Madison County


Genealogical Society

        In response to a request from the Enterprise-Recorder, the Madison Genealogy Society has worked to pull together family stories about some of the earliest pioneers of Madison County.  We hope you enjoy reading them and that you will let us know if you find any errors or have any additional information to add.  A special thanks to Rebecca Sellars and all the hard work she did to make this possible.


   Samuel Agner                                                            George Jackson Blair                                                    Daniel Burnett           

   John Campbell, Sr.                                                   Silas Coker, 1790-1841                                                   Dennis Driggers, b. 1875     

   Joseph Flowers, 1790-1878                                     Fountain Hayne & Spencer Cone                                David Patterson, 1791-1850 

   John Howell Patterson, 1803-1865                      William Robert Patterson, 1818-1846                         Pickels/Pickles