Fountain Hayne and Spencer Cone

Written by Rebecca Sellars for the Madison Genealogy Society

For over 180 years, the Cone Family has been planted in Madison County soil, in the Greenville area. Fountain Hayne Cone, born around 1803 in Craven, North Carolina migrated through South Carolina, where he met his wife Anna and where his first son, Edward was born. He arrived sometime before 1833; records show that Fountain voted in the 1833 election. Fountain was here before Florida became a state in 1845 and probably just after Madison became a county in 1827.

Several more children: Jane, William, Fountain, Jr., and Queen Ann were all born in the county. Fountain served in four different militias, as a private, sergeant, and as a captain. Anna died sometime between 1860 and 1868, and is said to be buried in New Hope Cemetery. Fountain then remarried Zilpha, who was around 43 years his junior and had six more children: Frances, Zylpha, John J., Amanda, Henry, and Robert.

A little while after Fountain arrived, his younger brother, Spencer, born around 1805 also in Craven, North Carolina, arrived in the Greenville area, by way of Georgia, where he married his wife Rebecca and had the following children: William H., Mary, Sarah, and Spencer. Nancy and Florida A. were born in Madison County. Spencer may have had a second and third wife: Bertha, born in Georgia and Tabitha, also born in Georgia.

Both Fountain and Spencer were counted in the 1840, 1850, 1860, and 1870 censuses. Fountain also lived to be counted in the 1880 census, where he was listed as 77 years old and feeble. In 1850, Jesse Cone, also born in North Carolina, was in Jefferson County. According to one source, Jesse, born in 1813, was the half-brother of Fountain and Spencer. Jesse was married to Adeline and living with the couple was Fereby Cone, age 75, possibly Jesse’s mother. By 1860, Jesse and Adeline also had several children in Jefferson County.

Fountain’s first three sons stayed in the Greenville area and raised their families. The three sons of Anna and Fountain were: Edward, William, and Fountain H., Jr.

Edward married late, at age 42, Jemima Gill, and had the following children: Queen M., Alford M. and Blanch G.

William married Zilly and had Anna and Sarah F. His second wife was June. William had two more daughters: Flory E. and Martha L.

Fountain Hayne, Jr. married Emily Shephard and had the following children: M. Ann, Jane, and Dora. A 10 year old boy, Benjamin, was listed in the 1870 census after the other younger girls, so possibly Benjamin was not a son or was the son of Emily only. While married to his second wife, Lydia Willis, Fountain, Jr. had the following children: Sumpter Roscoe, Ollie Mae, Blanch A., and William Dewey.

Fountain’s sons from his second marriage were John J., Henry, and Robert. John J. married Missouri and lived locally. Henry married Lottie first and then Quincy and had Amanda and Anna. Henry also lived in the Greenville area. We’re not sure how long or where Robert lived.

Fountain had quite a few grand-daughters and the following grandsons, who mostly were loyal Greenville citizens: Alfred Morris (son of Edward Calvin); and Sumpter Roscoe and William Dewey (sons of Fountain, Jr.).

Alfred Morris, who was born in 1880, married Gussie Letchworth and had the following children: John C., Thomas J., Grover Cleveland, Walter M., Woodrow Wilson, Irene, Nellie Mae, Alfred Morris Jr., Gussie, Edward Calvin, and Margaret Corrine. Finally, there were some boys in the family.

Sumpter Roscoe married Nellie and defected to the Asheville area of Jefferson County, which is only a few miles from the Hamburg area where some of the Cones lived. He had the following children: Fountain B., William T., and Sumpter L.

William Dewey wound up in Jacksonville, married to Sarah B., and had a son, Admiral. He was later married to Belle and had Malcolm, Helen, Alvin, Mary and Betty.

Spencer Cone, Fountain Sr.’s brother, had two sons, William H. and Spencer, Jr. William H. married Elizabeth and had Lydian, Sherman W., John, James T., Amanda, and Feriba.

Spencer, Jr. married Elizabeth and had Nancy, Henry W., Frances, Josephine, and Salety.

Spencer, Sr. also had quite a few granddaughters and the following grandsons: Sherman W., John, and James T. (sons of William H.); and Henry W., (son of Spencer, Jr.).

Sherman W. married Jamimey and had Ella, Minnie, William H. and James E. Sherman raised his family in Greenville. We are uncertain if John and James T. grew up and raised families.

Henry W. married Lottie and had Eulus O’Quinn. He also married Quincy and had Amanda and Annie. Henry W. also raised his family in Greenville.

So, if you’ve ever known any Cones by the names of Fountain, Spencer, William, Henry, Edward, Alfred, Sherman, Sumpter or by any other name in the Greenville area, you can be sure they are descended from either Fountain OR Spencer CONE, and you can be sure that they have come from good, hardy people who have farmed our land, supported this county, and remained loyal to Madison County for over 180 years. Congratulate the next Cone you meet!

[Extracted from the Enterprise-Recorder, 13 Jun 2014]

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