/5/331/Madison, FL
Copeland, Gary Wayne/Rogers, Darlene Elizabeth/9 Mar 1984/21/205/Madison, FL
Copeland, Goodman/Smith, Ella/21 Mar 1919/4/256/Madison, FL
Copeland, Gregory Tyrone, Sr./Washington, Brenda Francine/11 Aug 1990/23/343/Madison, FL
Copeland, Marcell Denise/Jones, Lemonica Earl/14 Oct 1978/19/302/Madison, FL
Copeland, Margaret/McDaniel, Dewey/25 Nov 1934/9/382/Madison, FL
Copeland, Walker/Miller, Fannie/17 May 1933/8/469/Madison, FL
Copeland, Walter C./McDonald, Jessie Mae/15 Mar 1914/3/514/Madison, FL
Copeland, Walter Clarence/Stewart, Frances Eloise/4 Sep 1959/15/578/Madison, FL
Copeland, Walter Sims/Baker, Robin Barrett/3 Apr 1993/25/84/Madison, FL
Copeland, Walter Sims/Burnett, Jennifer Olivia/11 Sep 2004/30/236/Madison, FL
Coplin, Leroy/Jackson, Peggy A./5 Feb 1979/19/332/Madison, FL
Copling, Richard Paul/Nolen, Jaon Elizabeth Brown/8 Nov 1991/24/193/Madison, FL
Coppage, George/Guess, Roberta/24 Feb 1934/9/182/Madison, FL
Copper, Benjamin/Haupter, Morgan/27 Oct 1866/A1/187/Madison, FL
Copps, Robert/Johnson, Leaner Mann/9 Nov 1918/4/228/Madison, FL
Corbett, Callie May/Young, George W./19 Apr 1908/3/79/Madison, FL
Corbett, Clifford/Bass, Irma/7 Dec 1935/10/126/Madison, FL
Corbett, Floice/Warren, Porter A./16 Sep 1906/2/529/Madison, FL
Corbett, G. W./Woods, Hazel Mae/28 Jan 1928/5/271/Madison, FL
Corbett, Georgia/Wright, Eula C./3 Nov 1945/14/784/Madison, FL
Corbett, L. N./Jackson, Mamie/21 Jun 1896/1/447/Madison, FL
Corbett, Leijette/Buchanan, J. P./14 Nov 1933/9/83/Madison, FL
Corbett, Lillian E./Rykard, Daniel L./21 Oct 1900/2/131/Madison, FL
Corbett, Louis N./Allen, Laura J./13 May 1883/B/522/Madison, FL
Corbett, Lyda/Rykard, W. P./8 Oct 1911/3/327/Madison, FL
Corbett, Mamie/Kelling, Robert/13 Oct 1901/2/207/Madison, FL
Corbett, Minnie L./Fitch, Robert G./4 Feb 1912/3/368/Madison, FL
Corbett, Robt. L./Corbitt, Maud/7 Jan 1912/3/358/Madison, FL
Corbett, S. T./Zipperer, M. V./24 Dec 1905/2/495/Madison, FL
Corbett, Will/Sheffield, Georgia/1 Mar 1906/2/522/Madison, FL
Corbin, Charles E./Wiggins, Irene/15 Dec 1934/9/394/Madison, FL
Corbin, H. C./Willis, D. A./17 Jun 1900/2/115/Madison, FL
Corbin, James William/Rogers, Carol Ann/5 Jul 2003/30/55/Madison, FL
Corbin, Johnny Russell/Petty, Mary Walker/24 Jan 1986/22/37/Madison, FL
Corbin, Peggy Sue/Barfield, Michael Gary/23 Apr 1978/19/242/Madison, FL
Corbin, Robert Wayne/Jones, Lesia Marie/Not Returned/24/171/Madison, FL
Corbin, Rufus/Givens, Julia/14 Dec 1913/3/489/Madison, FL
Corbin, Sandra Lou/Hammond, Hal LaGree/15 Apr 1978/19/240/Madison, FL
Corbin, Solomon/Buey, Mary/11 Dec 1915/4/27/Madison, FL
Corbitt, Maud/Corbett, Robt. L./7 Jan 1912/3/358/Madison, FL
Corbitt, S. T./Seals, Nora L. Zipperer/22 Dec 1915/4/34/Madison, FL
Cord, Willis Boyd/Marshall, Vondella Lafrance/15 Apr 2006/31/38/Madison, FL
Cordell, Barnie/Brashear, Zilpha/22 Jul 1908/3/98/Madison, FL
Cordova, Richard Aaron/Stroups, Barbara Ann/3 Aug 1979/20/21/Madison, FL
Corker, Drawdy/Harvey, Gwendolyn/16 Feb 1931/8/1/Madison, FL
Corley, Hugh/Ranew, Juanita/22 Jul 1936/10/306/Madison, FL
Cornage, Ed/Harris, Viola/19 Oct 1930/7/402/Madison, FL
Cornett, A. J./Cone, Lilla V./19 Dec 1889/1/128/Madison, FL
Cornett, F. C. (Mrs)/Leggett, L. D./26 Jan 1902/2/232/Madison, FL
Cornett, Francis (Mrs)/Dixon, T. J./22 Jul1906/2/464/Madison, FL
Cornett, G. W./Willis, Emma F./25 Nov 1886/B/768/Madison, FL
Cornett, Lula/Holton, Thomas/01 Sep 1892/1/249/Madison, FL
Cornett, William/Wood, Francis/25 Jan 1899/2/20/Madison, FL
Cornett, William H./Horne, Wallie R./22 Apr 1919/4/241/Madison, FL
Corns, E. G./Moore, Leila/15 Oct 1925/5/45/Madison, FL
Corona, Antonio Vega/Easterling, Janet Lee/6 Sep 2001/29/114/Madison, FL
Coroneas, Henry/Hewitt, Vashti/14 Jan 1916/4/45/Madison, FL
Coronodo, Gil Tdd/Nichols, Tammy Willene/22 Apr 1995/26/76/Madison, FL
Corrie, Michael Anthony/Buchanan, Angela Marlene/12 Apr 1986/22/54/Madison, FL
Corrie, Michael Anthony/Roberts, Sandra Antionette/17 Mar 1987/22/180/Madison, FL
Cortez, Rony Manfredo/Wiggins, Nancy Danell/7 May 1992/24/278/Madison, FL
Corvett, W. W./Hollingsworth, Louisa V./12 Dec 1883/B/566/Madison, FL
Cothron, Mattie Lou/Prine, Surry G./28 Nov 1926/5/153/Madison, FL
Cothron, Wayne Nelson/Bearrentine, Katherine L./29 Aug 1980/20/132/Madison, FL
Cothron, William Clayton/Garner, Elizabeth Ann Simpson/16 Apr 1982/20/353/Madison, FL
Cotrell, Bryan Keith/Hodge, Lorie Beth Lookabill/13 Jan 1989/23/52/Madison, FL
Cotrell, Frank Edward, II/Calloway, Rosalie Letticia/28 Dec 1989/23/223/Madison, FL
Cotrell, Frank Edward, II/Cotrell, Sandra Lynette Sharp/21 Mar 1986/22/57/Madison, FL
Cotrell, Frank Edward, II/Sharp, Sandra Layanette/9 Jun 1984/21/241/Madison, FL
Cotrell, Perry Eugene, Jr./Jones, Jennifer Annett/4 Dec 1981/20/303/Madison, FL
Cotrell, Ricky LeRoy/Cotrell, Meloney Lynett/22 Jul 1985/21/370/Madison, FL
Cotrell, Ricky Leroy/Hacking, Christine Louise/5 Oct 1990/23/375/Madison, FL
Cotrell, Ricky Leroy/Kersbergen, Patricia Ann Jividen/24 Jun 2003/30/49/Madison, FL
Cotrell, Tracy Allen/Holland, Katherine Greek/25 Jun 1984/21/261/Madison, FL
Cotrell, Tracy Allen/Romie, Judith Ann Lewis/18 Oct 1986/22/117/Madison, FL
Cotter, Dorothy/Meadows, J. A./30 Mar 1926/5/91/Madison, FL
Cottingham, Annie/Hadden, Samuel H./20 Dec 1896/1/481/Madison, FL
Cottingham, Clarisa/Calhoun, T. M./17 Oct 1888/1/65/Madison, FL
Cottingham, J. A./Dutton, Eliza B./6 Jan 1877/B/63/Madison, FL
Cottingham, James E./Cowart, Cora L./1 Mar 1908/3/76/Madison, FL
Cottingham, R. F./Davis, A. L. M./24 Sep 1866/A1/108/Madison, FL
Cottingham, Rosalie/Townsend, Willford/4 Jan 1882/B/435/Madison, FL
Cottle, Charlie/Robinson, Weedie/14 Mar 1926/5/86/Madison, FL
Cotton, Ted/ Allen, Rosa/13 Jan 1887/B/790/Madison, FL
Coty, Mathew/Peck, Mary/16 Jul 1883/B/529/Madison, FL
Council, Annie E./Reece, Joesph Dean/10 Aug 1929/7/36/Madison, FL
Council, Annie E./Reese, Joseph Dean/10 Aug 1929/5/405/Madison, FL
Council, Gertrude Lee/Parks, Jacob/28 Sep 1935/10/76/Madison, FL
Courage, Robert/Courage, Mary/23 Sep 1866/A1/31/Madison, FL
Couridge, Sallie/White, Rufus/27 Aug 1892/1/248/Madison, FL
Courtney, Jno. M./Henderson, Henrietta/23 Dec 1879/B/280/Madison, FL
Courtney, John Henry/Courtney, Pearl Shiver Woodcock/8 Apr 1978/19/238/Madison, FL
Courtney, John Henry/Sellers, Ruby Wilma/26 Jan 1968/16/569/Madison, FL
Courtney, John W./Pyles, Dessie/18 Dec 1916/4/109/Madison, FL
Courtney, Pearl Shiver Woodcock Courtney/Courtney, John Henry/8 Apr 1978/19/238/Madison, FL
Courtney, Wade Laverne/Lovings, Cheryl Elaine Martin/18 May 1985/21/347/Madison, FL
Cousin, Carrie/Alexander, Frank/27 Mar 1902/2/244/Madison, FL
Cousins, William/Nelson, Mary Ann/18 Mar 1871/A2/177/Madison, FL
Couver, William A./Hightower, Helen/10 Oct 1953/15/209/Madison, FL
Covell, Robert/Littleton, Jennifer Kay Littleton/28 Oct 1995/26/193/Madison, FL
Coverson, Winnie/Kelley, Eddie/12 Feb 1919/4/242/Madison, FL
Coverton, Rosa Lee/Wear, Collie/7 Feb 1931/7/496/Madison, FL
Covington, Jimmie Ruth/Troup, J. H./10 Aug 1934/9/315/Madison, FL
Covington, John L./Fulmor, Carrie/13 Mar 1937/10/491/Madison, FL
Covington, Roy James/Wright, Heather Renee Lasseter/15 Feb 2008/31/301/Madison, FL
Coward, C. A./Sims, J. W./05 Dec 1889/1/123/Madison, FL
Coward, Will/Houston, Alberta/30 Nov 1935/10/121/Madison, FL
Cowart, Beverly Louise/Ellington, Donald Lynn/16 Dec 1977/19/211/Madison, FL
Cowart, Carolyn Frances Mikell/Barrentine, Elmer Vernell/2 Jul 1976/19/76/Madison, FL
Cowart, Catherine Ann/Bell, Richard Webb/10/31/1975/19/15/Madison, FL
Cowart, Celete E./Leslie, Andrew L./17 Dec 1896/1/475/Madison, FL
Cowart, Cina F./Harrell, Lee/17 Dec 1896/1/475/Madison, FL
Cowart, Clyde/Morris, Russell/15 Jun 1930/5/491/Madison, FL
Cowart, Clyde/Morris, Russell/15Jun 1930/7/296/Madison, FL
Cowart, Cora L./Cottingham, James E./1 Mar 1908/3/76/Madison, FL
Cowart, Edwin E./Cooper, Lena Mae/2 Nov 1924/4/553/Madison, FL
Cowart, Gladys Cowine/Williams, Leon/15 Jun 1929/5/392/Madison, FL
Cowart, Harry Larue/Spellman, Catherine Stella/15 Sep 1951/15/85/Madison, FL
Cowart, Henrietta/Stephens, James/8 Dec 1907/3/48/Madison, FL
Cowart, Hillary/Jessup, Lillie P./19 Nov 1907/3/42/Madison, FL
Cowart, Ireen/Henderson, C. S./30 May 1909/3/162/Madison, FL
Cowart, J. B./Leslie, Louise E./27 Sep 1896/1/458/Madison, FL
Cowart, James/Simms, Mary F./08 Feb 1894/1/327/Madison, FL
Cowart, Leila/Williams, Sylvesta/22 Aug 1912/3/398/Madison, FL
Cowart, Lela/Colvin, Harvey/11 Oct 1924/4/550/Madison, FL
Cowart, Loettis/Calhoun, Emery/15 Nov 1936/10/392/Madison, FL
Cowart, Lois/Crumpton, George S./9 Mar 1929/5/374/Madison, FL
Cowart, Lottie/Holland, L. J./31 Jan 1909/3/145/Madison, FL
Cowart, M. E./Timmerman, J. W./28 Dec 1890/1/176/Madison, FL
Cowart, Marjorie/Garrett, Thos. J./8 Dec 1935/10/129/Madison, FL
Cowart, Martha A/Johnson, John/2 Jan 1879/B/213/Madison, FL
Cowart, Mary/McCall, Thomas/05 Sep 1897/1/516/Madison, FL
Cowart, Mary/Tillis, Richard/12 Feb 1845/A-/126/Madison, FL
Cowart, Mary F./Roberts, Richard R./4 Jan 1877/B/66/Madison, FL
Cowart, Mildrege/Willis, Vernon E./27 Jul 1929/7/27/Madison, FL
Cowart, Mildrege/Willis, Vernon E./27 Jul 1929/5/402/Madison, FL
Cowart, Patricia Ann/Morgan, Curtis Lavell/10 Dec 1976/19/114/Madison, FL
Cowart, Raymond Eugene/Kelley, Delores/12 Jan 1921/4/343/Madison, FL
Cowart, Sallie/Hancock, Robert/15 May 1887/B/814/Madison, FL
Cowart, Ruby/Hiers, Tommie/25 Jul 1926/5/124/Madison, FL
Cowart, Susannah/Sims, B. H./15 Nov 1885/B/695/Madison, FL 
Cowart, T. Frank/Howard, Bessie/25 Nov 1917/4/167/Madison, FL
Cowart, Thomas Stanton/Brooks, John M./20 Jun 1922/4/424/Madison, FL
Cowart, W. H./Stanton, Jessie/26 Jan 1896/1/428/Madison, FL
Cowart, William G./Leslie, Eulalia A./10 Mar 1898/1/560/Madison, FL
Cowart, Willie/Brown, Emeline/28 Dec 1917/4/170/Madison, FL
Cowert, Gilford/Reddick, Henrietta/26 Sep 1895/1/399/Madison, FL
Cowert, Jr., Henry Melville/Mickel Melanie Faith/11 May 1988/22/347/Madison, FL
Cox, Addie/Alexander, E. J./15 Jan 1878/B/141/Madison, FL
Cox, Albert Dale/Best, Barbara Diane Hand/Not Returned/23/120/Madison, FL
Cox, Amanda/Green, Hartwell/26 Jun 1916/4/67/Madison, FL
Cox, Anna/Jones, Dave/18 Sep 1918/4/223/Madison, FL
Cox, Aubrey Jackson, Jr./Vann, Sandra Virginia/8 Nov 1968/17/61/Madison, FL
Cox, Bernard/Buchanan, Dorothy/3 Oct 1940/12/285/Madison, FL
Cox, Cleopatria/Rodgers, Frank R./16 Dec 1885/B/707/Madison, FL
Cox, Cora Lee/Mathis, Wash/8 Feb 1927/5/175/Madison, FL
Cox, D. R./O'Neal, Mamie/20 Sep 1896/1/456/Madison, FL
Cox, Delia/Webb, Willie/25 Dec 1904/2/426/Madison, FL
Cox, E. W./Savage, E. V./29 Jan 1893/1/277/Madison, FL
Cox, Eva/Wadsworth, L. P./10 Jan 1906/2/510/Madison, FL
Cox, Franklin P./Williams, Nancy/28 Apr 1891/1/197/Madison, FL
Cox, H. F./Kelly, Addie Lee/16 Dec 1925/5/60/Madison, FL
Cox, J. P./Adams, Sallie/6 Dec 1903/2/355/Madison, FL
Cox, James Norman/Willis, Deborah Ann Page/7 Feb 1992/24/234/Madison, FL
Cox, John Inman/Capps, Jennifer, Knight/22 Jan 2007/31/131/Madison, FL
Cox, John Inman/Cox, Diane A. Abercrombie/16 Aug 1987/22/234/Madison, FL
Cox, John M./Hill, Marie Elizabeth/20 Dec 1924/4/559/Madison, FL
Cox, Julia/Douglas, George/12 Dec 1895/1/411/Madison, FL
Cox, L. J. (Mrs)/Hall, James M./28 Nov 1900/2/138/Madison, FL
Cox, L. J. (Mrs)/Scott, B. F./21 Feb 1899/2/27/Madison, FL
Cox, L. L./Knight, Elizabeth R./30 Nov 1924/4/556/Madison, FL
Cox, Leon Foster/Godwin, Martha Sue Mann/27 May 1992/24/299/Madison, FL
Cox, Lillie/Olliver, Mack/21 Jul 1917/4/157/Madison, FL
Cox, Lucretia F./Thomas, W. G./10 Jan 1904/2/372/Madison, FL
Cox, Minnie/Smith, Cubit/20 Dec 1900/2/146/Madison, FL
Cox, Nellie/Hicks, Daniel L./18 Dec 1898/2/3/Madison, FL
Cox, SilusDavis, May Bell/27 Sep 1941/12/476/Madison, FL/
Cox, Stephen M./Bell, Lydia Jane/6 Dec 1861/A/303/Madison, FL
Cox, Stephen M./Bell, Mary J./9 Aug 1859/A/226/Madison, FL
Cox, T. P./Roberts, Henrietta/5 Aug 1885/B/680/Madison, FL
Cox, William B./Allen, Hellene/4 Feb 1932/8/234/Madison, FL
Coy, Frank/Thompson, Candy/23 Feb 1878/B/149/Madison, FL
Coye, Ezikle/Tucker, Pinkie B./10 Sep 1902/2/266/Madison, FL
Coyle, C. T./Bemis, R. M./16 May 1878/B/168/Madison, FL
Coyne, Henry F./Thomas, Lillian M./21 Dec 1904/2/427/Madison, FL
Cozen, Mary Ann/Alien, Elija/29 Dec 1906/2/566/Madison, FL
Crabtree, Leslie C./Kelly, Muriel/26 Nov 1933/9/93/Madison, FL
Craddock, Charles/Bruton, Wanda Suzette/4 Aug 1978/19/278/Madison, FL
Craddock, Jerome Derone/Bennett, Phillis Cassandra Robinson/30 Dec 1998/27/360/Madison, FL
Craddock, Ricky Andrew/Edwards, Kathy Lavon/17 Jan 1986/22/34/Madison, FL
Cradle, J. W./Wyche, Tiller/09 Apr 1891/1/196/Madison, FL
Crafton, Bonnie/Letchworth, Elijah/4 Jun 1926/5/107/Madison, FL
Crafton, Harry Clyde/Lee, Patsy Ann Starling/6 May 1989/23/87/Madison, FL
Crafton, J. E./King,Lillie/6 May 1900/2/110/Madison, FL
Crafton, Joe Lemuel/Day, Edna Loraine/3 Jun 1967/16/498/Madison, FL
Crafton, Joe Lemuel/Washington, Patricia Brown/1 Jan 2004/30/113/Madison, FL
Crafton, Robert Lewis/Day, Mildred S. Reaves/11 Oct 1986/22/115/Madison, FL
Craig, James Rex/Rowland, Sheree Renee/11 Jul 2009/32/28/Madison, FL
Craven, Henry Cole/Pridgeon, (Betsy) Elizabeth Suzanne/20 Aug 1994/25/358/Madison, FL
Crawford, Clara/Harris, George W./15 Jan 1906/2/509/Madison, FL
Crawford, Della/Flemming, Roosevelt/1 Apr 1935/9/470/Madison, FL
Crawford, Emma M. Chambers, John S. 11 Jan 1883/B/498/Madison, FL//
Crawford, Frank/Powell,Bell/14 Jul1904/2/402/Madison, FL
Crawford, Geo. W./Golden, Sula/10 Dec 1898/2/5/Madison, FL

--(Believe they might have been divorced 1 Mar 1902/C-453)
Crawford, J. F./Whittle, Dora/18 Nov 1896/1/469/Madison, FL
Crawford, J. T./Savage, Josephine/15 Oct 1878/B/190/Madison, FL
Crawford, J. W./Jelks, Emily/27 Dec 1875/A2/495/Madison, FL
Crawford, J. W. Jr./Bennett, Verma Lillia/23 Feb 1946/14/810/Madison, FL
Crawford, John T. A./Warnnick, Mary V./5 Sep 1872/A2/256/Madison, FL
Crawford, Josephine/Collins, G. W./06 Dec 1896/1/474/Madison, FL
Crawford, Julia A. R./Arnell, Charlie/19 Apr 1892/1/240/Madison, FL
Crawford, Kelvin Lamar/Fudge, Naomi Sophonia/31 Dec 1998/27/364/Madison, FL
Crawford, Maggie/Johnson, O. C./17 Oct 1927/5/239/Madison, FL
Crawford, Maloy/Hart, Ophelia/6 Jun 1927/5/206/Madison, FL
Crawford, Matthew Douglas/Taylor, Ashley Douglas/12 Jul 2008/31/361/Madison, FL
Crawford, Michael Dean/Hudson, Robin Theresa/12 Feb 1992/24/235/Madison, FL
Crawford, R. F./Jelks, Dianah/11 Jan 1876/B/3/Madison, FL
Crawford, Sallie/Coody, C. E./21 Dec 1899/2/71/Madison, FL
Crawford, Samuel/Taylor, Nancy/8 Sep 1866/A1/107/Madison, FL
Crawford, Sula (Mrs)/Lyons, L. E./9 Mar 1902/2/241/Madison, FL
Crawford, W. P./Young, Elizabeth/10 Dec 1879/B/274/Madison, FL
Crawley, Caroline/Stanford, J. H./2 Nov 1879/B/ 261/Madison, FL 
Crawley, Georgian/Linton, Henry J./2 Jan 1884/B/569/Madison, FL 
Crawley, Rosa/Day, J. A./8 Sep 1934/9/329/Madison, FL
Cray, Bythia/Aiken, Cherry/13 Oct 1926/5/143/Madison, FL
Cray, Frank/Torrence, Bettie/28 Apr 1897/1/502/Madison, FL
Cray, Hannah/Cook, G. C./2 Aug 1901/2/192/Madison, FL
Cray, John/Wyche, Bythie/29 Jan 1873/A2/288/Madison, FL
Cray, Louis/Talton, Jennie S./26 Mar 1892/1/236/Madison, FL
Cray, Robert/Cray, Mary/23 Sep 1866/A1/32/Madison, FL
Cray, Robert/Dobson, Sarah/12 Jan 1888/1/34/Madison, FL
Creech, Henry B./Moseley, Anna H./21 May 1876/B/24/Madison, FL 
Creech, R. C./Parramore, Julia M./4 Feb 1884/B/576/Madison, FL 
Cremus, Rebecca McCall (Mrs)/Butler, Wm. H./8 Oct 1899/2/53/Madison, FL
Cressley, Lawrence Clarence/Scinto, Joyce Christina Maria/1 Mar 1980/20/63/Madison, FL
Cressley, Sr., James Walter/McFalls, Sharon Kay Patterson/15 Dec 1991/24/203/Madison, FL
Crew, Fredrick/Crew, Amy/5 Sep 1866/A1/15/Madison, FL
Crews, Floyd, Sullivan/Crews, Dorothy Vivian/24 Jan 1986/22/36/Madison, FL
Crews, H. A./Bass, Lucia E./11 Aug 1906/2/545/Madison, FL
Crews, Hazel/Mace, Jack/6 Jul 1935/10/32/Madison, FL
Cribbs, W. C./Sheppard, Elizabeth/29 Aug 1944/14/611/Madison, FL
Crider, Dock Daniel/Gillean, Amy Rebecca/3 Apr 2004/30/159/Madison, FL
Crim, W. C./King, Marie/26 Dec 1933/9/121/Madison, FL
Crimp, Abram/Barfield, Marth/????/A/236/Madison, FL
Cripe, Harold James/Eastabrooks, Carol Ann Gross/7 Apr 1984/21/214/Madison, FL
Cripps, B. T., Captain/Smith, Sarah Sheldon/27 Apr 1922/4/418/Madison, FL
Criss, David Cody/Hampton, Maryann Reilly/Not Returned/24/181/Madison, FL
Crocke David Brian/Carter, Susan Louise/4 Feb 1995/26/45/Madison, FL
Crocker, Charlie May/Davis, Charlie/16 Jun 1928/5/301/Madison, FL
Crockett, David Calvin/Smith, Juanita Melvean/6 Jun 1947/14/857/Madison, FL
Croft, Berry McKinley/Pyles, Mary Etta/1 Oct 1933/9/56/Madison, FL
Croft, Clinton Mitchum/Kirkland, Janice Diane Rowling/3 Feb 2001/29/8/Madison, FL
Croft, Ethel/Bell, Charlie/16 Nov 1928/5/333/Madison, FL
Croft, Eula/Piatt, Elijah/17 May 1926/5/101/Madison, FL
Croft, Jim/Alderman, Lillie B./14 Jun 1935/10/18/Madison, FL
Croft, Lillie/Henderson, James D./17 Feb 1930/7/199/Madison, FL
Croft, Lillie/Henderson, James D./17 Feb 1930/5/458/Madison, FL
Croft, Preston/NeSmith, Janie/31 Mar 1928/5/286/Madison, FL
Cromwell, Shawn Dale/Peterson, Pamela Jean/19 Oct 2002/29/308/Madison, FL
Crone, Sr., John David/Cruce, Carolyn Ann Blanton/27 Dec 1998/27/356/Madison, FL
Crook, Joseph Bernard/Bochnia, Heather Nicole Sevor/8 May 2009/31/467/Madison, FL
Croom, Ada/Swilly, George/20 Dec 1902/2/287/Madison, FL
Croom, Alice/Alexander, Sandy/5 Aug 1906/2/544/Madison, FL
Croom, Esquire/Fisher, Ella/03 Oct 1887/1/11/Madison, FL
Croom, Julia/Proctor, Claude C./31 Dec 1919/4/283/Madison, FL
Croom, Martha/Burnett, George Forrest/2 Jul 1919/4/266/Madison, FL
Crooms, Carlton E./Smith, Susie/12 Feb 1896/1/431/Madison, FL
Crooms, Janie/Houston, Thomas/13 Dec 1900/2/144/Madison, FL
Crooms, Mack/Anderson, Cinderilla/16 Jan 1887/B/787/Madison, FL
Crooms, Mack/Anderson, Cinderilla/16 Jan 1887/B/787/Madison, FL
Crooms, Mack/McCall, Sarah/2 Jan 1875/A2/415/Madison, FL
Crooms, Martha/Young, Samuel/28 Nov 1884/B/623/Madison, FL
Crosby, Albert Lee/Crosby, Lillian/7 Nov 1918/4/228/Madison, FL
Crosby, Bertie (Mrs)./Easterwood, H. G./31 Oct 1931/8/154/Madison, FL
Crosby, Edwin Genon/Webb, Mary Frances/6 Sep 1942/13/201/Madison, FL
Crosby, Flora N./Goodbread, William H./1 Dec 1881/B/417/Madison, FL
Crosby, Gladys/Aman, Henry/20 Dec 1928/5/342/Madison, FL
Crosby, J. A./Young, Annie M./7 Feb 1906/2/518/Madison, FL
Crosby, Jonathan Keith/Vickery, Barbara Elaine/3 Nov 1995/26/201-B/Madison, FL
Crosby, Kate/Colcroft, C. C./12 Jan 1936/10/203/Madison, FL
Crosby, Lillian/Crosby, Albert Lee/7 Nov 1918/4/228/Madison, FL
Crosby, Nora/Hurst, Mark/12 Jan 1896/1/421/Madison, FL
Crosby, Travis Ryan/Rowell, Elizabeth Inez/29 Mar 2008/31/311/Madison, FL
Crosby, Valdez Wadsworth/Bishop, William Martin/7 Apr 1979/19/350/Madison, FL
Crosby, W. H./Hamilton, Claude/24 May 1898/1/568/Madison, FL
Crosby, Wallace L./Jackson, Glenna Mae/13 Sep 1925/5/34/Madison, FL
Cross, A. J./Sapp, Hattie/26 Nov 1899/2/65/Madison, FL
Cross, Dan/Jenkins, Mary/27 Dec 1906/2/560/Madison, FL
Cross, Dan/Witherspoon, Nancy/19 Aug 1902/2/270/Madison, FL
Cross, Frances/Thomas, Charley/26 Dec 1920/4/339/Madison, FL
Cross, H. S./Belcher, J. D. (Mrs) nee Selph/31 Jan 1923/4/460/Madison, FL
Cross, Lonnie/Robison, Queen/11 Jun 1933/8/489/Madison, FL
Cross, Shelly/Houston, Liza/11 Jan 1936/10/161/Madison, FL
Cross, Waldo William/Cothren, Caroline Lucille Hogarth/2 Jul 1985/21/359/Madison, FL
Crossgrove, Fay/Wallace, Edwin J./28 Mar 1936/10/213/Madison, FL
Crotts, Ralph Edward/Walker, Lenora Susan/14 Jun 1980/20/106/Madison, FL
Crow, J. F./Penny, Pearle/29 Apr 1931/8/42/Madison, FL
Crowder, Casey Byron/Emmett, Christina Rene/31 Jan 2003/29/365/Madison, FL
Crowell, Allen Bo/Jackson, Mercedes Elizabeth/30 Jun 1995/26/133/Madison, FL
Crowley, John C./Slaughter, Minnie L./19 May 1878/B/168/Madison, FL
Crownover, Mildred/Thompson, Cleveland W./11 Mar 1931/8/14/Madison, FL
Crownover, Mildred/Thompson, Cleveland W./5 Sep 1931/8/109/Madison, FL
Crownover, R. M./Martin, Annie Lee/12 Sep 1922/4/433/Madison, FL
Crownover, William/Kewby, Dorothy/12 Nov 1933/9/81/Madison, FL
Cruce, Bonnie Suzette/Woodard, Terry Cash/6 Oct 1978/19/297/Madison, FL
Cruce, C. J./Ellison, Vera/27 Jul 1927/5/217/Madison, FL
Cruce, Christopher Samauel/Franklin, Heather Anne/8 Jun 2002/29/240/Madison, FL
Cruce, Curtis Ray/Cruce, Joanie Norman/12 Dec 2004/30/266/Madison, FL
Cruce, David Loyce, Jr./Floyd, Stacy Renee/12 Jul 1998/27/278/Madison, FL
Cruce, Eller Ree/Cruce, W. J./21 Nov 1933/9/87/Madison, FL
Cruce, Francis Cramptian, Jr./Pickels, Barbara Jean/30 Mar 1968/16/580/Madison, FL
Cruce, Francis Crumpton/O'Quinn, Angela Renee/8 Sep 1989/23/163/Madison, FL
Cruce, Gertrude L./Mullis, J. Ralph/24 Dec 1922/4/453/Madison, FL
Cruce, J. A./Thigpen, Mattie F./13 Dec 1931/8/183/Madison, FL
Cruce, J. Alton/Keene, Carrie/8 Aug 1936/10/316/Madison, FL
Cruce, James Edgar, Jr./Berman, Tammy Joan Collins/11 Sep 2005/30/358/Madison, FL
Cruce, James Edgar, Jr.,/Greene, Beverly Elaine/9 Jun 1978/19/266/Madison, FL
Cruce, James F./Mills, Julia V./26 Feb 1874/A2/363/Madison, FL
Cruce, John A./Pickles, Almera/4 Dec 1929/5/435/Madison, FL
Cruce, John A./Pickles, Almira/4 Dec 1929/7/125/Madison, FL
Cruce, Joseph William/Reams, Derry Allison Slocumb/31 Aug 1980/20/139/Madison, FL
Cruce, Karen Elaine/Wynn, Melvin Lee/20 Feb 1976/19/43/Madison, FL
Cruce, Katie/Webb, Jodie/9 Dec 1928/5/338/Madison, FL
Cruce, Kelly Shawn/Reyna, Christy Elaine/27 Dec 2002/29/352/Madison, FL
Cruce, Kirk Edward/Dickinson, Pmela Michelle/18 Dec 1992/25/24/Madison, FL
Cruce, Larry Eugene/Odom, Donna Jean/8 May 1985/21/344/Madison, FL
Cruce, Leonard Delon/Holden, Carolyn Ann Blanton/17 Feb 1995/26/54/Madison, FL
Cruce, Leonard Perry/Sapp, Laura Elizabeth/24 Sep 1949/14/898/Madison, FL
Cruce, Lucas Ray/Ard, Amber Nicole/7 Apr 2007/31/154/Madison, FL
Cruce, Michael Patrick/Roberts, Hollie Elizabeth/7 Jun 1985/21/354/Madison, FL
Cruce, Richard Kyle/Gianino, Marchetta Ann/23 Mar 1985/21/334/Madison, FL
Cruce, Roy Douglas/Clark, Debbie Ann/10 Jan 1978/19/216/Madison, FL
Cruce, Russell Edwin/Taylor, Linda Marie Edgell/14 Sep 1987/22/245/Madison, FL
Cruce, Sharon Khristeen/Agner, Joe Dean, Jr./3 Oct 1976/19/98/Madison, FL
Cruce, Virgil A./Vann, James R./11 Apr 1905/2/450/Madison, FL
Cruce, W. J./Cruce, Eller Ree/21 Nov 1933/9/87/Madison, FL
Crum, Lillie/Grissett, James/26 Feb 1928/5/278/Madison, FL
Crum, Mark Shawn/Burkett, Shelley Nicole/16 Oct 1992/25/3/Madison, FL
Crumedy, Lillie Mae/Livingston, Alfred/21 Jun 1925/5/13/Madison, FL
Crumerly, Noah/Bee,Lena/24 Jan 1904/2/376/Madison, FL
Crumitie, Billy Ray, Jr./Epkins, Camarra Nicole/29 May 2001/29/71/Madison, FL
Crumitie, Ezell/Wims, Tawania Diann/20 Jul 2009/32/31/Madison, FL
Crumitie, Ezell Buddy/Bentley, Judy Ann/24 Jul 1993/25/145/Madison, FL
Crumitie, Grant/Cherry, Sallie Mae/4 Aug 1945/14/759/Madison, FL
Crumitie, William Calvin/McCullough, Jacqueline Sharon/4 Nov 1989/23/184/Madison, FL
Crumity, Charles Velt/Morris, Katina Lanette/28 Dec 1992/25/27/Madison, FL
Crumity, Samuel/Anderson, Clarica/17 Feb 1893/1/281/Madison, FL
Crumity, Theus Rainary/Wilkins, Latrice Lashawn/12 Mar 2001/29/29/Madison, FL
Crump, Church/Hicks, Charlotte/18 Dec 1902/2/287/Madison, FL
Crump, Church/Stephens, Harriett/26 Mar 1892/1/237/Madison, FL
Crump, Frederick/Oliver, Elizabeth/18 Jan 1881/B/358/Madison, FL
Crump, Jock Jamie/Merritt, Rhonda Lavern/5 Jun 1993/25/118/Madison, FL
Crump, Martha/Sheffield, Henry/22 Feb 1879/B/203/Madison, FL 
Crump, Millie/Robinson, Alexander/1 Dec 1876/B/45/Madison, FL 
Crump, Sophia/Stevens, Daniel/17 Dec 1892/1/265/Madison, FL
Crump, T. J./Pikney, Kessie/23 Oct 1879/B/260/Madison, FL
Crump, Willie/Wright, Gertrude/28 Jun 1936/10/292/Madison, FL
Crumps, Elizabeth/Alick, Charles/26 Jun 1904/2/400/Madison, FL
Crumpton, George S./Cowart, Lois/9 Mar 1929/5/374/Madison, FL
Crusan, Reese Evan/Sawyer, Deborah Sue Betschart/23 May 1992/24/292/Madison, FL
Cruse, Annie A./Slaughter, Sharp S./06 Dec 1894/1/359/Madison, FL
Cruse, Kathy Denise/Webb, Dennis Earl/18 May 1979/19/360/Madison, FL
Cruse, Mamie L./Campbelt. Denit C./12 Apr 1903/2/316/Madison, FL
Cruse, W. L./Cameron, Mandie A./2 May 1901/2/178/Madison, FL
Cruthcer, Mark Edward/Gates, Juanita Marie/19 Jul 1986/22/97/Madison, FL
Cryder, J. H./Griffin, Cora Lee/22 Feb 1928/5/277/Madison, FL
Cryder, Miller J./Hamm, Kathleen/2 Apr 1927/5/187/Madison, FL
Cuattm Jackie/Walker, Kathy Norine/10 Aug 1987/22/241/Madison, FL
Cubbage, Lottie/Wright, I. A./5 Sep 1900/2/124/Madison, FL
Cubbage, R. A./Kennedy, Mary W./2 Mar 1879/B/204/Madison, FL
Cubbage, Robert A./Moseley, Jennie M./22 Aug 1895/1/397/Madison, FL

     --(Believe they might have been divorced 24 May 1897/C-310)
Culbreath, Edwin/Register, Winifred/23 Dec 1934/9/398/Madison, FL
Culbreath, Eva/Waters, Allon Dewey/10 Jan 1923 4 457///
Cullers, Charles Lorenze/Rogers, Amanda Lucreta Webb/26 Jan 1990/23/234/Madison, FL
Cullers, Forest Ray/Thomas, Helene Wasnieswki/1 Dec 1981/20/300/Madison, FL
Cullers, Forest William Ray/Cone, Willie Dora Knowles/16 Apr 1993/25/85/Madison, FL
Culliper, Oscar L./Langston, Ruby/5 Aug 1944/14/603/Madison, FL
Culpepper, Clark/Thomas, Della/14 Jan 1897/1/487/Madison, FL
Culpepper, Della/Jackson, Mose/25 Aug 1904/2/406/Madison, FL
Culpepper, Evelyn/Bowman, Wallace/23 Jun 1933/8/496/Madison, FL
Culpepper, Glasco/Irvine, Rachel/17 Sep 1904/2/410/Madison, FL
Culpepper, Glasco/McKeney, Sallie/19 Jan 1898/1/553/Madison, FL
Culpepper, J. G. (Dr.)/Johnston, L. E. (Mrs.)/19 Nov 1925/5/52/Madison, FL
Culpepper, Jack Warren, Jr./Pennington, Angela Glenn Bland/7 Dec 1985/22/19/Madison, FL
Culpepper, James/Peek, Louisiana/04 Feb 1897/1/498/Madison, FL
Culpepper, Lawrence/Hunter, Elizabeth/18 Oct 1873/A2/332/Madison, FL
Culpepper, Mae/McMillan, Claude A./4 Aug 1926/5/125/Madison, FL
Culpepper, Paul/Anderson, Grace/30 Mar 1929/5/375/Madison, FL
Culpepper, Paul/Green, Betty/27 Oct 1941/13/56/Madison, FL
Cumbass, Jessie Aaron/Ziesig, Janice Marie/11 May 1992/24/285/Madison, FL
Cumbess, Joseph Dewayne Willard/Erskin, Teresa Gail/2 May 1993/25/104/Madison, FL
Cumby, Fred T./Whitley, Claudia/12 Mar 1931/8/19/Madison, FL
Cummin, Charlie/Fisher, Lottie/18 Dec 1939/12/124/Madison, FL
Cummings, Arthur/Dukes, Flossie/6 Jan 1934/9/143/Madison, FL
Cummings, Bob/Ives, Frances/28 Feb 1944/14/511/Madison, FL
Cummings, Charlie/Coffee, Sallie/27 Dec 1886/B/780/Madison, FL
Cummings, James Alexander/Buchanan, Krysti Lynn/22 Oct 2005/30/372/Madison, FL
Cummings, Shunmas Duwayne/Jones, Laverne/3 Oct 2001/29/121/Madison, FL
Cunningham, Annie/James, Robt./18 Apr 1886/B/762/Madison, FL
Cunningham, Berta/Cooper, Walter Scott/2 Aug 1917/4/188/Madison, FL
Cunningham, John H./Burnett, Rebecca Margaret/26 Jul 1944/14/592/Madison, FL
Cunningham, John R./Williams, Rada Elizabeth/11 Jan 1964/16/290/Madison, FL
Cunningham, Ozell/Treadway, Frances/21 Aug 1936/10/332/Madison, FL
Cunningham, Richard Wayne/Armstrong, Mary Ruth/13 Apr 1956/15/374/Madison, FL
Cunningham, Thelma/Kent, Artis L./1 June 1925/5/7/Madison, FL
Cuppett, John Drew/Williams, Lori Eva/3 Jan 1987/22/156/Madison, FL
Curl, Eddie Jackson/Harris, Nancy Ann/2 Jul 1988/22/369/Madison, FL
Curles, Hazel/Sowell, W. C./8 Dec 1928/5/338/Madison, FL
Curls, Mary/Sowell, John Perry/23 Feb 1935/9/437/Madison, FL
Currie, George C./Stansel, Louise/27 Feb 1933/8/425/Madison, FL
Curry, Annie Bell/Evans, Arthur/18 Aug 1936/10/328/Madison, FL
Curry, Anthony/ Jones, Julia/29 Nov 1879/B/270/Madison, FL
Curry, Anthony/McQuay, Jane/18 Sep 1904/2/410/Madison, FL
Curry, Daisy May/Hobbs, Jim/10 Apr 1926/5/92/Madison, FL
Curry, Dave/Powell, Sallie/27 Dec 1915/4/39/Madison, FL
Curry, David/Soloman, Luvenia/8 Feb 1930/7/195/Madison, FL
Curry, David/Solomon, Luvenia/8 Feb 1930/5/457/Madison, FL
Curry, Eliza/Ragans, James/10 Apr 1898/1/561/Madison, FL
Curry, Ellis R./Johnson, Kathleen/11 Jun 1927/5/207/Madison, FL
Curry, Eveline/Bailey, Richard/06 Jan 1898/1/549/Madison, FL
Curry, Henrietta/Edwards, Willie/09 Aug 1890/1/167/Madison, FL
Curry, John Lee/Monroe, Estelle/2 Nov 1916/4/90/Madison, FL
Curry, Lilla/Brown, Kelly/24 Nov 1888/1/71/Madison, FL
Curry, Lillie/Johnson, Medie/27 Oct 1905/2/479/Madison, FL
Curry, Mary/Rountree, Isaac/16 May 1898/1/567/Madison, FL
Curry, Ouida/Tyron, Lonnis/7 Jan 1930/5/354/Madison, FL
Curry, Oveida/Tyson, Lamis/7 Jan 1930/7/174/Madison, FL
Curry, Sonny/Johnson, Lady B./30 Dec 1903/2/367/Madison, FL
Curry, Washington/Lumkins, Henrietta/31 Oct 1893/1/300/Madison, FL
Curry, William Curtis, Jr./Moody, Savrina Kay/1 Nov 1992/25/4/Madison, FL
Curry, Willie James/Johnson, Pearlie Mae/20 Mar 1981/20/207/Madison, FL
Cursy, Eugene/Wiggins, Wiley/10 Apr 1890/1/155/Madison, FL
Curtis, Andrew/Beard, Anie/11 Nov 1872/A2/260/Madison, FL
Curtis, Ella/Page, John/08 Nov 1896/1/466/Madison, FL
Curtis, George/Wiggins, Susan/6 Jan 1870/A2/87/Madison, FL
Curtis, George/Williams, Mahala/????/A/291/Madison, FL
Curtis, George/Wilson, Hattie/18 Jun 1901/2/185/Madison, FL
Curtis, Gladys Helen */Blalock, D. W./8 Apr 1927/5/190/Madison, FL
*License was issued to G. H. Curtis. When returned is was signed G. H. Williams/Madison, FL
Curtis, Maria/Gear, William/15 Nov 1891/1/212/Madison, FL
Curtis, Nathan Stephenson, III/McHargue, Shannon Elaine/6 Apr 1996/26/268/Madison, FL
Curtis, Peter/Pinkney, Martha/16 Oct 1886/B/756/Madison, FL
Curtis, Primus/Roberts, Maggie/20 Sep 1926/5/136/Madison, FL
Curtis, Rebecca/Wilson, Jack/21 Feb 1885/B/652/Madison, FL
Cushing, Caleb/Cushing, Amanda/1 Oct 1866/A1/48/Madison, FL
Cushing, Frank/Simmons, Annie/22 May 1884/B/582/Madison, FL
Cushing, Mada/Graham, Jim/26 Mar 1904/2/390/Madison, FL
Cushion, Lula/Knight, Ed/17 Oct 1915/4/16/Madison, FL
Cutliff, Mary/Bellamy, J. H./21 Feb 1929/5/364/Madison, FL
Cutliff, Thos. James/Kirkpatrick, Willie Carter/25 Jun 1919/4/265/Madison, FL
Cutts, Merle/Hall, Eulee/20 Dec 1936/10/415/Madison, FL
Cuvidy, Patsey/ Johnson, Samuel/14 Apr 1877/B/86/Madison, FL
Cypro, Solomon/Overstreet, Elizabeth/ 25 Jan 1831/A-/2/Madison, FL