The Campbell Pioneers of Madison County

Written by Rebecca Sellars for the Madison Genealogy Society

John Campbell, Sr., born in Scotland in the 1770s, came to the US after the Revolutionary War on the same ship as his future wife, Mary Nicholson. They were the parents of five children:
1) John Campbell, Jr.;
2) Neill Campbell, Sr.;
3) Flora Campbell;
4) Sarah Campbell; and
5) Mary Campbell.

Mary died about 1820 and he later married Susan whose last name is currently unknown. Although both of John’s sons moved to the Florida Territory and helped to establish Madison Co., FL., many of their descendants ended up moving further south.

1) John Campbell, Jr. was born 4 Jul 1800 in SC. He married a Miss Nancy Taylor on 20 Dec 1820 in Appling Co., GA. In March 1825, they moved to the Florida Territory, settling first in Gadsden Co. By August 1929, they had moved to Madison Co. settling near Mosey Hall. In 1838 he joined the Middle Florida Mounted Volunteers at San Pedro Station, Madison Co. In late April or early May 1838 he was wounded in action with the Seminole Indians and on 27 May 1838 died at his home, where he was buried. In late 1841, Nancy and her unmarried children moved to Melender’s Settlement, Hillsborough Co., FL where she lived the remainder of her life. She died 28 Sep 1884 and was buried at the Clearwater Cemetery.

John and Nancy were the parents of:
1a) Mary Campbell born Sep 1822, died 3 Jul 1890. She married first Ferdinand Whiddon (1818-1840) on 26 Jun 1839 in Madison Co., FL. He was killed by Indians in 1840 where he was serving as a 2nd Lt. in the Seminole War. She later married David Benjamin Turner (1819-1868). Both Mary and David were buried in the Clearwater Cemetery, Clearwater, Pinellas Co., FL;
1b) Elizabeth Campbell born 25 Feb 1825 and died 17 Dec 1890. She married James Parramore McMullen who served as a Captain in the CSA. He was born 11 Jun 1823 and died 17 Apr 1895. Both Elizabeth and James Parramore were buried in the McMullen Cemetery in Clearwater, Pinellas Co., FL;
1c) Catherine Campbell born 1 Jul 1827 in Gadsden Co., FL. Catherine passed away in 1858 in Clearwater, Pinellas Co., FL. She had married Daniel Scott Whitehurst, who was born in 1816 in Jasper, Hamilton Co., FL and killed during the War Between the States at Boca Ciega Inlet, Florida. They were the parents of five children;
1d) William N. Campbell was born 16 May 1830 and died 26 May 1896. He served in the War Between the States as both an infantry man and a seaman. He died at Clearwater, Pinellas Co., FL and was buried in the Clearwater Municipal Cemetery. He married Florida A. Harn. Florida was born 26 Feb 1838 and passed away on 13 Jan 1910. She also was buried in the Clearwater Municipal Cemetery;
1e) Margaret Ann Campbell born 17 Apr 1833 and passed away on 21 Apr 1909. She married Daniel McMullen, born 12 Jul 1825 and died 5 Aug 1908. They were both buried in the Largo City Cemetery, Largo, Pinellas Co., FL;
1f) Lavincia Jane Campbell was born 25 Feb 1836 and passed away in 1884. She married Robert J. Whitehurst, born 5 March 1831 and died 20 Oct 1916. They were both laid to rest in the Anona Pioneer Cemetery, Largo, Pinellas Co., FL.

2) Neill Campbell Sr. was born 3 Nov 1802 in Marlborough District, SC. He met his wife, Elizabeth Taylor (born July 19, 1809), in Appling Co., GA and they were wed on 14 Oct 1824. After their marriage, they also moved to Madison Co., FL settling near Moseley Hall. Neill joined the Florida Territorial Militia to fight in the second conflict with the Seminole Indians (Florida War, 1835-1842). Harmony Baptist Church was founded in the southwestern portion of Madison County. The Campbells were early members and Neil served as a deacon for many years. In November 1873, the New Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church was organized and the Campbell family shifted to it, with Neill becoming a deacon in Aug 1874. Neill died 15 Mar 1875 and Elizabeth died 26 Sep 1883. Both were buried at the Campbell Cemetery in Madison, Florida. It was sometimes known as the “Old Neilly Field.” Neill and Elizabeth were the parents of:
1) Alexander Neil Campbell, born in 1826, married Margaret Ann Lee;
2) Nancy Campbell, born 1830, married John A. McDonald;
3) James R. Campbell, born 1834, married Jane Elizabeth Lanier;
4) Lavincia Campbell, born 1842, married Daniel J. DeVane;
5) Neill Campbell, Jr., b. 1843, married Julia Williams and later Susan Elizabeth Tedder;
6) Elizabeth Campbell, b. 1847;
7) Sarah A. Campbell, b. 1849;
8) Flora J. Campbell, b. 1851, married George H. Tedder

Neil Campbell, Jr., son of Neil Campbell, Sr. and Elizabeth Taylor, was born Oct 1843 in Madison Co., FL. On 20 Aug 1861, he enlisted in the Florida Volunteers, Co. “M,” 2nd Florida Infantry (Confederate). He was taken prison on 9 Apr 1865, at the Appomattox Court House, VA. On 1 Jan 1874 in Madison Co., Neil married Miss Julia Williams who was born 7 Apr 1854. They were the parents of three children:
James Wesley Campbell,
John Alexander Campbell, and
Lulu Arline Campbell who was born 20 Aug 1879 and died 11 Oct 1882).

Julia died on 6 Sep 1879, shortly after Lulu’s birth, and was buried along with her daughter in the “Old Neilly Field.” Shortly after Julia’s death, Neil moved to Taylor County. On 28 Dec 1883 he married Susan Lovely Elizabeth Tedder. She was born 2 Oct 1844 and died 15 Jul 1900. Both Neil and Susan were buried in the Pleasant Grove Cemetery in Perry, Taylor Co., FL.

Alexander Nicholson Campbell, son of Neill Campbell, Sr. and Elizabeth Taylor, was born 20 Jan 1826 in Gadsden Co., Florida Territory. While still very young, his parents moved to Madison Co., where he remained the rest of his life. At the age of 12, he enrolled at Camp Taylor, Florida as a private in Captain Richard B. Turner’s Company, 12th Regiment, First Brigade, Florida Mounted Militia. (It is possible that a James Smart served as a substitute for him.) On 25 Jan 1847 he married Margaret Ann Lee, daughter of Elam Zadoc Lee, Sr. and Annie Dill. Margaret was born at Fort Gaines on 1 Oct 1832 in Early Co., GA but came to Madison Co. with her parents about 1842. In 1849, Alexander moved his family close to his parents’ home. On March 1863, Alexander enrolled in the Confederate Army at Madison Co. He served as a corporal in Captain Charles Begg’s Independent Co. (Bradford Avengers), Florida Infantry, later known as Company “E,” Eleventh Florida Infantry. On 2 Mar 1870 he purchased the land on which the “Old Neilly Field” or “Campbell Cemetery” is located. Margaret died on 30 Apr 1903 and two years later Alexander died on 10 Aug 1905. According t the Madison County Cemetery Book by Joseph Eichelberger, they were both buried at the “Little Brown Church Cemetery,” the name Mr. Eichelberger to the Campbell/Spradley Church Cemetery (or “Old Neilly Field”) on Co. Road 150, Madison, Florida because he did not know the official name of the church and because it was located near a “Little Brown Church.” Margaret and Alexander were the parents of the following children who remained in the Madison area:
1) Allen Dennett Campbell born 15 Dec 1854, died 2 Jul 1916, married Winnie Jane Spradley. Both were buried at the Little Brown Church/Campbell’s Church Cemetery.
2) Margaret Nancy Campbell born 27 Jul 1879, died 24 Jul 1963, married Thomas Jefferson Mathers. Both were buried in the Lamont Walker Cemetery.
3) Annie Elizabeth Campbell married Richard William Spradley. They both moved to Burleson, TX and were buried there. The remainder of their children moved to the Dade Co., FL area. They were:
4) William Wesley Campbell who married Mary Jane Reams;
5) Thomas Alexander Campbell who married Amanda Elizabeth Mathers.
6) John Richard Campbell who married Sallie Tillman Eason;
7) Emma Margaret Campbell who married John Lumis Chambers;
8) Neill Willard Campbell who married Julia Bell Lanier; and
9) Mary Alice Campbell who married Robert Joseph Mathers.

Robert and his wife were two of Miami's oldest pioneers, moving to Miami in 1900. He was killed in an automobile accident on Pembroke Road in Hallandale. At the time of his death, he was president of the Diamond Furniture Company.

3) Flora Campbell, daughter of John Campbell and Mary Nicholson, was born about 1805 in SC. She married David Rowell, Jr. on 20 Oct 1833. They were the parents of three children:
Elizabeth Rowell, born 2 Sep 1834;
Thomas Rowell, b. 4 Dec 1836, died 1 Jan 1838; and
Mary Rowell, b. 11 Aug 1839.

David died in Lowndes Co., GA in 1847 and his estate was administered by his widow, Flora and her father, Neil Campbell. There is no indication that they ever lived in Madison Co., FL., but they were just across the state line from Madison Co. in GA.

4) Sarah W. Campbell, daughter of John Campbell and Mary Nicholson, was born about 1816 in Appling Co., GA. She married Hugh Nunez, son of Daniel Nunez (1775-1815). After the death of Daniel Nunez, his sons Hugh and Daniel, as minors, were taken to Tattnall Co., GA where they were placed in the charge of Allen Johnson who was appointed their guardian on 7 Aug 1815. Hugh was first married to Sarah Virginia Carter, daughter of Richard Carter. In Nov 1842, Sarah and Hugh were married. They were the parents of:
1) George W. Nunez, born 1842,
2) Frances E. Nunez born 1844 who married Elbert M. T. Smith,
3) Mary Caroline Nunez born 1846 who married David Young,
4) Jasper V. Nunez, born 1847,
5) Newton C. Nunez, born 1848,
6) Sarah Angeline Nunez, born 1850 who married Henry Rush, and
7) Hugh C. Nunez, born 1851, who married Theodosia Patterson.

In 1854, Sarah Campbell married John McPherson and had three more children. There is no indication that they ever lived in Madison Co., FL.

5) Mary Campbell, daughter of daughter of John Campbell and Mary Nicholson, was born about 1805. In the early 1820s in Appling Co., GA, she married Malcolm Hugh Morrison, who was born about 1800 in NC. Malcolm died about 1845. They were the parents of two children: Daniel and John Morrison. There is no indication that they ever lived in Madison Co., FL.

Allen Dennett, (1854-1916) the son of Margaret and Alexander Campbell, was the son who remained in Madison County. He and Winnie Jane Spradley had 13 children:
Lenora Inez (1876-1933), married to Jessie Andrews, died in Indian River, FL;
William Asa (1878-1923) married to Edna Donaldson, lived in the Madison area;
John Thomas, Sr. (1879-1937), married to Nina Hamilton, lived in the Madison area;
Sylvia Floyd (1881-1959), married to Samuel Adams, lived in the Madison area;
Dennett Caraway (1882-1932) married to Mamie Cruce, lived in the Madison area;
Emma Jane (1884-1931) married to Colin Lewis, lived in the Taylor area;
Pearl Lee (1860-1947), married to George Andrews, lived in the Madison area;
Rosa Bell (1888-1920), married to William Lewis, Sr., lived in the Shady Grove, Taylor area;
Elam Neal (1890-1961), married Effie Spradley, moved to Polk County;
Richard Ernest (1892-1958), married Sarah Godwin, ended up in Thomas County, GA;
Margaret Georgia (1889-1992) married Charles Kersey, lived in Indian River;
Robert William (1899-1901); and Nellie Mae (1901-1986), married David Denmark, Sr. and died in Leon County.

Six of Allen and Winnie Jane’s children were buried in Harmony Cemetery. Possibly, two of Allen and Winnie’s sons, John Thomas, Sr. (1879-1939) and Dennett Caraway (1882-1932) may still have descendants in Madison County.

A few Campbell families remain in the county. Many, many more Campbells remain imprinted in the history of the county, especially in the Harmony Church area. A special thanks to Mrs. Sonya Webb for her research and contributions.
[Extracted from the Enterprise-Recorder, 8 Aug 2014] 

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