DAVID PATTERSON Around 1791-After 1850

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David Patterson, born in South Carolina came from Georgia, sometime in the 1830’s.  We do not know if he is related to John Howell Patterson. We believe that he married Sarah White in Richmond, Augusta County, Georgia which borders South Carolina.

In the 1850 census, we find David Patterson living in Madison with his wife, Sarah, and the following children:  
1. Martha, born 1835; 
2. David B., born 1829, and married to Sarah Nurer; 
3. James F., born 1834; 
4. Margaret, born 1835; 
5. Sarah, born 1836; 
6. Archibald, born 1837, married to Mary J. Skipper in 1857, and died in 1864. 
7.  John W., born 1838; 
8.  Henry H., born 1840;  
9. Baldwin R., born 1843; and 
10. Thomas, born 1845.

We know little about David Patterson.  We do find that he was in Florida as early as 1827, as he was issued a land patent in Gadsden County at that time.  He was issued another patent in 1828, also for 80 acres, also in Gadsden County.

Third Generation

David B. Patterson, son of David and Sarah Patterson, was a Private in the Civil War in 1862.  His first wife was Sarah Nurer; they were married in 1856.  By 1860, he was married to his second wife, Elizabeth. (One of the Family Trees on Ancestry lists Elizabeth as being a Rutherford.)   Possibly David B. and Elizabeth had two children:  
1. Richard, born 1858; and 
2. Martha Amelia, born in 1862.  

We haven’t found records that David B. died in the Civil War, but we don’t see him again after the 1860 census. It appears that Elizabeth remarried Levy Starling; in the 1870 and 1880 census, Elizabeth and Levy, several Starling children, and Martha Amelia Patterson, are living in the household.  In 1870, Richard is living with James and Sally Turner. In 1910, Elizabeth and Levy are living in Suwannee County.  In 1916, Elizabeth died in Suwannee County and is buried in Dowling Park. According to the Starling—Hardee-Boatright Family Tree on Ancestry, Martha Amelia married William Scott Kelley.  They raised a large family in Madison County. We are not sure what happened to Richard Patterson, son of David B and Elizabeth.

Archibald Patterson married Mary J. Skipper in 1857.   Archie enlisted in the Civil War in 1861; and he died in 1864.  He was buried in Columbus Ohio in the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery.  In 1870, Mary Paterson, born in 1844; was living with Needham Skipper, born 1842;  her children were 
1. Richard Paterson, born 1857; 
2. Elizabeth Paterson, born 1859; 
3. Bradford Paterson, born 1861; and 
4. Emily Paterson, born 1865.  

Mary Paterson and Needham Skipper, her brother, maybe, and the above Paterson children lived next to Robert and Tolitha Skipper.  Here is a puzzle.  In 1880, Mary Patterson was still living next to Robert and Tolitha Skipper.  This time her children were:  
1. William H., born 1857; 
2. Georgia Ann, born 1859; 
3. Martha B., born 1860; and 
4.Mary Archie Delone, born 1863.  

Several Ancestry Family Trees confirm that this second set of Pattersons are the children of Archie and Mary Skipper Patterson.  We cannot find who the first set of Pattersons belong to. Mary Archie Delone married Thomas Pinkney Parker, according to Ancestry Family Trees, and the couple lived in and raised their family in Suwannee County.  We find no trace of Georgia Ann or Martha B., children of Archie and Mary Skipper Patterson.

William H. Patterson, born 1840, son of David and Sarah married Susan Blalock of Suwannee County, according to some of the Ancestry Family Trees; he and Susan raised a family in Texas, moving from Hays County to Bastrop County, Texas.  We don’t know if John W. , born 1838, lived to manhood or raised a family.  It is possible that Henry H., born 1840, son of DAVID and Sarah ended up in Hardin, Texas, but we are not sure.  Baldwin R., born in 1843, died in Madison County in 1860.  A Thomas Patterson lives in Duval County in 1860, but we are not sure if this Thomas is form Madison County.

The Madison Pioneer, David Patterson, does not seem to have any male Patterson descendants at this time in Madison County.  The last male descendants in the county seem to have been in the mid to late 1800’s.

If we are missing David Patterson descendants, if we have confused names and dates, or if we have omitted information, we would love for David Patterson family members to contact and correct us, to clear up mysteries and misinformation.

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